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  1. Theres a documentary series called "futurama" that covers the specifics.
  2. I'm counting on an accident in which I'm tasked with delivering a pizza to a cryogenics lab.....
  3. I cant wait til the 31st century when all whole numbers are retired. That's when * gets interesting......
  4. It'll go on til the league year starts unfortunately.
  5. Asking isn't a big deal. In life, it's only ever unwise to ask a question that, deep down, you dont want to know the answer to. Wentz asked Pitt said no, I suspect both parties have moved on.
  6. If a multi millionaire professional quarterback doesnt throw to an open reciever because of a number as low as 11, we've got bigger things to worry about. This story is way overblown. I suspect Wentz will take a number and play to win.
  7. He should just wear number 1. "Sunday funday" folks like myself will be bleary, squinting, and seeing "11" by the time Dungy recaps the day on SNF anyway.......problem solved......of course the highlight film will have Pittman wearing 1111........
  8. He might be right. We're still gonna play the games tho. There are alot of "media guys" who are gonna be backpedaling on Wentz hot takes imo......recency bias be danged. I'm optimistic.
  9. That's the big "if" we're all hoping for. It's also the bold FO move I've been waiting for. I'm so interested in and optimistic for 2021!
  10. Ok this may not he popular but here goes: I think it wise not to overlook the importance of having a high profile African American player in the qb room. Like it or not, representative leadership is very important in the modern NFL. Jacoby is, has been, and will continue to be, important to the colts locker room. He's a high character guy, a positive advocate for change, he's well respected internally, he gives back to the community, and he's capable of winning football games. Having that representation and ability, at the highest profile position in
  11. His leadership could be beneficial for Wentz too. I'd like to see him resigned.
  12. If that's how you choose to treat your electronics that's your business. I'll keep mine far away from my b-hole regardless of how the Wentz trade works out. Your gif game is on point.
  13. Very well said. Stafford was the best option IMO, I was disappointed when he went elsewhere. What's telling in both potential trades is that Ballard sets his value and doesnt budge. I personally find that impressive. In Wentz he got the guy he wanted AT the price he wanted. The two go hand in hand. I agree tho neither Chris nor Frank went into this deal blindly or timidly. I think we got a good deal now it's up to the parties involved to maximize that value. They're all "hanging onions" on this one. 3 careers will be defined by a 3rd rounder and a cond
  14. We're on the same page. I'm just hoping to have my optimism rewarded. If the outcome is negative we're both gonna be disappointed. And if it works out it's a career defining move for Ballard and Reich, and I suspect we'll both be dancing in the aisles.
  15. Yep, won't argue with any of that.....you're spot on.
  16. To be fair, Reich wasnt calling plays the year he was trash either. I hear you, but with what Ballard gave up this is a low risk vs high reward proposition. I think we can afford to be optimistic about it. Especially before Wentz has even put on the uniform. Heck, technically he doesnt even have a # yet, much less an official announcement. If it bottoms out all it really cost us was time and maybe a HC.....
  17. At least go Sean Payton. You've got Reich performing a seance......talking to Elvis 'n *
  18. For me "roll with eason" doesnt exactly mean giving him the keys to the kingdom. It's also about bringing in a couple guys, who dont mortgage the future, to have an open competition. Let the colts try to acquire Wentz for what they've offered, explore Darnold, look at Winston, trade up and draft a dude, wait for someone to fall to 21.... None of those options necessarily rule out rolling with Eason.......none of these "big names" (aside from Watson) move the needle much imo so put Eason in a scenario in which he can compete. Bring out the best in him. An e
  19. This "source" exchange sounds like it was written in the 90s. Maybe Ballard threw in some prepaid phone cards and airline miles......
  20. Not super excited about any of the more affordable options. But I believe Ballard and Co do their due diligence, set their value, and wont "overpay". I believe whatever we wind up with with be the best option of what we had available to us without hamstringing the organization. That said, I believe Ballard would sell the farm for the right guy and, given Chris' demonstrated philosophy and prudence, I'd be fine with that to. I wanted Stafford but that sailed, as I don't anticipate a HUGE move this year, I'm fine with Wentz, etc. I'd even like a post lasik Winston or F
  21. Best uni's in the league! Classic, timeless. I wasnt a huge fan of the 2020 number style change, but considering how * all other aspects of 2020 were, it barely scratched the surface.
  22. As I'm eating waffle fries......like looking in a mirror
  23. Interesting. Definitely doesnt sound like M.O. but maybe he'll break character.
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