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  1. The video with Collie and McAfee talking about his #17, FFWD to 5:20 in. https://www.colts.com/video/facebook-friday-austin-collie-7372188
  2. Yeah Collie was offered 88 his rookie year. Saw it on some thing where McAfee was asking him mailed in questions, one being if his dog was a Collie given his namesake, and one asking why he chose 17.
  3. My best friend’s couch, the entire game, right until Addai ran it in to put the Colts ahead, then I walked into his kitchen. A moment later, the friend yelled from the living room that Brady was driving, and I came around the corner just as Jackson picked him off.
  4. The timing was awful in more ways than one. Brady and the Pats may only have a season or two left in them, and even considering the competition from a few other AFC teams, it’s not a stretch to say that Luck had a high probability of winning a ring in the next couple of years. The jeers were a bit extreme, but from a fan’s standpoint, the setback in Super Bowl contention is what’s hardest to swallow. Well, that and the fact that the Pats Pulpit almost immediately tweeted something to the effect of “Luck retires with 0-6 record against New England.”
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