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  1. If Tebow lands with the Jets. That is bad news for Mark Sanchez. One bad game and he is yanked for Tebow. Jets have offered a 5th for him.

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    2. MAC


      Uh, yeah. And I'm a lifelong die (painfully) hard Mets fan.

    3. MAC


      And then there's the Nets drama regarding moving to Brooklyn to compete with the Knicks (but nobody wanting to play for them), and the Devils endless story about usually having a better team than the Rangers playing 20 feet away, but hardly anybody caring. And the Yankees buying championship after championship with the most irritating sense of entitlement imaginable. Sometimes I envy a place like Boston where they just have one team in each sport, and the fans are nuts about all of them.

    4. BrentMc11


      The Nets are a mess too. I love hockey but do not follow...not enough coverage here. I like the Redwings. I used to travel to Detroit all of the time.

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