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  1. I got mine too,all the way from Sweden,too bad it's just against the Jaguars.Anyway it's the Colts i'm looking forward to see so i'll be fine. See you there,Colts fans!!!
  2. The " serious chocolate" part is killing me
  3. But they are over the cap limit,right?do they have the money to keep a player of his caliber?
  4. Looks like the Pats tagged Stephen Gostkowsky and McCourty is hitting the market,right? Just wondering what kind of money is he asking for
  5. Can't wait for the game to start,i really believe Luck and our D will show up today,big time.GoColts,cheering for my team all the way from Sweden
  6. Does anyone think that Manning will feel bad maybe just a little bit about wooping our * tonight?
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