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  1. Mack has been a monster so far, hopefully he can keep this up and become our RB of the future.
  2. lol even if he did say that in the post game interview, you're probably the only person that believed him In my link he said he "didn't know how it was supposed to work". That tells you everything you need to know about whether it was a good play call or not
  3. 1.) No he didn't lol. Please post a link to that because this page says differently. 2.) That was a terrible play call. Bad situation, bad execution. Just bad.
  4. Damn, he playing so well! Could've really used him going for. I hope we retain him after this season. He's been balling for us, can be apart of a nice rotation next season.
  5. There were some really good players I was hoping Ballard would sign. I was really surprised he let Malcolm Butler go to the Titans and Andrew Norwell to the Jags. Ryan Jensen could've helped too. If he would've signed some quality OL, we could traded up and drafted Saquon Barkley....buuuuuut Ballard does have some logic behind his FA inactivity He wants to have a foundation comprised of players who entered the league with Indy. I can't say I disagree with that. I think things will get very interesting in the next couple offseasons.
  6. same here really didn't understand letting him go to the Panthers, but whatever
  7. Mack is an elusive RB, he just can't stay healthy. However, I'm not sure why we didn't sign CJ Anderson...he was damn good RB available for cheap
  8. I almost forgot about Fleener/Allen. I really thought they were gonna be the next Gronk/Hernandez (aside from the obvious) I think Luck/Reich are definitely putting Ebron in position to flourish, and he's making the most of it. Now if he can just work on those damn drops....
  9. It really wasn't fair to move Gore after he played like a solider without Luck. I know the reason behind moving Gore was really due to Mack emerging this season, but he's been hurt and so far our ground attack has been sub-par, at best. He's quietly chugging along down in Miami while we can't get our attack going at all smh
  10. We should definitely look into grabbing Reddick and Bucannon. Those are two good players, I think Ballard should be able to finesse them for a cheap, like BB does to the entire league. I wouldn't get my hopes up tho, I think Ballard is content with grinding out this season and sticking to the draft and FA.
  11. Luck is doing work, and is performing a lot better than many expected him to. His YPA during the first three games did concern me, but I think he's going to keep progressing throughout the season. I expect a late season surge in his play, and I think next season he will return to elite form. I will say that I think his receivers need to step it up though, he can't do it on his own.
  12. We need healthy starters, for one. I really think a healthy Mack would do wonders for this offense, he's flashed a ton of talent but just can't stay on the field so lately. Hines has been looking pretty good IMO, not someone who can run behind that line very well but he makes plays. Wilkins has been pretty average to meh. I think Turbin will be a big help in the red zone, if Mack can't stay healthy we may have to sign a FA or draft one in the later rounds again. I'm not too worried about this group. The OL needs Castanzo in the worst way. We need the right side of the line to solidify as well. I think we have a solid group that needs time to gel and get healthy. Maybe draft another OL in the mid rounds next year. Again, not too worried about this group. We very desperately need another WR besides Hilton. I really thought Moncrief would be it, I think Grant is solid #3 but there's not a good enough #2 in this group. It's literally Hilton and a bunch of #3 WRs. We need a playmaker here,. We could also use a few more playmakers on defense, whether it's another pass rusher or a coverage LB/S. I like the corners we have, they just need to stay healthy as well. I really want Quincy Wilson to do well here, I've seen enough from everyone else to have my trust.
  13. wowow really wanted to keep him. really I wanted to keep Basham and Simon, I understood why we let Anderson go. ah well. stuff like this is how we got Margus Hunt so
  14. Nope, not exactly. It was an entirely different feel when we had Grigson/Pagano at the helm of the team. I literally would think we had every game in the bag as they didn't hold this team back. Pagano pretty much admitted that he held the team back. But with Reich I get an entirely different feel...this team wants to win.
  15. Both Mack and Hairston were solid picks. Mack when healthy is a nice playmaking RB, Hairston has been rock solid. As for this thread, I'm very surprised by the move. I wish we could've kept Simon and had Basham on the practice squad...
  16. I've seen enough from Hooker's rookie season to not worry about him, at all. Superman made some really good points about our secondary, he hasn't been making the most plays but he's been quietly doing his job. Sidebar: I really think our defense is going to be stout by the end of the season. A solid FA and draft can easily turn this team into a contender next year, we just need our players to be healthy.
  17. Very bad circumstances for the team, smh. Huge chance we get crushed, barring an out of this world Luck game and great coaching from Reich.
  18. Luck was the biggest reason for all of that success. Not a front office that traded a first for Trent Richardson (FACT) Not a GM that traded so poorly there's no one left from his draft (FACT) Not a coach that called an illegal formation on 4th down against the Pats on national TV (FACT) Not a coaching regime that beat bad teams behind Luck's arm and then got demolished by good teams every year (FACT) We can do this all day...the only reason this team wasn't a complete dumpster fire during the last few years was because of Luck.
  19. What? Were you asleep for the entire duration of Pagano's coaching tenure? Those teams were mediocre. Bad drafts, poor preparation and terrible coaching. The previous regime is responsible for trading a first for Trent Richardson, the 2013 draft (I'm looking at you Bjorn Werner), trading Jerry Hughes, and running an illegal formation on 4th down. The only reason those teams achieved any success was due to Andrew Luck. To call that nonsense is to ignore reality, quite frankly.
  20. Had he converted it, everyone would be calling him a "genius" for making such a gutsy move. It's essentially the same move that Vrabel made for the Titans, the only difference is that they won. https://www.1070thefan.com/blogs/kevins-corner/colts-coverage/what-did-colts-players-think-frank-reich-going-it-overtime I think the gamble was significantly more important the outcome itself, it sends a message to that team that we are not settling for anything less than a win. Seeing how the previous regime established a reputation for being mediocre, I agree with Reich's call. The actual playcall could've been better, but going for it was the right move for the future. https://www.1070thefan.com/blogs/kevins-corner/colts-coverage/what-did-colts-players-think-frank-reich-going-it-overtime The team around Reich agrees, no one wanted the tie. Not one person. The same mindset is the reason that the Eagles are the defending SB champs. I know you don't like to see us losing (none of us do!) but this bodes well for the team. I think we will be a very good team, very soon.
  21. I think this is a very hot headed post, and you might want to rethink things through for a sec. Going for it on 4th and 4 was a good decision, if he converts then he's a genius. It's basically the same thing that people are hailing Mike Vrabel for. This team wants to be competitive and wins games, there's zero reason to go conservative and settle for a tie.
  22. I agree for most of that possession, but that play wasn't as bad as I thought it was. Turns out Ebron was open, Luck just couldn't get it to him. We definitely should've ran the ball more though. We drafted Nelson high in the draft for a reason. Run behind him in the redzone. These are growing pains tho, it's necessary for the team to get those mistakes out now. Hopefully we have a good game against Houston, then we have NE next Thursday...the defense seems to be consistently solid, we just the offense to be up to par. I think we can compete with any team in the league at our best.
  23. This is a terrible thread. Until Reich calls a fake punt for absolutely no reason other than to embarrass the team and its chance at winning, Reich > Pagano so far
  24. Too many dropped TD passes to blame Luck for this loss.
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