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  1. I meant to say 3rd 4th and 5th stringers ha
  2. You know, I have a weird good feeling about Kelly. I know he has only played against 2rd 4th 5th string guys, but he just has that look and if can keep his head straight, we might have something in him. Just a feeling!!
  3. I spent money on Season Tickets for 30 years before I moved, saw many crappy teams and still loved the fact that good or bad, we were chosen to have a NFL team and all that comes with it. I never booed a player. But I also get that it was raw emotion and disappointment when we had such high hopes for this season and beyond. I am in shock also, but I have to much respect for the guys who put their body on the line so I can enjoy this game. God speed Andrew and go enjoy your family and new baby!!!
  4. Sorry didnt see the other post on this!!
  5. I dont post a lot and I am not here to stir the pot. I was a Season Ticket holder until I had to move for a job. I was not at the game, but I saw the hurt on Andrews face when asked about the booing. It looked like it really got to him. I know this isnt what we wanted and I am as upset as anyone, but he did give us his all and it wasnt his fault that Grigson couldnt find people to protect him. He went through a lot of pain and suffering for our enjoyment and I for one wish him well. He is not a quitter and if he would have had a better line we wouldnt be having this conversation. We are a GREAT fan base and to hear he was booed really upset me. We are so much better then that. We love our team and I was so looking forward to this season as we all were. I just hate to think that this is how he will go out thinking thats how WE feel about him. This Organization prides itself on getting the right type of player to build a great culture. A culture that makes players want to come here and I would hate to think that that display will detour some from wanting to play here. I know the other players on the team heard it and are upset. They all love the guy, how could you not, and I am sure they feel sorry for Andrew knowing that will be the last thing he hears from the fans! Like I said, I was not there and I hope that it was a small group and not a collective group that booed. Like I said, I know I dont post much, but I just feel sad and upset just like the rest of you, but I also love the Shoe and all that wear it. Andrew was special and I just wish they could have protected him. I lay that on Grigson and nobody else. Sorry for the rant guys. We are a GREAT fanbase!!!
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