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  1. Yes, you guys barely escaped the Texans today. And it could happen again to us in week 17. But keep in mind that this will be the game that Derrick Henry will be trying for 2000 yards for the season. Even facing J J Watt, I can't see Henry being denied in that game.
  2. Yes, you guys barely escaped the Texans today. And it could happen again to us in week 17. But keep in mind that this will be the game that Derrick Henry will be trying for 2000 yards for the season. Even facing J J Watt, I can't see Henry being denied in that game.
  3. We had very high hopes for Corey Davis here in Nashville and there have always been "flash" games. But he's never played like he's deserved #1 receiver status until this year where the consistency has finally been there. Ironically that's been after A.J. Brown hit the scene and catapulted himself into #1 status pretty quickly. The irony is that because of his lack of #1 production numbers through his first few rookie years, the Titans declined his 5th year option. Now with the way he's playing, it's more likely that he'll get more money on the free agent market than what we could
  4. Awful news and all the best to him. Titans LT David Quissenberry spent 3 years fighting cancer before returning to the NFL last year and made it off the practice squad to starting LT. Hopefully he beats this and makes a similar return.
  5. You know what’s crazy? The Titans nearly traded him in the middle of a lack luster first season as a starter. Derrick Henry reportedly had a come-to-Jesus talk with Titans legend Eddie George about his running technique and then a light switch went on. He’s been King Henry ever since.
  6. True. The Colts have somehow owned the Titans regardless of who's driving the ship. Those of us in Nashville wonder when the day of losses to the horseshoe will end, but so far it hasn't yet.
  7. The stellar defense of Indy can stand the loss of Buckner, as great as he is, and still be formidable to most NFL teams. Of course, Derrick Henry doesn't have to face a guy even larger than he is, not that he'd care much. Most teams have figured out how to stop Henry, at least in the beginning. Stack the box on obvious run plays and look to shoot the gap to get his legs wrapped in the backfield before he can get up a head of steam. That often works for the first half of play. The problem is that Henry doesn't tire easily and the defense usually wears out before he does. So it's not unusual fo
  8. Sounds like this week is going to be a war of attrition before the starting whistle. Buckner being out isn't good news for trying to take down Henry. But the Titans lost Jayon Brown for the season on a really cheap shot on a meaningless play last week and he was our "green dot" guy on defense. So a defense that already had problems gets worse. On offense, we were hoping to get Adam Humphries back as our go-to slot receiver but he didn't make it off of concussion protocol and will miss his third game (he was taken out by a horrible flagrant cheap shot weeks ago). But A.J. Brown and
  9. There is always a chance with Aaron Rodgers. Our three toughest remaining games are Indy, GB (in December!) and Cleveland.
  10. Here we go again. Hopefully for Nashville the outcome will be different. The Titans are seriously banged up right now but they showed true grit yesterday, and Derrick Henry is still Derrick Henry.
  11. Obviously must-win for both teams. I think we'd be happy to split with you guys over the next few weeks, but whomever controls this competition controls the AFC South playoff race. We have not had good luck against Indy for years regardless of who is manning the ship (pun intended).
  12. The Titans are carrying two kickers right now since Ryan Succop hasn't been the same since coming back from IR earlier this season from a knee injury. When he first came back, he was spraying it all over the yard. Accuracy is better now but distance is crap, so we brought in a kicker for kickoffs and long distance field goals. You guys saw him last week but he didn't kick any field goals.
  13. Cameron Wake went to IR after last game....not good and he's been productive, even at an advanced age for an NFL player. But the rookie Jeffery Simmons is back there now and he began the season injured still working on his ACL repair from this past January. He's been pretty productive so far and hasn't faced the Colts yet. Part of our problem the last time was the inability of getting Brissett on the ground, even when he was in the grasp of someone. Simmons is a proverbial beast....should be an interesting challenge for both men.
  14. And TY Hilton is out. Now I think we Titans fans actually have a shot....that's the guy who always scares me. Of course, you have beaten us without him before, usually turning tight ends into 100 yard performance days.
  15. TY Hilton always scares us. I've yet to see us have a true answer for that guy. He always plays us well. But Logan Ryan and Malcolm Butler are very experienced corners with Kevin Byard behind them. It's probably the best defense we've ever had against that guy. The Titans' punter isn't just "very good". I wouldn't have anyone else in the league except for Brett Kern. He's that good. Last week's safety was set up because Kern sent a 70 yard bomb straight into the "coffin corner". And he does this all the time.
  16. Cameron Wake may be old but he certainly isn't showing it. He was AFC defensive player of the week with 2.5 sacks (one for a safety) and two tackles for loss. Last year, Brian Orakpo and Derrick Morgan, two long time Titans linebackers (now retired) didn't have that many combined all season. Landry is young and learning. One of these days he'll have his break-out game. It'll be important since the last time we faced the Colts, Luck could have had a poker game going in the pocket with the amount of time he got. You may stop Henry in the first quarter or two, But the plan is to
  17. This week is extremely important for the Titans franchise. Yes, McNair's and George's numbers will be retired at halftime. I saw George at a non-profit event this week and he's trying to soak in everything since his departure from the club wasn't what anyone would have hoped (shipped off to Dallas for a wasted year). But its not too much to say how the season will play out depends on this game. When the Titans were in training camp, everyone circled this game since the Colts kept the Titans out of the playoffs on the last game of last season. And we expected to go up again Luck
  18. Stopping the run is easier said that done this week. That being said, both teams have the exact same problem trying to corral elite backs.
  19. As of this writing, Mariota is healthy. We'll see if he stays that way. Derrick Henry was overrated until the last 5 games of last year. The Titans nearly traded him. As has been widely reported, Titans legend Eddie George gave him a "talking to". Now the man is...well, The Man. Taylor Lewan is arguably the best LT playing....too bad you won't see him right now due to him being stupid with supplements. Jeffrey Simmons had an off-the-field assault early in his college career. He knows that the organization won't tolerate another one. But that is a guy to watch out fo
  20. Pamphile is very unlikely for the Titans this Sunday. That being said, they crushed the Browns without him last week. Here in Nashville we were very concerned about the makeup of the O-line with Pamphile injured and Taylor Lewan on suspension. And while everything wasn't completely clean, they did give Mariota enough room to work with, limiting to three sacks but one of those sacks was a "give-up" sack in garbage time to burn the clock.
  21. Vrabel isn't going anywhere, short of an epic collapse and losing season due to bad coaching, which is unlikely. As for Mariota, it's a contract year. Lead the Titans to the playoffs and get through the season with good stats and no significant injuries and he'll likely be back. Win another playoff game and his future is assured.
  22. I've been reading all of these reactions and yeah, we fans in other cities feel you you guys as a fanbase. But some of this reaction is way over the top. The Indianapolis Colts have been in a truly enviable position regarding QBs with both Luck and Manning before him. You had a "suck for Luck" year between them and then you got Luck. Most teams would have killed for that kind of talent over than period of time (20 years!). The only truly unfortunate thing was that it happened during the Tom Brady era, or else you might would have had more than one ring. Meanwhile in
  23. Back after Nov 23rd I came back here and said that I hoped that the last game of the season would be for something special. And now here we are. The Titans are now guaranteed to have 3 years of consecutive winning seasons, the first since the Oilers became the Titans. But it's not like any of those years have been the top in the league or even the conference. We've been up and down due to injuries, poor play against certain opponents, and other X-factors. Which brings me to our big X-factor in this game, Andrew Luck. No one is under any illusions about playing Luck,
  24. "Well that went poorly!". -- Mr. Incredible, Incredibles 2 Talk about a day where everything went badly, from the offense reverting to the beginning of the season, no protection of Mariota which led to a re-aggravation of his elbow (hopefully not serious), the defense completely no-showing and not getting to Luck at all (yes they were out there all day but even in the 1st quarter they were bad). Even the special teams gave up a big play and was a penalty away from a TD. See you guys at the end of the season, maybe for rights to a wild card.
  25. Well Malcolm Butler has been the king of blown coverages for us. The Pats game was the first time all season he hadn’t gotten burned for a long TD. Hopefully he’s figured out what he needs to do but I expect Luck to test him.
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