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  1. Nobody is going to offer a high enough pick to make Ballard budge. Especially when Rosen will be available for trade after the Cards pick Murray.
  2. What would you hate more, Jacobs or another guard in Lindstrom? I like both guys but both would make me cringe at 26.
  3. I'm with you. I'm dropping. It's just a hassle trying to find something with all the channels I want in one package. Otherwise you end up with multiple programs and paying almost as much.
  4. Kiper and McShay stink. I'm so upset I have to watch them during the draft since U-verse dropped NFL Network.
  5. I like Lindstrom but don't know if I could get behind it at 26 which is most likely were you would have to take him. I'd be more comfortable with Simmons or Abram. Then again, there's so many different people saying different things it's hard to believe anything. Miller says it's Simmons or Abram, Albright says Lindstrom or CB, Brugler said AJ Brown. Only Ballard knows.
  6. He had 8 sacks last year which is more than any of the other first round DT's other than Williams who also had 8. He was also rated extremely high by PFF in regards to pass rushing. I don't know about the motor though as I don't ever watch ND because I hate them lol.
  7. Yeah, I'm just forever scared about drafting small speedsters after Dorsett. That being said Dorsett wasn't even that good in college and Brown was. Ironically, I do love Isabella though but probably because he wouldn't demand as high a pick.
  8. He's been mocked as high as #7 to Jacksonville. He's most everybody's #1 or #2 OT.
  9. From what I've been reading is that NFL people are a lot higher on the offensive line talent in this years draft than the mock draft guys are. I'm hearing Jonah Williams and Taylor could both go top 10 and there could be 7 or 8 first round O-linemen. The Colts may have set a trend last year that teams are looking to follow.
  10. Miller stated the buzz was from "opposing teams" meaning it's all speculation. Nobody outside of the building knows what Ballard is going to do.
  11. Maybe they are smoke screening interest because they know they Raiders like him and they want the Raiders to take him at 24 instead of 27 possibly pushing a defensive player down further to the Colts? Probably not, but tis conspiracy theory season.
  12. I'm all for trading either up or down this year as I trust Ballard but I would in absolutely no way get rid of #34 in order to trade up. That pick is untouchable IMO unless they're trading back from it.
  13. Has it been rumored Ballard is interested in trading up? I haven't seen that. They've been meeting with a couple guys that are probably out of their range but I don't think that means anything one way or another.
  14. If he isn't then at least we don't have to endure Deion Sanders interviewing him.
  15. Yet people on here loved Nelson's response to not running a 40 for a scout "Look at the tape, I put people on the ground, if you can't see that that's your problem" Ballard will do his research on the kid, I personally couldn't care less what he says.
  16. Seems like the Colts are absolutely interested in getting another back. Likely they'll wait until after the draft and if they do not select one, they will circle back on Ajayi or Ware.
  17. Just listened to this. The gist of it was that Galko believes the Colts will target DL in round one and if Lawrence is there he does not see the Colts passing on him. He however thinks Lawrence may go earlier and has the Colts taking Tillery. Also noted that he's heard that they really love Isabella and that they may have to take him at 59 or trade up into the early third to get him. Interesting stuff and good podcast.
  18. Lawrence would be more of a NT where as Simmons can play either the nose or 3-tech as he's more of an upfield rusher.
  19. I imagine the phone lines between the Colts and Patriots are permanently blocked.
  20. I'll say Isabella because you just know that he's going to end up on the Patriots.
  21. I agree with most of the names mentioned above but will add Foster Moreau TE from LSU.
  22. Bold prediction, someone will start a thread about not being impressed by Ballard's pick.
  23. Never been a fan of Gary so I definitely wouldn't be a fan of trading up for him.
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