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  1. bradgt04

    We’re not suppose to

    Very carefully
  2. bradgt04

    We’re not suppose to

    I agree wholeheartedly. I’d wager (betting on a hypothetical hahaha) he would be run out of Indy after the first season. The locker room would be a train wreck literally and figuratively.
  3. bradgt04

    We’re not suppose to

    I believe 100% that we wouldn’t be here with McDaniels. Watching Reichs pressers he doesn’t use very many manufactured responses we hear from so many other coaches and players. That alone tells me he knows what he’s doing gives me confidence in this team as a fan and I think the players have confidence in themselves because of the little things like this. Doesn’t matter what happens tomorrow, I’m so jacked to see what the future holds for us
  4. bradgt04

    What will you be watching for Sunday?

    Haha at the last part. After he says that the titans gurgle one last breath as luck says “Shhh...Shhhh...Shhh.” Titans look up with terrified eyes to an almost hospitable smile from luck.
  5. bradgt04

    Colts are the six seed!!!!

    I had the same surgery as well. I’d wake up in the middle of the night with everything below the elbow dead.
  6. bradgt04

    Andrew Luck: AFC Offensive Player of the Week

    I really wanted to get angry at your comment until I realized it was a compliment. Then I calmed down, mentally gathered myself and gave a nod of approval. But you almost had me there.
  7. bradgt04

    My expectation for Colts-Dolphins

  8. bradgt04

    Jalen Ramsey Comments...

    Be humble or get humbled