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  1. Typically a one or two year deal with a moderate salary but low guarantees. Say, a good (but not top of the line) player hits the market and is not getting the kind of offers they were expecting...the "prove-it" deal is an appealing option. Usually entails that the player expects to have more success and better stat-lines in a new situation with a new team, but the end-game result is to spend the time on that short term deal to establish themselves and make them look more appealing the next time they hit FA.
  2. My Vision; Offensive Schemes: The 2016 Colts offense was productive, but not efficient. The vertical play-style took too many chances down the field which killed drives at times. This Indy team is at it's best offensively when they can control the time of possession battle. We need to go back to play-action, mis-direction and 'small ball'ing it down the field. I envision an offense built around speed and elusiveness, not just vertically...but horizontal attacking the flats and really stressing the coverage ability of the defense. Lots of screens, stretch plays, pulling guards, counter
  3. Using walterfootball.com and their 5-star ranking system as a reference, I charted how many players at age 28 or younger are hitting the market. I only counted UFAs and I only counted players with a 3-star ranking or higher in the list. I skipped QB, WR, TE, C, and Special Teamers. The only HB that qualified was Le'Veon Bell, and he is not expected to leave Pittsburgh. OL (5) Kevin Zeitler, G, Bengals. Age: 27. ***** Andrew Norwell, G, Panthers. Age: 25. **** 1/2 Larry Warford, G, Lions. Age: 26. **** Ronald Leary, G, Cowboys. Age: 28. *** Ricky Wagner, OT, Ravens. Ag
  4. I'm not saying O'Brien would or wouldn't be a great coach here. That's a seperate discussion. I'm just saying that when you connect the dots between the two stories a lot of it lines up to suggest that this is a possibility. Irsay was in Houston and the press ran the story in two different directions with the idea of Colts going after Gruden and O'Brien possibly resigning at the end of the Houston season. It's possible that both stories are actually just one story, it all adds up when you think about it. Bill has consistently outcoached Pagano the last few seasons, so there's that.
  5. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/01/07/teams-with-coaching-vacancies-think-bill-obrien-may-be-available/ http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/01/07/bill-obrien-may-still-be-on-the-way-out-in-houston/ http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000773678/article/bill-obrien-on-job-status-whatever-the-future-holds-it-holds Now if you've been following along, the Colts have a pretty murky situation at HC, with Irsay seemingly not willing to commit to Chuck Pagano for next season. Perhaps the only coaching situation stranger then ours is in Houston, where
  6. If this is how the offseason turns out, I'd be more than excited. We solve our offensive problem spots (HB, G) with Cook and Warford, while completely retooling the defense. But some of my thoughts...If we sign Warford, I don't see a future on this team for Hugh Thorton. Even on a one year deal, I don't think we need him. I think Doyle is going to get a sizable pay-day. I've seen reports suggesting he will get a deal in line with the deals Coby Fleener and Dwayne Allen got last offseason. He ranked very well in the advanced metrics that teams look for. I also think a team out there
  7. Beyond TY Hilton and Donte Moncrief, the Colts have very little experience at the WR position. Dorsett has a lot of upside, but only played about half the year last year due to the broken leg. Bray was pretty much exclusively used as a returner. The draft is over, and the FA market is pretty much bare - Except for one guy. James Jones. Yeah, he's 32 years old. But he brings a ton of experience, and he's familiar with coach Joe Philbin. He probably wouldn't be able to demand any more than roughly $6 million over a 2 year deal, which is something we can certainly afford to shore up o
  8. If the Colts find a way to land NT Andrew Billings, LB Scooby Wright and either RB DaVontae Booker or Jordan Howard...I'll be one happy fan. If we can somehow turn our two 4s and our 5 into these three guys, even if we have to part with some mid-round picks next year, let's do it. We should get a rd 3 comp pick for Fleener to make up for it.
  9. I want DeVontae Booker. Seeing him mentioned as a 3rd rounder. I'd be ecstatic if We got him there, and would be okay if We reached a bit for him in the 2nd...not convinced he'll still be there in the 3rd. A lot of scout sites listing him as #3 HB behind Elliot and Henry, and Booker's probably the best receiving back out of the bunch.
  10. This would be about as perfect as it gets for me. Toss in Matt Moore and maybe a depth signing at WR or S and we're good.
  11. I'd be VERY happy with either A or B, but I would prefer Ogbah over Floyd in A.
  12. Doug Martin Alex Boone, Kelechi Osemele or Mitchell Shwartz Donnie Avery (or some equivalent WR4) Damon Harrison Casey Hayward OLB for about 5m per Draft: Best ILB or OLB available Alex Martin OC
  13. Put yourself in Irsay's shoes, what's the best off-season plan you can come up with to fix this team? Here's mine: Ditch Pagano and Grigson. Hire Mike Shanahan, and give him control of roster management working with a GM he gets along with. Ditch Andre Johnson, Greg Toler, Arthur Jones, Jonnathon Harrison, Trent Cole, Jerrell Freeman, Coby Fleener and Frank Gore. In free agency, sign Doug Martin and Alfred Morris to revamp our rushing attack. Morris should come cheap, and he's experienced playing for Shanahan. Spend aggressively to find starters at C and RT, say Alex Ma
  14. From a player talent perspective, maybe not. But from a purely financial perspective, this trade would make a ton of sense for the Colts. Hilton got his big money deal, Luck's is coming in the off-season and Werner will likely be off the team. If I recall correctly, Carr and Mack can't renegotiate their contracts for another two years, and Cooper 's comes up in three. On their rookie deals, they're making peanuts compared to what TY and Luck are going to be pulling in next year. In fact, we could probably fit all three in for just what TY is making, which would save US about $20-25 million in
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