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  1. He reminds me of Christian McCaffery.
  2. No one hosts sporting events like Indy (America's sports capital). Give it a couple years of snafu's in LA or some other city that can't hold a candle to Indy as a host; it'll be back.
  3. Its a good discuss, Steel. My take is Grigson is considerably better. I don't want to be mistaken for a Grigs defender. Truth is, he's unfortunately had more misses than makes and that just can't happen. But, I don't think many of us disagreed with his choices until after they were clearly misses. I mean, I felt like Herremans was the 2-3 year end-of-career interior anchor we needed. I didn't like the Dre Johnson signing, but felt he'd have one good year. Many of us thought Trent Richardson would be a good back. Trent Cole seemed like a good pass rush fill-in. They're just bad misses.
  4. So, in reality, the only difference is that we'll play Pittsburgh in Indy and the Jets. All the other teams the o/p mentioned were permanent scheduling opponents. That, over the Bengals and Patriots. I'll take that, and the higher draft picks (in all rounds, BTW) over getting blown out in the playoffs. Really tough schedule though for 2016. Still think we dominate next year, especially with a new coaching staff.
  5. Imagine that? TY Hilton taking shots at team, coaches. The guy who celebrates his TDs when his team is down 24 late against a 2-6 team. A guy who disappears in more big games than he plays well. A guy who undeservingly got top5 WR money. Anyone else see the continuing chinks in this guy's armor?
  6. Would not have signed TY. He's not a #1 WR, let alone top five (money). Guy disappears in big games, especially deep playoff runs. #1s are not capable of being taken out of games. Simply put, TY is moderately game-planned around. Elite speed. Good, not great, hands. Very poor size and strength. Could be the best #2 WR in league. Would love to have him on our team as that and paid as that.
  7. I'll take heat for this. I've got a much "worser" scenario. Colts win, get the 4th seed. Host Pittsburgh in WC round in Indy. Colts "fans" sell their tickets to Pittsburgh fans in droves because, "hey man, I can pay for a 'hoah' season of my Coates' tickets by sellin' one playoff game." So its 50% Pittsburgh fans and we get blown out by 30 at home in the playoffs. We're embarrassed as a team at home in the playoffs, we're embarrassed as a city (despite being an awesome city and great fan base) and we have a 1st place schedule, 26th pick in the draft, etc. We live with that awful (and in
  8. Fully respect your take. That's the way a fan should feel. I just look at it differently. While you're right about two games you left out all the other valuable future benefits. We're spoiled. I get it. But no one here wants a blow out at home in WC round. Almost positive that'll happen. I'll take my kicks now with a bright future over dismal playoff loss and resultant degradation in future impact. My $0.02.
  9. Why does anyone want to make the playoffs and get blown out at home in the wild card round? Keep Pagano? How is that better than getting top 15 draft picks, high rounders, return starters in 2016, new staff, 2nd or 3rd place schedule, etc.
  10. Could not agree more. Top 12 draft pick, high 2nd and 3rd rounders. New coaching staff. 2nd or 3rd place schedule. Healthy starters returning at many positions. Great defensive draft of 2015 has a year under its belt. How are the above points countered by a crushing home loss in Wild card round, coupled with 1st place schedule, low draft position, #ChuckStrong retained?
  11. Brutal feeling about this one. Pitt 38, Indy 20. We're fine with Texans loss to Buffalo today. Just gotta win those three against the AFC-S.
  12. Awesome insight, Jvan! You totally got my point. And, I am not a better educated fan, Doctor. Thanks.
  13. Keyed on Good from my seat at LOS. Tons of positives. I'd describe his feet as something close to ballerina-like. Future bookend RT opposite Castonzo for a decade. We can move Reitz inside to RG or let him be the incredible 5-* super sub plus 6th lineman-jumbo. We draft the best C in draft. We have a good oline going into 2016. I'm one who thinks our line is decent now. Got a ton of incorrect/lemming critique due to Peps stupid vertical route trees and Luck's ball-holding.
  14. Fully expecting him to play. It's Big Ben. It's the Steelers. Heath Miller broke ribs today and will play.
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