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  1. Meh, so old. Colt’s have, what closing in on a decade, more history in Indy. Baltimore has a team. Let it go. INDIANAPOLIS Colts.
  2. I can’t believe Chris and scouting staff watched that much Ohio State film and chose Parris Campbells over Terry McLaurins. Even if it was a close call, why not enjoy the palpable good will of drafting a hometown hero that dreamed of playing for his favorite team. Seems Colt’s do pretty ok with Cathedral kids.
  3. Bright side. We don’t upgrade Philly to our second rounder now. And we’re looking at top 10, if not too 5 picks. Maybe Ballard can pull another Parris Campbell over Terry McLaurin gem!
  4. I too get frustrated with the volume of opposing team fans especially with popular or recently successful teams. I had two people come in from Seattle and they loved our city. To me - that’s awesome. I go to 1.5 road games a year (that’s right - some years one, others two). There are ALWAYS a great showing of Indy people and Colts’ fans at each roadie we play. I know you see these folks stick out in the stands. I think it’s part of the NFL. Many people I know who are diehard fans go to one road game a year. Indy travels really well. Top half for sure. Or sucks when you hear large amounts of opponent fans cheering in Lucas Awl Stadium. It’s fun as hell when I’m at road games and Colts’ fans (most from Indy/IN) are audibly loud and noticeable.
  5. Would love either. Think we’ll get one of the two.
  6. Is Joe a FA? Was sad he left. Versatile as heck.
  7. Looking like this could be 50% Colts' fans, folks. Ton of people are going from Indy! I'll be in Lot 10. Its immediately west adjacent to the stadium. Come by and say hello.
  8. Robin - come to lot 10 - look for #EdsProStyleTailgates. Lots of Colts fans. You're wanted not just welcome.
  9. Roll call of Colts' fans attending the season opener in Los Angeles? Tailgate recommendations, best lots, link up, etc. Let's go!
  10. Hey y’all. Up in Toronto for Pacers-Raptors. Surely there is a contingent of Colts fans in Toronto? Anyone aware of a group? Sports bar where they gather, etc? Thank you.
  11. He reminds me of Christian McCaffery.
  12. No one hosts sporting events like Indy (America's sports capital). Give it a couple years of snafu's in LA or some other city that can't hold a candle to Indy as a host; it'll be back.
  13. Its a good discuss, Steel. My take is Grigson is considerably better. I don't want to be mistaken for a Grigs defender. Truth is, he's unfortunately had more misses than makes and that just can't happen. But, I don't think many of us disagreed with his choices until after they were clearly misses. I mean, I felt like Herremans was the 2-3 year end-of-career interior anchor we needed. I didn't like the Dre Johnson signing, but felt he'd have one good year. Many of us thought Trent Richardson would be a good back. Trent Cole seemed like a good pass rush fill-in. They're just bad misses. OTOH, take away Ze German and Grigs' drafts have been pretty darn good. His defensive draft this year has us with 3-4 really good starting players for the next 5-10 years (Anderson (pro bowler in making), Perry, Geathers. Hopefully Dijon cuts the mustard as he progresses). Denzelle Good looks, uh, good too. He's had some FA hits too. Langford, Doyle, Lowery, Adams, Gore. For me, I truly felt like Chris Polian was nepotism at its worst.
  14. So, in reality, the only difference is that we'll play Pittsburgh in Indy and the Jets. All the other teams the o/p mentioned were permanent scheduling opponents. That, over the Bengals and Patriots. I'll take that, and the higher draft picks (in all rounds, BTW) over getting blown out in the playoffs. Really tough schedule though for 2016. Still think we dominate next year, especially with a new coaching staff.
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