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  1. Yes, but "prior" means BEFORE, and Austin made a great point in 2015 would you have been ok if someone told you Doyle would be the starting TE in 2017 because I know I'd have a huge problem with that considering who we drafted in 2012 taking up all of Doyle's playing time. Doyle was just a blocking TE his first few years, last year he proved he can do more than just block. But in 2015 he was a blocking TE that rarely got looks from Luck when he was on the field.
  2. Maybe McDaniel's in NE, but I get nightmares of how he butchered Den's roster by chasing away top talent when he was their coach. But the prospect of Luck running a NE type (short passing game) offense would help ease the pressure on the Oline and I feel we have the WR's to run McDaniel's scheme.
  3. It depends on the age of the gun most newer firearms have safety features, but older guns don't I have a 1930's rifle that is NEVER loaded when I'm not at the range. One could easily shoot themselves accidentally with my rifle. But RIP to Mr. Zurlon Tipton he is gone too soon my heart goes out to his family this is so sad.
  4. It's what I've come to admire most about Grigson especially after the unnecessary stubbornness of the Polian era. Grigson may not be the best GM, but he's a good talent evaluator (some before signing, some after signing ) and he setup all the contracts from his 2013 spending spree with this exact move in mind. None of the guys Indy picked up in 2013 were superstars they were all just upgrades from the players we had on the 2012 squad (although that wasn't a high bar to hit to begin with). As Grigson got more money he has made it a habit to upgrade the team each year in free agency, obviously Luck's next contract changes that strategy, but at that time the salary cap would have increased to help absorb some of the blow from Luck's massive contract and Indy well continue to sign free agents.
  5. Preach , I can only take this "fan board" in small doses during the off-season because consistently over-reacting is what the "fans" on this board do the most .
  6. Never thought I'd agree with a Pats fan on the Colts fan forum ...but your definitely right...In my colts fan delusional scenario for the playoffs. Indy beats Cin Ravens beat Pit Indy gets Denver and wins Ravens beat Pats Indy beats Ravens at home Indy wins the AFC championship And then it stops because Dal (run game), Seahawks (Lynch), or Packers (Rodgers) is waiting for us in the SB for a 80% chance loss But like I said Delusions ...Indy should beat Cin (becuz of Dalton) and then who knows, but Pit's Bell injury inspired my delusions becuz Ravens could beat Pit if Pit doesn't have Bell on the field (that man is a monster all-round rb). And Peyton is playing hurt or old (maybe the effects of the neck surgeries?), but whatever it is this Peyton looks beatable. Belichick scares me because of the two 42 pt dumps he laid on Indy and both times while not really letting Brady throw, but a lot of things have to play out for us to find out this yr. As far as NE I think Pit, Bal, and even Den would all have chances to beat NE although with a defense in NE now it would be hard to do...Rodgers barely did it and had to use his 3 and 4th targets to do it becuz the mad scientist is back
  7. Yeah, but Luck isn't playing like a work in progress although we know he still has quite a few things to clean up before we can confidently say he's number 1 overall, but if you look at the man's body of work 8 out of 9 games 300+ passing yards with 7 straight games (colts record) and 7 out of 9 games with at least 3 total td's it's hard to argue he isn't number 1 (obviously the turnovers stand out), but Luck's got more good than bad at this point.
  8. First off remove your pic under your post...I don't care if it's Manning or not that SB loss still stings...second the media almost crowns Manning, Brady, or Rodgers as MVP...because of his int's which is stupid imo Luck won't get the MVP he deserves but as long as he gets SB MVP ill be happy
  9. Ya, but the Panther's defense is horrible this yr and I don't see dalton being able to keep up with Luck...if cam put up over 30pts with one good wr and te in their home stadium Cincy's defense doesn't stand a chance (especially if Green is out again next week) against Indy.
  10. Don't feel to bad I thought the same thing until I saw the date of the post
  11. You just answered your own question and clearly pagano is not saying he's been asked several times by the media and refuses to answer the question so you might as well move on and get use to harrison at center.
  12. On a side note if Luck keeps playing lights out your gonna have to update that avatar photo to Andrew still love me some peyton (except when they play Indy) im just saying tho
  13. Naw that's just this forum you would think Indy was as bad as Oakland...even when peyton was here the team never played good enough nor were the dungy era coaches good enough (although ironically actually valid points)
  14. I remember Indy blocking the FG in the Seattle game last year to get the spark that turned the tide in that game...FG attempts aren't automatic "You play to win" teams that play not to lose typically end up losing games...So question if Bal blocks the FG and runs it back you would be crying about why they didn't trying to score ...some people know NOTHING about football you have clearly shown that, just relax and watch the games... on a side note I really hope you don't coach football at any level EVER
  15. It depends on the terms of the contract (which idk) but if Mathis has an injury guarantee in his contract (which is likely for an elite pass rusher) he still gets paid regardless of how the injury happened.
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