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  1. Good game. Wanted to score 30, check. Dominate the Texans, check. Offense and Defense look good, check. Lets hope for the Bills to dominate the Titans tomorrow night to make this a good week!
  2. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/indianapolis-colts/ We have 29 FA's after the season. I realize not all of them are expensive and we won't re-sign them all, but with only $40 million in cap room, we are going to be extremely limited in what we can do. We will lose some good players, and it will be tough to replace them not only in FA, but in the draft next year without a 1st round pick (most likely) when we could of used a cheap talent like that. I'm not sure we can depend on anything but growth from who we have to get better as the cap will restrict us cap-wise, and talent-wise, we will more than likely be worse.
  3. Yeah, the offense looked solid. I think Wentz will be our new franchise QB for around the next ten years. A lot of our problems Monday were due to injury honestly in the secondary. That should of been an easy win. The Titans will have a couple hard matchups coming up, so theoretically, we could be tied with them in two weeks. It's just been exhausting watching the first five weeks I guess. I think we actually have hope though. There's a bunch of teams that don't at this time. I'm just worried about the future with the lack of salary cap we are going to have after signing Nelson, and being without a 1st round pick. Next year, the chickens may come home to roost as we finish paying our own.
  4. Marlon Mack is also 25 years old. Zach Ertz is 30. The Cardinals are not getting the Pro Bowl version of Zach Ertz. They are getting a Maxx Williams replacement version of Zach Ertz for one year. It's obvious that Ertz has declined over the last few years if you've paid attention to him.
  5. The only downside to Hilton returning is Campbell was finally starting to do something last game with Wentz healthy. Now Campbell is going to be the 4th WR again and it will destroy any remaining chance of him developing. Oh well. Lets hope Hilton does his best the rest of the year. I may even trade him at the trade deadline tbh and get a 4th-5th rounder if he shows up the next few weeks.
  6. I think Ballard's true evaluation starts this year. He has his real franchise QB now, no excuses. Unfortunately, we are 1-4, without a 1st round pick next year, and still have a lot of holes in a bunch of the most positions on the team (WR, EDGE, CB). I can excuse the QB position as there's a decent chance Ballard filled it with Wentz (although he's 28 already and will be 29 before the year ends). However, the fact that we still have major holes in the rest of the team up to this point, we are without a 1st round pick next year, we aren't using FA that much, and we have about $1 million in salary cap remaining just shows that we possibly only have an average team, and extending our players at non-premium positions may have been a bad idea. Don't forget, we haven't even extended Nelson yet. We have $55 million heading into FA next year yes, but he'll cost $20 million a year as well. We're going to be bogged down by 6-8 big contracts starting next year. How many of them are actually playing elite? Leonard- Playing hurt and was hurt before signing his extension. Nelson- is on the IR, though he should be fine. Has back problems though. Buckner- Has been double-teamed and mostly ineffective this year with 1 sack. Braden Smith- Bad first game and hasn't played since after getting paid. Team can't even give an update. Kelly- has been average I guess. Struggled until last week and has struggled without Big Q tbh. Stewart- been good, been about as good as Buckner tbh for half the price. Moore- Not even our best CB, has taken a step back this year. Hines- solid so far, but misused in correlation with Mack. Wentz- been really solid. Has worked out well so far, put the team on his back and made the offense respectable. So of the 9 players we paid a decent amount, 6 have been bad, hurt, or misused already (including the 2018 draft class). 3 have been solid (counting Hines in both categories. Good, but misused). Kelly is probably in his own category. Average, not bad, but underperforming and not worth the money). Team should be doing better once you pay your own (which we aren't) and now we are just strapped of cap space (and it'll continue next year when we pay big Q). We don't supplement in FA, we are without a 1st round pick next year, we had to pay Wentz right away, and Ballard's draft picks are starting to get exposed (as well as Ballard as not being an elite drafter, which matters because he avoids FA a lot and likes to build through the draft). The real evaluation started when we traded for Wentz. Right now, Ballard isn't doing a very good job.
  7. Getting annoyed with Braden Smith not practicing or playing. If he's hurt, he's hurt. However, the Colts FO is withholding some sort of info from us about his injury. Did he break his foot? What is going on? He should be playing right now unless there is something that happened and the Colts aren't revealing it.
  8. If that's true, we should get at least a 5th for Marlon Mack. Ertz is 30 years old and this was the return.
  9. The Bills only have two TEs on their roster. Knox and Sweeney. Ertz would be a solid no2 TE for them for the rest of the year to help compete, and insurance in case Knox or Sweeney gets hurt. Could happen.
  10. That might be an advantage for us if we want him considering we are 1-4.
  11. Agreed. They need to have a "3 strikes and you're out" policy for this. First offense, 5 years in prison with no chance of parole. Second offense, 10 years in prison with no chance of parole. Third offense, rest of your life in prison with no chance of parole. Sounds harsh, but it's very easy not to threaten someone's life. Also, when you do, if that player read it, he would have no idea if that person was serious, so it could have psychological effects on that athlete and his family. Nip it in the bud and lock these people up!
  12. Agree with both posts. If we win, we were supposed too, if we lose, we are the worst team in the NFL and everyone needs to get fired and it's time to tank. The only way to get excited about this game is to win by 20+ and possibly have someone breakout like Campbell or Turay and have the Titans lose as well.
  13. 28-27 Colts We score a last minute TD by Parris Campbell as he breaks away for 80 yards with 0:01 second left on the clock after the Texans thought they scored a last minute TD to beat us!
  14. What about Byron Pringle or Demarcus Robinson for Mack? Mack is on the last year of his deal anyway, and KC needs an RB, especially for the next 3-4 weeks with Edwards-Helaire out. Hilton is probably in his last year with us, he hasn't played a single regular-season snap, and we'll need someone to replace him that's younger. This gets us a decently proven player without using a draft pick, and we can call up Deon Jackson off the practice squad to join the Colts active roster and possibly get some playing time. Also, in the event that the Chiefs don't re-sign Mack, we could always re-sign him to another one-year deal next year.
  15. I don't want to do that trade. In fact, I said I'd rather have Big Q. I was only saying what was a fair trade. People with little knowledge of the Broncos are saying he either isn't good or Jeudy is better than him. Both which are inherently false. Yet, most people here don't even know that his career stats are skewed because he tore his ACL, and pretend like an average-at-best receiver like Pascal is better than him. I live in Colorado, I know the Broncos better than anyone on this forum. Don't want to trade Nelson for Sutton, but I know Sutton is better than any WR on the Colts and was merely suggesting a fair trade WR-wise for Nelson.
  16. Sutton tore his ACL and was out for a year. If he was playing, he'd have double the stats of Pascal over the same time frame. It's not really close tbh. Watch a Broncos game and see. He dominates when he plays. You can make fun all you want, but we have no one like him on our team (including Pittman), and that's a big reason why our offense is weak. Feel free to talk among yourselves after this. I live in Colorado, I know I'm right on this subject.
  17. I realize that and gave the laugh emoji in response. I just don't want to be mis-quoted so people have the option to decide if my comment is stupid/funny or they agree with it. You killed my credibility on that post by only quoting part of it. It's a mis-quote, that's all.
  18. It's fun to listen to 60 year-olds try and talk trash! At least an armchair GM has some sort of intelligence though and is a hardcore fan, so you're not really insulting me that bad. Funny part is, someone said they would trade Nelson for Diggs, Adams, or Hill, and people trash him for it being too much. I go realistic and say Sutton, and give good reasoning why. I get bashed from people with little knowledge on Sutton that think he is a dud receiver. No matter what you say or do on these forums, if you don't have the majority opinion on this team, you'll get bashed, even if you make a good point and have sound logic. Maybe if Ballard won more than 1 more playoff game as the Colts GM than me, we wouldn't be discussing how to improve the team on a Colts forum (oh the horror of it all)! lol
  19. Jeudy isn't anywhere close to Sutton's level. The only way he is "better" than him, is being a 1st round pick. Jeudy is still average right now and learning how to play. Sutton is a low-end no1 receiver and has already broken out. I'm hesitant to say at this point that Jeudy will turn into a good receiver yet. Look at the player, not the round he was drafted.
  20. I'm going to laugh when Ballard does this for real and then you agree with the decision because Ballard did it. You can at least also quote the part where I said we'd re-sign or extend instead of quoting just a piece of my post to try and make me look as bad as possible because you don't agree with it. Looks really bush league. At least be honest, whether you agree or not.
  21. That's about his value I would guess. Sutton is a low-end no1 receiver. He's very good. Take a look at him. I watch the Broncos most of the time and live in Colorado. He'd be great for us. I wouldn't do this trade, but this would be what Nelson would get back in a trade as far as a WR goes. WR is a more premium position.
  22. He'd be our no1 immediately and is young. Put him on the outside with Pittman and you have a dynamic duo. Heck, Pittman can play in the slot sometimes, so you can have Sutton and Pascal on the outside, with Pittman in the slot on certain plays. Other plays, put Sutton and Pittman on the outside, with Campbell in the slot. We can also fit Strachan in there at times as well if you want. We wouldn't get Diggs, Adams, or Tyreek Hill for Nelson. I'm merely trying to be realistic.
  23. I don't want to trade Nelson, but I'll give you a "fair deal" for Nelson. Courtland Sutton. 25 years old, in the last year of his contract. Hypothetically, we trade for him and either extend him immediately, or re-sign him at the end of the year. The Broncos O-Line has been bad recently, and he'd improve it by leaps and bounds. Jeudy will return in a couple weeks, so you could "hypothetically" make the trade before the deadline, they still have Tim Patrick, Kendall Hinton, Dionte Spencer, and David Moore right now, and they'll get KJ Hamler back next year. That's the best "fair trade" I can come up with for Quenton Nelson.
  24. Diggs wasn't a FA signing. They traded a 1st rounder + some later round picks to get Diggs.
  25. I said something similar when I said I would of taken Rousseau and Basham over Paye and Dayo (the Bills picked both of them later in the 1st and 2nd round, and they play a 4-3 like us). Rousseau is actually a pretty cool guy. Very nice and respectable with high character like Paye. He only played one year because his mother is a nurse and she suggested he didn't play because of covid, so he had only one year of tape and was very raw. Seems he is the real deal early on though. Basham hasn't played a lot because of depth, but he is pro-ready to balance Rousseau. Ballard needs to re-evaluate his d-line scouts honestly if Paye and Dayo don't work out and possibly making a firing.
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