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  1. Anyone who makes a death threat on the internet should get 10 years in prison. I'm tired of seeing this crap. You also never know when someone will try to follow through, so it has to be taken seriously.
  2. If Buckner misses 2 games, we are in danger of losing two divisional games in a row. If that happens, we may not make the playoffs. Horrible timing for this to happen.
  3. Boo lol. I love watching the dogs on that show. I just hate how biased the judges are every year towards the same types of dogs. Mostly the poodles. Poodles are intelligent, but I'm not a fan of them. I like the bigger dogs like Labs, Goldens, Huskies, German Shepherds, and I do like Beagles a lot (that's my favorite smaller dog). Seems they always go with the poodles and the more "unique and uncommon" dogs though.
  4. Did the Labrador Retriever win his/her award? They are my favorite type of dog.
  5. That's absolutely insane! Might never see that again lol! That guy is faster than a speeding bullet lol!
  6. Yeah, he was a monster in Tecmo Super Bowl as well LOL. Amazing how fast they made him!
  7. Best case scenario, he was the top RB in the league for 5 years, he only played 5 years, and he never won a playoff game or a championship. That doesn't deserve the HOF. I don't blame him for what happened, but you can't reward someone because it's unfortunate or assume he would of done it another 5-10 years. No one (even an RB) deserves to be in the HOF from a 5 year career and no playoff or championship wins.
  8. I guarantee you the HOF comittee takes those things into account, whether they say them or not. Those are the 3 main things you get judged by. They may decide Megatron did so well in those 9 years that he deserves to make it, but it'll still be because of stats though. Which is one the 3 things I mentioned.
  9. I didn't realize Sayers only played 5 years. If that's true, he shouldn't of gotten in either. In fact, I don't think he ever won a playoff game. He was kind of an injury bust if you want to look at it that way. He only played 5 years and lost half or more of his career. He was great for 5 years, but not enough to make the hall of fame. Standards were really low back then as well though with not as many guys to choose from.
  10. He probably will be. The fact is though, is that he had half a HOF career. That's lowering the standards of the HOF. It tells players you can only play a few years, never win anything, and still get in. The HOF is more than about stats. It's about longetivity, stats, and championships. Megatron only has one of those. Not good enough IMO. You need at least two. I agree with the 2nd part however. If every receiver drafted early turned out to be like Megatron, teams would have the process down. Get the big, physical receiver that can catch the ball.
  11. He might of been, but he didn't. I just don't believe his short career should be rewarded with a HOF bid. Maybe if he did what Terrell Davis did as an RB and helped win two SBs for his team, then you have a case. However, I can't approve of putting a WR that only played 9 years and didn't win or help win anything in the HOF. He's a stats guy and fantasy guy IMO and that's it. IMO, there will be a bunch of guys that end up doing what he does or better and play significantly longer. He was ahead of his time, but he won't be remembered for anything but stats.
  12. Sanders played 10 years as an RB, Megatron played 9 years as a WR. That's the part you are missing. One is not like the other. Sanders played a full career for a normal HOF RB, Megatron played half a career for a HOF WR. Neither accomplished a SB or anything like that for their teams, but that is two things against Megatron and only one against Sanders. Megatron was great for half of a HOF career. There's nothing to discuss anymore. If Megatron gets in, then the standards for HOF WRs will be lowered significantly.
  13. We are all using our personal opinion on if he deserves to make it. Votes are based on personal opinion. My opinion is he didn't play long enough and he didn't accomplish anything for the Lions. He put up great stats in 9 years. That's it. Pretty soon, 10 receivers or so today will have matched him in their first 9 years and will have probably won a SB on top of it. Reggie and Torry won a SB as well and were a big part of it. They played long careers. Megatron was great for 9 years and didn't help the Lions do anything team-wise. He was a stat-guy. That is not an opinion, that is a fact. Maybe
  14. Sanders played 10 years as an RB (the position with the shortest shelf life in the NFL), Megatron played 9 years as a WR (a position where HOF players normally play 15+ years). The comparison isn't there. Sanders played enough time at his position, Megatron did not. I'd take someone like Wayne or Holt over him any day. Again, we have to have some standards for the HOF.
  15. Barry Sanders played 10 seasons with the Lions and was one the greatest stat RBs of all time. That's an extreme example. Munoz played 13 seasons as an OT and Matthews played 19 seasons as on OT. Rarely do OTs carry a team. Those are horrible examples. Megatron played 9 seasons as a WR, that's half a HOF career. WRs should help carry a team, especially in Calvins era. You have to have some kind of standards for the hall of fame when so few WRs make it.
  16. The funny thing about this is, I'd be less upset if Buckner, Rock, and Blackmon hypothetically all had a one-week injury that kept them out. This corona thing is just an annoying new way of losing players, and I'm not used to it yet on the Colts. Really the first time it's hit us.
  17. Buckner's covid test that would hypothetically cause him to miss the game.
  18. If it's a false positive, they should move it up a day. That would be on the league. Not the Colts or Buckner.
  19. We don't know if he tested positive. That's an assumption right now. If he did, then obviously he's out. If not though, he can be cleared in 5 days. Moving the game to Monday would then let him play. They moved the Ravens/Steelers game to Sunday to help the Ravens, they can move the Colts game to Monday to help us. It would only increase ratings and revenue for the NFL as our other game with the Titans was a good one on Thursday night two weeks ago.
  20. Then play on Monday and do a double-header. If that happens, Buckner can be cleared if he tests negative as it will be 5 days.
  21. Honestly, I don't think Calvin Johnson deserves to make the HOF. Unpopular opinion probably, but he only played 9 seasons as a WR, and did nothing to make a difference on the Lions. IMO, there were other receivers who played longer, had comparable to better stats, and did more for their teams. I would never vote for Megatron if I were a voter.
  22. Here's the game on youtube if you want to re-watch it!
  23. Tom Grossi is an awesome Packers fan. Listen to him all the time. Great guy too.
  24. If we beat Tennessee Sunday, they'll have to gain 2 games on us to win the division at that point because we own the tiebreaker. So with the remaining schedule, I'd feel relatively confident we'd win the division. As far as Tenn and GB, GB would probably win that game easily for the simple fact if they got a decent lead with Rodgers airing it out, I don't believe Tannehill could match points with him and I don't know if they'd stick with the run game down 2 or more scores Vs the Packers. The Colts are one thing, but Rodgers is more dangerous than Rivers, so it'd be interesting to
  25. Yeah, this is one of those games I'd say we have a 2/3 or 3/4 of a chance of winning. Pretty confident, but anything can happen. I'm a little more confident than you with a 30-20 prediction. I see us very focused at this point, and this is just a team we own, especially at home. We have a great run defense to stop Henry. Our pass defense is good enough to stop Tannehill. Our special teams are top-notch right now. Our offense has figured it out. This is the first time all year I feel we chance of winning the SB potentially. It may be something like 5%, but it's still a chance, and I
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