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  1. I am still confused on what USC is doing. Darnold is gone to the NFL and they decide to go with a JT Daniels who should still be in Grade 12! He reclassified to come out early and I think that it is showing. You can't tell me they don't think Jack Sears or even Fink who has some age and experience at least.. Still early in the year, but just my thoughts so far seeing 1 TD in 2 games.
  2. Rough Week for Michigan State going on the road to Arizona State, with the weather being in the high 90's/100's and late game night game. It cost them 10 spots with that loss.
  3. And now it won't let me upload anymore right now.... wish we could do bigger/more...
  4. Here are some shots of the Scheme Fit.
  5. The old way of XP(experience points) was to hit milestones as you played through the season. Example would be, if Luck threw for 300 yards in a game he would get ‘x’ amount of XP for it. As you get XP for players you can up ‘accuracy’ and build players overall rating up. The new way I don’t fully know the milestones but you get what I will call ‘1 gem’ to put towards a whole grouping of ratings. So for a WR you would put the gem towards one of the following groupings - Possession, Deep Threat, Red Zone and so on. Which leads in to the next part... scheme fit, your team has their scheme (west coast O, 4-3 D) then each player has a scheme fit, so if your team has WR1 as a possession WR you want to make sure you have a possession WR in that spot to help the scheme fit best. So it shows out of 100% how much your team is fitting the scheme. You may need a field general QB but have RG3 in and sure it will work but it’s not going to work with your OL if they are all fitting the scheme for a Field General QB. scouting - yup! I am seeing up to 2022 draft classes available. Some only have a bout the first round done but I just downloaded a 2019 that had 6 rounds of guys! Troy Dye from Oregon was a 6th rounder. Awesome addition that’s for sure! i know it is a lot lol, I will try to add some photos tonight as well.
  6. I buy Madden every year, so far so good. I am a franchise guy, not online so I can't speak to that portion. The new XP is a good changeup, also glad they added the scheme fit addition. Scouting: Love the new option to upload draft classes! When I first did it there were only a couple to pick from and the best was about 40-50 real college players. So I Ended up drafting Ed Oliver in the 1st and Bryce Love in the 2nd. The Draft: Was given a new look that looks like the real draft with a stage and all, gives it a better look over past years with a random abstract background. Longshot: This year seems a bit slow and glitchy, a lot of video that sometimes made me want to skip forward. I think it is worth the purchase overall.
  7. Haha, Wow! When I read the 'Edit' part, it is so close to the 'Quote' part I thought that was to edit quotes only! NoOb
  8. AP TOP 25 - WEEK 1 Didn't want three in that post. How do I edit?
  9. I think it will be B. Love as well, but I think Justin Herbert will be pushing for it.
  10. Thanks for the Welcome! This should be a good year of CFB for sure, week 4 I believe for Ducks and Cardinals! Then we are week 6 with the Huskies. If Herbert is healthy all year we should work our way back up the food chain. I am excited to watch the 2019 Draft QB race this year, no real front-runner, my watch list as it sits: Will Grier - West Virginia Drew Lock - Missouri Jarrett Stidham - Auburn Justin Herbert - Oregon - Of Course! (His brother committed to the Ducks(2019 TE), so he may stay to play with him one year.)
  11. Yah, I have been a Ducks fan now for past 8-9 years. But I also have really opened up to just a all around CFB fan, So Ducks are #1 but I follow a lot of teams.
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