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  1. Rough to see 56 and 74 3 yards behind the line of scrimmage on a run play
  2. You're joking. We bring in Jacoby to run an option play? We got the FD (barely) but how much more telegraphed can you get?
  3. It's so strange. I watch screens work constantly for every other team in the NFL. We rarely get one to even gain yards. Odd.
  4. The last 5ish years we've had the same issues. Can't run a screen on offense. Can't defend a screen on defense. Oi...
  5. We just...havent been able to run a screen for the past 3 years. Can we stop?
  6. Yeah, unfortunate holding penalty. I'm not saying the holds didn't occur, but come on. 2/3 drives we get called for it? Packers didn't hold a single time? ok
  7. Ah, the good old 2nd and long screen pass. No one ever sees it coming. Wait...
  8. Glad to see. Pitts had some good games, glad to see him finally score!! First of many for the Colts, I hope.
  9. Dang, great play by Greene. Can barely fault MAC there, tbh.
  10. I agree with the sentiment that he will be fine, but Shankenship is another option Clankenship is gold, though.
  11. The amount that this will help Leonard and Walker can't be understated either. Buckner will demand a double team.
  12. I mean, this is potentially huge. Buckner has had two great years in a row, is only 25, and is very likely more talented than who we may get at 13. 13th overall is a lot to give up, but Buckner is a fantastic player.
  13. Good luck Colts...I think you're gonna need it.

  14. Yeah, when I finally got up to Indy for the Ravens game last year, my girlfriend and I stopped into the Pro Shop. I was blown away. We have a few similar places in Tampa for the Bucs, but none of them are as good.
  15. Hurray for actual on the field news. It's always a weird thing for me, though. On one hand, I'm going "Yeah! Our Receiver group sounds great!" On the other, I'm thinking "Or is our Secondary, which is supposed to be a strength, not going to be that good this year?" Oh, OTA's...I love and hate you. I can never tell if I should be excited or worried.
  16. Well, out of boredom and to keep myself sane, I did another mock draft thingy on first-pick. Here's how it went: Your Picks: Round 1 Pick 29: Phillip Dorsett, WR, Miami (Fla.) (B+) Round 2 Pick 4 (JAX): Landon Collins, SS, Alabama (A+) Round 2 Pick 29: Michael Bennet, DT, Ohio State (A-) Round 3 Pick 29: Doran Grant, CB, Ohio State (A) I stopped there because, admittedly, my knowledge of prospects doesn't run much deeper than the 3rd/4th round. I traded our 2016 1st, and our 5th round pick for the Jags 2nd rounder and their 4th.
  17. Yeah, thats my fault for not specifying. I did mean Landon.
  18. I'll be honest: When we first picked him, I was furious. Not so much because I don't like him. Heck, I think he's the 3rd best receiver in this class (Obviously behind Cooper and White.) I feel like we're more upset about who we passed on rather than who we picked. Here's the thing, though: 31 other teams passed on Landon Collins who I've seen go as high as top 15 in mock drafts. Goldman, I think, wouldn't have been great value at 29. I also don't see how we could have taken Kendricks with our 1st rounder. The only real issue I have with it is Brown. I feel like he would have been a b
  19. I don't know. He may not be the best, but he's way up there. 3 out of 4 years with double digit sacks. One of them being a ridiculous 22 sack year. For comparison, Mathis has only has 5 double digit sack seasons out of 11. Also, until Mathis had his crazy breakout year, his career high was 11.5 which is apparently average. The only two I can think of may be Watt and Miller that are better. Miller only has .5 more in his career, and in 2013 both were hurt, but Houston was having a far superior season (11 sacks in 11 games, as opposed to just 5 sacks in 9) So, I'd say it's not so outlan
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