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  1. This. I’m half expecting our offense to step up just to see our defense sputter Watson is playing well. I think he’ll play even better than the first game.
  2. If Monday were a person, it would be Jalen Ramsey.
  3. We needed to pin them deep. Dang it. Now is time for some Leonard magic.
  4. Im not going to see the end of the game. Have to drive an hour, maybe that’ll help offset whatever bad ju-ju we have going on.
  5. Something has to give. Right? One of our RBs will break one or maybe the refs will lose their flags.
  6. Almost like we should take the points when we can. ;) we are all on the same side. If/when we win, I won’t care how.
  7. Be aggressive when your team shows they can move the ball against their front 7, that’s all I’m saying. no turnovers here plz
  8. Maybe be we should stop trying to let him run it
  9. No no no lol but it’s about the feel of the game. Take the points. Get some momentum. this ain’t it chief.
  10. What happened to our stout Oline? Kelly is the X factor lol
  11. STUPID STUPID STUPID REICH. Our offense is playing like butt. TAKE THE POINTS this is game is frustrating
  12. Yeah because our offense is doing so well. Go for it.... jesus
  13. So many stupid penalties. Thanks Jags. Let’s get 7.
  14. Fumble baby. That’s how you start. So we get the challenge back, yes?
  15. 7-5 sounds so sweet. Let’s go Colts! (Browns and Falcons)
  16. Did you guys watch the same video? Dude had friends trying to take him back to the room. Instead he decided to kick the chick while she was squatting down. Like...why? So dumb. I am very surprised the Chiefs cut him, though. edit: The full video actually made him look worse than the clips I had seen. Wow.
  17. Eeeeek. Not a good look. Happened back in February and this is just now coming out
  18. I’m a fan that follows a lot of players on Instagram and Twitter so I found this interesting. Short easy read. Not your typical mid-season Colts article, but it brings up some good points about the celebrity of NFL players, branding, and how social media can effect mental health. I love following Colts players. It gives me a small glimpse into their lives as humans, especially Instagram Live posts, but I never comment or try to interact with them. (I save my useless critiques for this forum ) What do you guys think? Do you like that our players post through
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