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  1. Okay. NOW, they just buried us. It’ll take Phil pulling something miraculous out of his hat.
  2. um...it was a bad throw. I’m blaming rivers....for the bad throw?
  3. Bad throw by rivers. Chalk it up to 2 more unforced errors.
  4. Using Pittman a ton in motion. They will eventually give it to him.
  5. TEs showing up this drive. Good catch Burton. 1st down.
  6. Mac for the first down. I don’t wanna see the play clock keep hitting zero. Eek.
  7. the real frustrating part is the offense hasn’t played poorly imo. We’ve seen them play WAY worse this season. Some very costly drops.
  8. Colts fans - we aren’t gonna beat the Bills with FGs. Same Colts fans - idk why we didn’t take the FG there.
  9. Maybe our corners are just that good today. Khari Willis back in the lineup seems to change things a lot.
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