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  1. GAME!!!!! Time for some celebratory caprisuns. Cheers!
  2. Dude just slammed TY like a rag doll. TY sitting there looking at the ref like really bruh?
  3. Texans with 1 TO left. And 2 min warning.
  4. No big plays plz. Make them eat the clock.
  5. Yeah, great running backs can do that. I’m not sure any of our RBS are in that category
  6. That’s a big boy play from Desir. Good job D!
  7. We haven’t been able to run without Kelly. But even when we bounce it outside, we have no blocking. Mack and Hines are swallowed up.
  8. Flag? FLAG?! Oh, it’s on the D. I’m good with it ;)
  9. Rogers for his 1 good play of a game.
  10. We need to win this game first. We need to end Houston’s win streak we started.
  11. Ahhhhhhh Geathers. That was a heck of a play. 3rd and LONG.
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