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  1. Within the first 5 minutes he did a great job of preparing the fanbase for what he thinks about the QBs in this draft.
  2. Giving the writer an L for not including the date the actual game was played. I googled it. January 21, 2007. The day my grandma passed away. I will be rewatching it this weekend to hopefully get some much happier memories!
  3. CamMo

    Eric Ebron

    Love Eric TDbron. Can’t stomach Eric Mebron. Unfortunately they are one in the same. Colts fans aren’t doing themselves any favors by attacking him. They just look salty. People were making fun of Lions fans for the same thing. Twitter will be twitter though. Some people thrive on the negative.
  4. It’s funny comparing these reactions to those of the general NFL. Other fans cannot see any differences. The numbers look a lot different imo. Very old school.
  5. 1. Brian Decker is intense. 2. Ben Banogu is a very intelligent, very sweet guy. I hope he has a great 2nd year. 3. LOVE this series and how unique it is. Happy it’s back.
  6. This is surprising just based on how much they seem to dislike Quincy Wilson.
  7. Rivers should be able to read a defense and see a wide open Jack Doyle streaming down the middle of the field without anyone around for 10 yards, right?
  8. just now seeing this...hmm. We shall see!
  9. Wooooowwww. I wish we had gotten him. if I’m a Texans fan, I’m HEATED.
  10. This was my first time ever watching the combine on TV. As someone who doesn’t sit and pick apart QBs, I actually thought Jalen Hurts looked good. Kinda surprised they weren’t talking about him more.
  11. A ~cool~ way to answer a silly question. Why does he throw so many INTs? I imagine he’s answered since he’s got asked so many times?
  12. No surprise on Ebron’s messages. I really, really enjoyed watching him ball with Andrew but, as someone mentioned, that ego fills up an entire room. Colts fans need to do themselves a favor and stop giving him the attention. Starting to look like those hating Lion’s fans
  13. no, no... only the ones that haven’t worked out were forced.
  14. No idea where you are in the stream, mine isn't live. But he just finished talking about Willis and Hooker in mine.
  15. With these comments about the defense, I'm thinking Malik is going to meet his replacement soon.
  16. Very honest about that Ebron question and it took me off guard. Said they will probably move on from Ebron. Just to be clear, it's not the moving on part that is surprising.
  17. Commentators - “Do you think Jacoby Brissett is a franchise guy?” ”Absolutely!!” well, you’re absolutely wrong
  18. Yeah I think that boot fits a little too perfectly to just be a coincidence... Now was the message received?
  19. Kenny Moore and Darius Leonard are such good guys I think their offsetting felon ratio is at least 3:1
  20. Kevin Bowen had some very interesting stats about elite QBS and how it shows up in the 4th quarter... Jacoby’s was awful. Drop by Johnson ugh.
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