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  1. On 8/29/2020 at 3:50 PM, John Hammonds said:

    9/27 Jets @ Colts

    Or, rather "Colts at Colts", since there may be as many as NINE ex-Colts lined up in the green and white to play in Lucas Oil Stadium.

    Great Colts tidbit right there, much thanks!

  2. With the regular season right around the corner, I thought this would be a fun time to project our collective narratives on the COLTS 2020 season schedule (my apologies if a similar thread has already been exhausted and buried).  What games you are most looking forward to and why?  Mine:


    WEEK 5 @ Cleveland

    Last year the Browns were the sexy pick as the league's big mover, and by a franchise never known to be successful.  They went out and purportedly fixed the offensive line, but that can't fix their QB problem.  I don't have anything against the Browns.  I just feel like I can see the potential narrative developing a mile away:  "Indy loses a game or two early vs. opponents they're 'supposed' to beat in a season disrupted by pandemic, civil unrest, and other fine disasters.  After losing their opener in Balty, the Browns have won 3 straight (against juggernauts such as the Bengals, the Washington Football Team, and the Cowboys) and look to make it 4 at home against a Colts team searching for a new identity." 


    This is right about the time when Rivers will be getting pretty comfortable with his receivers, including Pittman and Campbell, who is pretty much in his rookie season after missing most of 2019.  The defense will have been there since Week 1, but that won't stop NFL "analysts" from ignoring the obvious and gushing all over a Browns team that "is finally living up to the hype."  As a former sports gambler and current semi-pro Fantasy Football owner, I've seen narratives like this play out more often than many will recall.  Remember this one if reality indeed indulges my fantasy.


    WEEK 14 @ Las Vegas

    I grew up in a Raiders household in New York.  I have now lived in Vegas for the past 15 years, so naturally I'm a die-hard Colts fan.  Will I pay $500 to have beer thrown at me and my life threatened so I can watch from the nosebleeds in my city's home stadium?  No.  I will film Raiders fans in the Westgate viewing stadium losing their minds as my Colts go up and down the field like Jimi Hendrix wearing out his guitar frets while on 3 hits at Woodstock.  I will then post said footage right here on this thread if the platform supports it.  My only hope is that the Raiders were still somehow in the playoff hunt and this drubbing of "Chokeland's Finest" will drive home the last nail in their 2020 coffin.  Nobody needs a reason to hate the Raiders, but I've got every reason in the world to root for this blowout.  This is not fantasy.  This one will be real.


    Ladies and Gentlemen, you have the floor.

  3. 2 hours ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    Really happy for Ballard and the organization.    Very well deserved.     And I'd give props to Irsay.


    Being a NY native who adopted the Colts during the Harbaugh years, I'll never be the rabid fan that some of you are, so I appreciate the tremendous wealth of knowledge you bring to these message boards.  


    I just saw the news of Ballard's award.  It surprises me none.  As a draft fanatic and semi-pro Fantasy Football player, I've enjoyed unprecedented access to the Colts process... a luxury not afforded to any other team in the league.


    35 minutes ago, NewColtsFan said:

    Perhaps the biggest reason to remain a Colts fan is......   Chris Ballard.  


    This was my thought exactly.  I consider the Andrew Luck saga to be a Greek tragedy.  I can't hate on luck, and hating on anyone else won't get me a step closer to closure or happiness.


    The one thing I can hang my hat on is that we have the MVP of the League as it relates to GMs, a notion that I believe will be reinforced when this year's rookies finally hit the field.  


    Nobody has more influence over the fate of a ball club than the GM, other than possibly the owner.  That's why I chose to highlight CBE's quote.  With Ballard at the helm, Irsay doesn't feel the need to be the show, and let's pray it stays that way regardless of year-to-year success.  Ballard is the quintessential goose that lays the golden egg and we'd be smart to keep that goose around.  Ballard is only 51 and his star is still rising.  


    Previous administrations felt like that scene on Fight Club where Edward Norton's character is riding shotgun and Tyler Durdan takes his hand off the wheel to let fate take them where it may.  


    Please do whatever it takes to keep him around.  Chris Ballard does not strike me as the type of guy to win a couple of awards and then bolt for a larger market and a few more mil.  Still, I'd give him whatever he wants, because HE is the future of the Colts.  One man's opinion.  Thanks for reading.  Go Colts!

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  4. There were several good drafts.  What was most fascinating was seeing the individual strategies play out and understanding the short and long-term visions of GMs both old and new.  


    NFL rookie head coach Matt Rhule smashes it with 7 great picks... all on defense


    Howie Roseman silently announces to a baffled world that he's ahead of the curve on quarterback grooming strategy.


    Dave Caldwell quietly had a great draft despite not being able to unload Ngakoue and Fournette.


    Jerry Jones, of all people, sticks to his board.  


    Tom Telesco has the 17 remaining Chargers fans excited about a post-Rivers world.


    The Ravens do what you do in Fantasy Football when you can can pick your own draft slot:  Go all the way near the back, to 11 or 13, and let everyone else in front of you make poor choices.  I was a teacher for 11 years.  I'm a professional poor choice observer.


    Bill Belichik drafted like his dog was making the picks.  At least that's what NFL "analysts" are saying and will continue to say for the next couple years until this year's class wins the SB again on their 5th year option.  Which of those outcomes will be closer to the truth?


    Perhaps I'm biased, but I don't see anyone else having a better draft than the Colts:


    Tampa isn't the only team who landed a HOF QB.

    We got a Top-3 three tech defender with our 13th pick and got to call our own shot in doing it.

    We got a starting RB and WR to complete a stunning offensive overhaul... and yes, we got a G.

    Ballard trades both up and down, getting the guys he wants... including a developmental QB.

    Starting with 8 picks, we end up with 9 players not counting Buckner.  

    Finally, we sign K Rodrigo Blankenship, who could have gone in round 6 as the #1 prospect.


    So we pretty much got 11 players, some of whom were hand picked without waiting in line.

    That's to go with an obscene FA haul.  This team went from "Club at a Crossroads" to "Ballin' for the 'Bowl" in like 49 days.  Who, not named Tampa, did better than that?


    It was a rock star draft with some rock star GMs... AND WE'VE GOT ONE OF 'EM!

  5. 6 hours ago, aaron11 said:

    thats a tough one.  we know who Jacoby is, hard to say how what will happen with rivers or kelly


    hopefully rivers balls out and has 2-3 years left and the backup wont matter.  hes been an iron man so far.  maybe someday there will be an actual competition between jacboy and chad to see who is better.  


    It's criminal not to have a stud behind a line this good.  It's terrific to have a feared running game, especially when starting an older, physically declining QB.  


    The move for Jonathan Taylor addresses our needs for both an elite run game (as Ballard/Reich have stated before) and to mitigate Rivers' physical limitations down the stretch.  

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  6. Win-now mode is def in full effect.  When you spend your first 2 picks on a perfect-fit WR2 and a franchise RB it's a full commitment.  


    We may have been able to move down for Pittman, but with Higgins starting the waterfall there was no way to know how that would have gone down.  Taylor was absolutely worth the move-up in that spot.  You could almost hear Doug Marrone do the Homer Simpson "DOH!" when Indy's pick came in.  Instead of Taylor shredding us for the next 5 years, he'll be dishing it out on our behalf.


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  7. Jonathan Taylor was maybe the best pass-catching complete RB prospect in the draft.  


    The best part is that Ballard just skunked the division rival Jags, who were very likely to have selected Taylor to replace Lazy Leonard Fournette.  


    New offense for Rivers and Indy, brutal start for JAX today.

  8. Unless Ballard thinks Indy will be the support system he needs, I don't really see Tee Higgins as being the right character fit for this team.  Ballard only has to find 1 guy he really likes from over 100 WR prospects.  It could be KJ Hill in the 4th round or Stephen Guidry in the 7th.  I don't think we NEED to take a WR tonight.


    100% of the Guards are still on the board, so if we take one early you can rest assured he was "our guy."


    I have a feeling that Jaylon Johnson will be one of our picks.  He has the ability to cover the slot, giving us 3 corners who can all provide that coverage along with Kenny Moore and TJ Carrie.


    I also think Jeremy Chinn is in the conversation despite McKinney being out there.  


    All of the Centers except Ruiz are still out there and Ryan Kelly will be very expensive the rest of the way.  Too bad we couldn't have swung a deal with New Orleans for him.  Getting a 3rd round starter to save you about $10 mil/yr sounds pretty good.





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  9. Wow.  There are several players available at positions of need for the Colts tomorrow.  


    There's a load of DBs, including the entire group of safeties.  Zero G and all but one Center are available.  Josh Jones is one of many starter-caliber tackles still on the market.


    I'm guessing Ballard will trade down from 34 and still get his guy, whomever that may be.  

  10. Really all Ballard needs to do is call up Bill O'Brien and by the time Cinci is on the clock we'll have a 2022 first rounder and 2020 fourth rounder in exchange for Mark Glowinski and a pack of designer dust masks.


    Remember on Die Hard when Hans says, "You ask for a miracle, I give you the F...B...I" ???


    Well Bill O'Brien is the proverbial F...B...I.  

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  11. I don't think our current situation really warrants having to go get Jordan Love.  Rivers is the starter this year and probably next year too if things go well.  Ballard may still think Brissett is enough to win with the ridiculous defense being built right now.  I believe Ballard was being absolutely honest when discussing the whole "don't force the QB" narrative.  


    While it's nice to have an elite QB, it's not always necessary to win a title if the pieces around you are good enough.  Manning and Brady have both won titles despite themselves in recent years.  It happens.  


    I could see us keeping Rivers and Brissett for the next couple years, while drafting a mid to late round flier and UDFAs until he finds one he likes.  I don't see there being a rush and neither does Ballard.  He always has the vision to know what we need right now, regardless of what appears on the surface today.  

  12. 3 hours ago, BProland85 said:

    IF we traded Hooker I would hope we could get a high pick for him. He still is very talented and young. 


    I think that's the point.  He hasn't been terrific in Indy but you can still get good value based on his original billing plus the fact that he's never played anywhere else.  All it takes is one GM who thinks he'd be a great fit and magic could take place.  


    Looking at the draft's QB landscape and overall talent pool, Ballard is likely arming himself with enough options to move up or down any round in case the right opportunity presents itself.  



  13. The price for Jamal Adams can simply be called "Too expensive" and that's pretty much the end of that.  This isn't a funnel defense where your safety is the cornerstone of the DEF.  Safety value is depressed, as evidenced by guys like Eric Reid and Tre Boston being unemployed going into a season.  


    Eric Berry is still a possibility, along with several draft options at both box and FS.  Any move for Adams would come after the draft, but I don't see it as necessary.  Besides, he's been with the Jets.  He's damaged goods LOL.

  14. There is no TE in this year's class who should illicit the "G" word.  That's just crazy talk until he starts grabbing contested TDs in double coverage and throwing people out of the club. Glad we got that over with.


    That being said, the TE run will start somewhere in the 2nd round where we have 2 picks at present time.  


    Ballard could opt for Adam Trautman if he doesn't like his other options at 34 or 44 (34 probably a little early).  


    I like the idea of a local product coming on and developing into a good player, but I don't have any illusions about finding a pro bowl TE in this draft.  I'd be less surprised to see Ballard take a player like C Cesar Ruiz at 34 than whoever he thinks is the best TE at that point.  

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