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  1. subvet
    Today something new happened.
    I was sitting in the living room reading "A Dance With Dragons" by George R. R. Martin, my oldest daughter was sitting nearby watching television and my wife was embroidering a small pillow when the phone rang. I looked at the TV screen because it displays the number of the incoming call and it was Nick, my other daughters boyfriend. My wife answers it because he rarely calls during the work day so we figured it must be important.
    It was.
    She says hello, gets an odd look on her face and says, "wait, don't say anything, he is right here" and she hands me the phone.
    After I said "hello" Nick says, "Lee, I tried to talk to you when we were over Sunday but Jackie (daughter and girlfriend) kept coming in the room and yesterday I worked a double and there wasn't time but I need to ask you something."
    All of a sudden I couldn't hear the TV anymore and the traffic noise from the street outside was gone. It was completely silent except for the phone in my hand.
    Nick says, "Lee, you know I love your daughter and I would like to ask your permission to marry her and love her for the rest of my life."
    I couldn't speak, all I could do was think of the times she sat on my lap and we read the Sunday funnies or a new Shel Siverstein book. All the times I came home from work tired, beat, and depressed and then opened my front door to hear feet pounding down the hall and rounding the corner to see me and throw herself into the air for me to catch her. All of the times I'd be working outside and there she would be, right beside me, asking questions and trying to help. The time she bought two tickets to a Colts game and we went together, and she wanted to spent the day with her dad.
    And now there was someone else she loved.
    All of this crossed my mind and finally I said the only thing I could that would make my daughter happy, I said, "you have my blessing, it is my fondest wish that she would marry you."
    It was hard to talk, I had to keep clearing my throat until finally I say "Melanie (my wife) wants to talk again" and I hand her the phone.
    She also was asked the same question I had answered, then she handed the phone to our oldest daughter who has Prader-Willi Syndrome and will always live with us. Laurens eyes lit up and she said "I would love to have you as my brother" and once again my vision blurred, must be my allergies acting up again. Real inconvenient because my throat was tight again, must be corn pollen or something.
    Finally the phone call ended and it was a while before I could talk again. I'm not much of a talker anyway, I just like to read and write so my wife wasn't bothered by my silence, she knew I'd say something soon enough which I did.
    But first I had to reminisce about the first 24 years of my daughter Jackies life, the victories in her childhood, the pain of her teen years, the joy when she became a mother, and now the happiness that she found someone to share her life with. Then my wife and I talked and made plans after which she started burning up the phone lines to all her friends....I didn't need to talk anymore.
    Anyway, it was a different kind of day because I experienced something new. I learned how to give away part of my heart so that someone else could be happy for a long, long time.
    It's been a big day so I'm gonna sign off now,
    goodnight friends, I'm a happy father.
  2. subvet
    I got off work an hour ago and we got beat up again. They were trying new processes and new products and of course without training for the operators so once again maintenance is putting out one fire after another in an effort to keep everything moving.
    Anyway after I punch the clock and get in my truck the radio comes on and I hear a tasty old favorite of mine "The Green Manalishi (With the Two Prong Crown) by Judas Priest which brings a smile to my face as I put the truck into drive keeping time on the steering wheel.
    The final chords of the song are fading and the next cut on is another tune to get the blood pumping "Easy Living" by Uriah Heep. Bigger smile, start doing a little drum beat on the steering wheel now and my head is bobbing just a bit.
    Entering town now with the windows down when the opening chords of "Enter Sandman" by Metallica come out of my speakers which I now turn up to 11 (if you're reading this you have seen "This is Spinal Tap" and know what I mean) and start doing some serious air drumming. At a stop light the driver in the next car wants to know what station I'm listening to, and I let him know it's 97.1 WDRV Chicago, he tunes it in and he had a LOUD setup in his car so it was good!
    Got to my turn for the home stretch and just as I'm pulling up to my house the DJ starts playing "Won't Get Fooled Again" by The Who--and I'm in a quandary: go in the house or listen to the greatest head banging, air guitar, air drumming song ever written....so I sit.
    Now mind you, I'm 59 years old, I have 3 children in their 30s and here I am listening to this great song as loud as my speakers will handle it, at 1130 at night in a residential area. The song comes to the part where all you hear is the organ playing chords in the middle when the great Keith Moon comes in with his drums and the pace quickens and the maniacal drumming builds until Roger Daltrey lets out the blood curdling scream that all other singers try for and never can equal.
    Pete Townsend flies in with his guitar, and all this time I'm drumming like a madman banging my head and playing my air guitar.
    Then Roger sings the close, "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss" I do my best Pete Townsend windmills to his final chords and it's done and I realize I was still in the front seat of my truck, in the dark, all alone.
    I must never do this again, I must act my age, what would the neighbors think....especially my next door neighbor. The Captain on the city police force neighbor.........ahhh, forget them. It's only rock and roll!
    I'm tired, but I pick up my lunchbox smiling, walk in the house and realize the day didn't suck so bad after all. I'm almost retirement age but I'll be a headbanger until the very end.
    Good night everyone
  3. subvet
    Monday night.....
    The wife, daughter and granddaughter are all asleep. Tuesday through Saturday I work in a large industrial bakery from 3-11 that makes bread and buns for most local groceries as well as Burger King, Arbys, and Sysco, and even when the economy is slow the lunchpails of America still need sliced bread for their PB&J or bologna sandwiches.
    Everybody needs bread, even people on a diet talk about not eating bread, all the while thinking about it. On an average week my bakery supplies over 1,000,000 pounds of white, wheat, rye, and multigrain bread and buns to semi trailers that leave our shipping docks 24 hours a day and deliver all over the area. This is the slow time of year, in the hot months orders for hamburger and hot dog buns almost double.
    I do maintenance in the bakery so whenever any machine anywhere on the 200 yard long line breaks down, I and my co-workers arrive to assess and correct the problem, hopefully keeping the line moving. When it's not moving, supervisors swarm, sweat pumps shift to high speed, voices are raised, phone calls are made, contingencies are discussed, and the mechanics start repairing the crisis of the moment.
    Monday, oh yeah, I was talking about Monday because of the 24/7 nature of the job I just took too much time in describing, days off are staggered and no more than 3 people can be off at any given time. I have seniority in our shop so I chose Sunday/Monday for mine. Most of the year they are OK, lots of things happen on Saturday I'd like to be there for, but Sunday is church and spend the day with the family. Then from August to February I'm off of work when the NFL is on TV.
    I'll bet you were wondering how I was going to tie in all this nonsense with the primary reason for a football blog, right? Hah, just did it.
    Well anyway here it is Monday night watching Jimmy Fallon (I hope most of you saw his show when he broadcast from Indy during Super Bowl week) doing some blogging, checking out facebook and my email. Overall doing nothing constructive other than effectively wasting an evening now that my granddaughter has gone to sleep. She is spending the night with us and I love having her here, it just seems warmer and more like a home when I hear giggles and the pound of running feet followed by "get me papaI"
    Well, I probably should get some sleep, Eliza (granddaughter) is 3 and will be ready to go by 8 and I'm not known for my friendly demeanor when I wake up (read I'm a grouch) so to close this entry for tonight:
    football football football football football football football football football football football football football.
    After all this is a football blog, goodnight from Indiana Avenue.
  4. subvet
    They shut down my Colts fan board again.
    I started visiting with online Colts fans several years ago when I finally got a laptop and could sit in comfort while surfing the net.
    I had a great time on myColts.net because the people there liked having fun with each other, when I finally got tickets to see the Colts for the first time one of the members met me at the game. It was like finally meeting an old friend for the first time.
    I blogged and blogged, sometimes trying to win a contest that awarded TVs every week for the best one. Usually I just wrote because the urge hit me and I wanted to relate experiences or superstitions with the Colts, the fans, and "the big game" which was every week when the Colts were on.
    I tried to win contests--they were giving away game balls every week identifying you as the "Fan of the week" with the final score and the opponent of the week---unfortunately I never won, one of the great regrets of my life.
    But mostly I wrote letters to friends I had made by us sharing with each other about the Colts.
    I really miss myColts.net
    Then one day they said "we're merging with another board so start going there" So I started using Colts direct.
    To my dismay many of my online friends didn't go, so I started writing again hoping to find the magic I had left behind.
    After a few months things were looking up, it wasn't as much fun, the Colts had lost their star quarterback and the new board seemed to have a lot of "fair weather fans" that quit posting when the team quit winning.
    It wasn't fun yet, but it wasn't bad either.
    Then one day the moderators came along and said "hey, we're uniting on one fan board so let's go!"
    We were moving again and I hadn't even gotten comfortable in the last one yet.....
    So here I am, a newbie again. Postings total under 100, likes barely into double digits and I'm starting over again. Not a real warm place yet, seems to have some folks here that don't look for the good in others, they seem to relish negativity and criticism.
    Maybe it's just that I am the new guy and I haven't had time to get acquainted and I'm just misunderstanding the responses that seem less than friendly. I'm gonna stick around and see if I can find someone that will read my meaningless drivel, the ramblings of an old ex-hippie who finally settled down (but I refuse to grow up) and likes to put his thoughts into words.
    It's late, I'm tired after a shift at work today. I have tomorrow off and it's sure to be a great day!
    Goodnight from Indiana Avenue.
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