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  1. This works perfectly for me. I have to work that weekend at work for a change, and now I won't have to miss the game. Plus I'll be off Monday.
  2. He could have made the interview super short, but yet done it with some class. Something like "This sucks or hurts a lot. We wanted to win. I'm upset and really don't have the words to speak right now or properly answer questions right now. I am sorry" Something instead of sounding rude.
  3. Irsay looked into it, altho poor guy looks like he could tip over or explode anytime...he needs a chair or something! Also, Andrew was wearing the smallest towel ever.
  4. I'm rarely in the real sun, so I tan a little bit. Spray tans are the popular thing. I just hope Luck is back, but fully recovered. Shoulder injuries are a pain. I had a slight tear that we tried to avoid surgery on, but had to give in.
  5. First off...I see people quoting the guy who is a regular at my tanning salon. High fives could be a different motion than throwing. Keeping the shoulder close to the body.
  6. I think he gets hit more than any other QB besides the read-option ones. Thankfully he is such a big man! Imagine Peyton getting those hits.
  7. This report disgusts me. Those guys in that lockerroom are pure filth. Incognito needs to be sent away. Seeing those comments about raping Martins sister disgusted me. Being a female myself, If I knew some guy was talking about rapping me to his buddies or if I had a brother to him, I'd hope he'd pay for it. From reading the report, Martin was just trying to fit in. That explains some of his not so good texts. He thought by playing along, things would get better. Trying to fit into the culture. Which in the long run, emotionally hurt him even more. He is 100% the victim here, along with the
  8. I think its possible he never would have talked this way prior to joining an NFL locker room. He might have been forced/hazed into behaving in a way that was new to him, and finally broke under the pressure and realized it. Maybe he tried to cut off Incognito, and thats when things went ugly? Or realized he should have never been forced to talk this way. We need to see texts from when they first met. Could have been when he was bullied into using this language.
  9. Also, why would a Super Bowl helmet ever be sold? Wouldn't it be given to the team for display, the hall of fame, or the player? I doubt they would sell that helmet to some Joe.
  10. Sounds like someone asked Eli to give his helmet, and he said no. Then this person decided to have Eli possibly sign another helmet worn in another game/practice, and passed it off to another party claiming it was the game worm one. They told the Giants it was purchased via them, so Giants display it, not thinking to ask Eli?
  11. I attended the Super Bowl in Indianapolis, and security there was tight! Snipers were located, and a ton of security and police all over. There was a restricted perimeter, which no one could access without a proper credential. This was quite a large area, so it wasn't right up on the venue. Credentials with this classification were very rare. I had to get a special day pass to enter 2 days prior for a meeting in the stadium. I had to go thru airport like security in the convention center. Game day was another story. Everyones credentials from previous days for that area were void, and they i
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