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    From Merom, Indiana...Grandkids, taking life in one day at a time. Watching,cheering,and rolling with the COLTS since they came over on the mayflower.

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  1. Another Colts season

    im still here

    lets go colts

  2. I'm ready for another great year of COLTS football.

  3. Happy New Colts year!

    1. Nadine


      Thanks! You too! Enjoying it so far!

  4. Feeling good about our draft picks this year. OL getting the attention it has needed. GO COLTS

  5. When is the room open???

    1. MTC


      4:00 pm EST

  6. I'm already excited and anxious. GO COLTS

  7. Five letters..R E L A X. we still going to the bowl

    1. BlueCollarColts


      I still got faith! Just gotta get hot at the right time!

  8. Pats are going down...down, down,down...

  9. Paul George.. Get well soon

  10. Good Lord is it Sept yet? I'll take Aug..COME ON!!

  11. I need me some 2014 Colts football..Com'on Sept already.

  12. Step up or move over

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