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    From Merom, Indiana...Grandkids, taking life in one day at a time. Watching,cheering,and rolling with the COLTS since they came over on the mayflower.

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  1. Another Colts season

    im still here

    lets go colts

  2. Your all crazy! We are going to the Superbowl this year....
  3. The "hurry up" has been our bail out for years. We've been starting slow for years. Isn't that part of why Pep got fired?
  4. And everyone thought I was crazy for wanting us to trade our 3rd round and beyond picks in this years draft for great defensive picks next year.
  5. I'm ready for another great year of COLTS football.

  6. I was extremely disappointed last year when we didn't address the OL with the draft. When Luck got banged up even more so. I would have thrown a chair if we didn't this year. All I know is that Grigson went OL this year and I'm happy.
  7. I defiantly realize we have needs. I do realize we have needs. I'm thinking of the future. Our OL although better will be on a learning and bonding curve this year. Our secondary D is much improved and will be strong giving even a weak interior D a fighting chance. With Mathis and Cole healthy and a few good FA we should be fine there. Then next year Draft some great D guys with great 1st and 2nd round picks. Gems are great (if) found. Big picture
  8. Happy New Colts year!

    1. Nadine


      Thanks! You too! Enjoying it so far!

  9. Lol.. I realize its a hard thing for fans to deal with, but those picks are more valuable now. When we pick an unproven player that value is gone. If there was a chance to trade them and get two first round picks for D next year wouldn't it be worth it?
  10. Sure! Trading down means we can't trade those for great picks next year? We have done way stranger things in the past. I just believe we have plenty to work with this year. Why gamble with 4th or later picks when we can use what we have left to move up next year and go big on D
  11. I'd like to see us trade off our remaining picks so we can go big on D next year in the draft. Adding more DB's is overkill. We have a lot of talent back there already.
  12. Our secondary is strong. Our OL has gotten the attention it has needed. We can pick up interior D from free agency. If there is one more really good OL man out there. Take him then trade off the rest of our picks for better picks next year. Go big on our interior D next year. What do you think?
  13. Yeah I don't see needing to draft any DL line guys this year. Get one more good OL guy if a good one is available and trade the rest of our picks for better picks next year. Our D secondary is Strong. OL getting the attention it has needed. We can pick interior D from free agency. Pick interior D in draft next year
  14. These are the picks we were all crying for last year. OL was top priority. No doubts about that
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