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  1. IndyPhil

    Colts Workouts 4/17/18

    Any statement that says regularly eating fast food has zero effect on a athlete's performance is absurd. I highly doubt he would even have mentioned it if it was once a month.
  2. IndyPhil

    Colts Workouts 4/17/18

    TY Hilton says he's slimmed down, cut out the fast food, and he's in "the best shape of his life."He may very well be, but I think 95% of players say that before every season. 7 Seasons in and a professional athlete who considers himself a team leader decides to finally cut out fast food. Sorry that is unacceptable in my opinion.
  3. IndyPhil

    Odell Beckham Situation

    This reeks of homerism. TY is not in the same league as Odell. He also is not a beacon of team first mentality. I would make that trade in a second if Odell if contract situation was equal. Every time TY celebrates a touchdown when we are down 3 touchdowns and no chance of coming back I vomit a little bit. I cant stand guys who are happy about personal achievements when your losing.
  4. IndyPhil

    Wilks declines interview, bring on Josh!!

    Its all smoke because they already picked a offensive guy and cant announce it. My bet anyway.
  5. IndyPhil

    Wilks declines interview, bring on Josh!!

    Its obviously McDaniels and he's already been given the job. And these cities media are trying to spin all the new coaches that signed for their cities team turned down the colts and that they were going after somebody else the entire time. Big city media at its finest. Colts got their guy for good or bad.
  6. What site do you consider to be reliable for fantasy values/cheet sheets. I was using fantasy guru but the last few years have been pretty bad results following their advice.