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  1. Hoosiers in the Sweet 16!!

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    2. Malakai432


      Yes, I hope it's a good game! That's primarily what I want to see, as long as it's a good game I'll be happy & flipping out if they win. That IU/VCU game was very tough. I ended up going to that IU/KY game Dec 10th in Bloomington where Watford hit a triple at the last second to win. It was crazy seeing everyone rush the court.

    3. MIColtsFan


      LOL Brent, it's on :) Kayla, it will be a good game indeed, most likely a "who is holding the ball last" game.. will be exciting and what I love about the tourney!

    4. KaylaD


      Oh yes will be great. This is why I watch college basketball and not really the NBA as much. I find college a lot more exciting. I can't wait for the game,...I hope my team comes ready to play! I can't imagine being there...that would just be awesome.

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