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  1. Close this thread
  2. Interesting topic

    Luck is not going anywhere
  3. Are the Colts a dumpster fire?

    A little bit of me died today.
  4. I was for it at first until I got more knowledge I'll take a hard pas
  5. Colts OTA 5/31/17

    Alright. Now stay healthy.
  6. Tarell Basham... whats the deal?????

    I thought he was in rookie minicamp. I thought you could play even if not signed
  7. Defensive expectations

    Everyone is on a prove it deal with incentives. I expect a lot of hustle for a middle of the pack defense. In which I be happy with for a start of a new gm.
  8. Will Fournette have a Zeke Elliot type of rookie season?

    Gosh I hope not we have to face him a couple times a year I don't want to go against that run if he's THAT good.
  9. Thank you Mr Jim Irsay

    I'm excited about all the changes too. But it really comes down to winning. They're finally getting it right now on how to build a team, hopefully it translates to the field
  10. Robert Mathis is officially a volunteer coach.

    Love to hear that old players are coming back to help out the younger people. Way to give back to the shoe
  11. Something surely needed

    Excited to watch him stuff some runs
  12. Jamaal Charles to Denver

  13. Way too early to tell don't know how this season is going to play out for players some maybe good some maybe bad all depends on how the year goes.
  14. Yes anything's better than last year
  15. Fresh blood. Hungry competition