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  1. Jacksonville (+7) at Pittsburgh (1-14-18)

    That Jets loss in 2010 is still the most shocking loss. The Patriots were 14-2 and pretty much rolled through the year. Didn't turn the ball over for like 10 straight games or something (they had that fumble in that meaningless game against the Dolphins in Week 17). Everything went right for them that season. I didn't even want them to play the Jets that round (given the 45-3 MNF destruction a month prior), I thought their toughest opponent in the divisional round would be Baltimore, and then I was holding out hope for Peyton in the AFCCG. I wasn't so shocked by the loss to Baltimore the prior year though. That was one of the more weaker Patriots teams of this run. The Ravens also came into Foxboro during the regular season and grinded them down to the last play. I think the Ravens lost that game after a 4th down pass bounced off Clayton's chest. By the time they met in the playoffs I thought the Patriots had regressed from that point in the season as well. Even if the Patriots got by the Ravens they had much tougher opponents up ahead in the Chargers and Colts, both of which they'd have to play on the road as well.
  2. Mularkey Fired. 1 more job open

    You know, it was Mularkey's fault that the called false start was changed into a neutral zone infraction and that the final second at Gillette can take 5 seconds before it winds down to zero. Also his fault for the weak OPI on Decker too. And his fault a face mask on Henry didn't get called on 4th down either.
  3. Jacksonville (+7) at Pittsburgh (1-14-18)

    That's my exact thinking on this game. Bortles was more or less trash against the Bills, and the Steelers I think lost that game more than the Jaguars won it. Not to mention, that defense has been exposed in recent weeks. Not just the Steelers, but the 49ers dropped 40 on them too, so I see them as no threat at all to the Patriots. When the Patriots get to the Super Bowl, the gameplan is going to be the same again, either have Case Keenum or Nick Foles beat you. Outside of Keenum's lucky throw at the end he didn't play all that great. Kept throwing off his back foot and made plenty of poor decisions. I'm surprised he was only picked off once the entire game. I'm sure both QBs would play like garbage and leave their defenses out to dry. I was pretty much relying on the Saints at this point, and that New England's toughest path to the Super Bowl would be through Kansas City and Pittsburgh. But all three teams combined to choke as hard as Atlanta last year. So, who will the Patriots be hosting next year when they open on Thursday Night? Your home opponents are the Jets, Bills, Dolphins, Packers, Vikings, Texans, Colts, and Chiefs.
  4. New Orleans (+5) at Minnesota (1-15-18)

    Well, congrats to the Patriots on their 6th Super Bowl! They go against Blake Bortles and then either Nick Foles or Case Keenum.
  5. New Orleans (+5) at Minnesota (1-15-18)

    NFL eliminated that "in the grasp" rule, right?
  6. New Orleans (+5) at Minnesota (1-15-18)

    Rather have the Saints win, no chance the Patriots lose to a Case Keenum led team in the Vikings.
  7. Jacksonville (+7) at Pittsburgh (1-14-18)

    Congrats to the Patriots on their 3rd round bye as well! (No, a Blake Bortles-led team isn't beating the Patriots in Foxboro). (And yes, that defense will be torn apart as well).
  8. NFL Divisional Round Live Games Thread

    I'm sure this is how the Jaguars will play in Foxboro next week. Just substitute "Boogeyman" for "Patriots."
  9. Jacksonville (+7) at Pittsburgh (1-14-18)

    YOU COULDN'T SNEAK TO GAIN HALF AN INCH? Now for the Jaguars to blow down the field and put this game away.
  10. Jacksonville (+7) at Pittsburgh (1-14-18)

    Well, Blake Bortles is going to go to Foxboro next week and get slapped silly. I'm sure the defense will forget how to play defense too. Congrats to the AFC Champion Patriots!
  11. NFL Divisional Round Live Games Thread

    Only Brady can chuck a pass up across his body and it falls right into Amendola's lap. Patriots Laws of Physics at work!
  12. NFL Divisional Round Live Games Thread

    Brady gets like 30 minutes to throw the ball, Amendola's wide open, and the refs toss the flag in for an insurance policy. Teamwork!
  13. NFL Divisional Round Live Games Thread

    LOL "That might've been the Gillette timeclock!" Apparently 1 second can last 3 seconds in this place.
  14. NFL Divisional Round Live Games Thread

    Can the Titans get that false start turned into a neutral zone infraction?
  15. NFL Divisional Round Live Games Thread

    I'm sure they'll get shredded for 40 points and be exposed like sitting under the sun in the summertime.