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  1. Some very unsexy free agent signings but I think I know what Ballard is doing. Thanks to Ryan Grigson the Colts have so many holes on their team especially on defense you just can't fill them all through the draft. But Ballard is someone who believes you build a successful team through the draft and not via free agency so he brings in some short term fillers for cheap money so we can get a team on the field. We probably need 2-3 drafts to get something going. Well, thank you Grigson!
  2. I think you need more chairs to hide for this one :-)
  3. I'm just wondering how Ballard want to fix all that holes in the Colts roster. I'm not a fan of overpaying for players in free agency but relying on some average free agents and just hoping to nail the draft is what we had the last years.
  4. I like the move. Colts will save about 5 millions.
  5. If he drafts a receiver with the first pick I will quit as a Colts fan...
  6. Grigson was a terrible GM but Pagano isn't blameless. If they decide to keep him it would at least mean that there are no more excuses for next season.
  7. Well, would you name your team source? No Journalist would name his source because that's the last time you will have one. And what do you expect from Irsay? Going on record that his personal feelings are more important than a clear and obvious business decison?
  8. It's never good when you let you personal feelings dictate your business! I don't know what Irsay sees in Grigson but this franchise is getting worse from year to year.
  9. What did you expect? A bad GM drafts a bad player who is coached by a bad HC...
  10. Colts declined over the last four years. It started with sloppy starts and digging holes early in the game and ended it some bad football we experienced this season. Still no changes Jim? Way to ruining your own business Jim!
  11. Reality is that the Colts got worse over the last 4 years instead of improving into a Super Bowl contender. And just to hope that the same guys that are responsible for that will do better next year and then next year and so on is just dumb.
  12. here comes another wasted year...
  13. Rd1: Dalvin Cook RB (Florida State) Rd2: Takkarist McKinley OLB (UCLA) Rd3: Chidobe Awuzie CB (Colorado) Rd4: Harold Landry OLB (Boston College) Rd4: Caleb Peterson G (North Carolina) Rd5: Lorenzo Jerome S (St. Francis) Rd6: Ezra Robinson CB (Tennessee State)
  14. He has to fire them. I don't see any reason why we should keep Grigson and Pangano. And the thing is that it isn't about missing the playoffs twice, but if you look back the Colts declined over the years. It started with the slow starts and some exciting comebacks but if you look at some of the games this season it was a total mess. And the Colts aren't missing one or two key players to be a serious contender they are lacking a lot of talent. 8 and 8 isn't the problem. The problem is how the Colts looked for most part of the season. And that was pretty disgusting and I don't know how you can continue that mess for another year.
  15. Colts need to improve their Defense. BPA is always a dumb decision you go with the best available player at a position of need and the Colts can't afford to ignore the Defense again. Thats how you improve otherwise you always will be left with some big holes. I would go Defense in the first three rounds. You can find a decent RB later in the draft.

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