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  1. austriancolt

    Your Surpise Starter(s) for 2018

    Skai is the limit!
  2. austriancolt

    Colts make roster moves

    another bearded man! niccce! let us rebrand: Indianapolis Lumberjacks ;-)
  3. austriancolt

    Daily dose of optimism for Andrew Luck's return

    Beard mode!
  4. austriancolt

    52nd pick: Indianapolis Colts select DE Kemoko Turay

    a forum is a place for discussions and opinions. you all just want a place to high five each other? come one.
  5. austriancolt

    52nd pick: Indianapolis Colts select DE Kemoko Turay

    ok. Isaiah Oliver or Carlton Davis would have been nice
  6. austriancolt

    Colts select Braden Smith OG at 37

    both are gone. Landry is a Titan. Still Isaiah Oliver and Carlton Davis on the board. Both would be nice
  7. Castonzo - Nelson - Kelly - Slauson - Smith
  8. Smith can play both right guard and right tackle, good worth ethic, high motor
  9. Leonard is a great pick you will like it. Don't like the Smith pick with James Daniels, Harold Landry, Josh Jackson still on the board.
  10. austriancolt

    Colts select Darius Leonard LB at 36

    Love it!
  11. Some people are saying that a Top 10 pick is for a difference maker like Quaterbacks and not a guard. A QB isn't going to make a difference if he is constantly on the ground guys. A pass rusher isn't going to make a difference if he runs out of gas because the offense can't stay on the field for much long...
  12. austriancolt

    Day 2 Predictions

    Rd2: Harold Landry DE Rd2: Joshua Jackson CB Rd2: Darius Leonard LB Rd3: Daesean Hamilton WR
  13. I love it! Nelson is top 3 talent in this years draft, a blue chip player, and fills a huge need. Colts did nothing to improve the line in free agency so Nelson was almost a must. Mewhort is injury prone and Slauson is an average aging veteran so Nelson gives us a future Pro Bowler at low cost for 5 years and protecting Luck is priority nr. 1
  14. austriancolt

    We should sign Eric Reid

    I will never understand that flag-anthem discussion. I don't see how kneeling during an anthem is a sign of disrespect like religion patriotism/nationalism is only a way of manipulation of the peoples mind. And it works perfectly in the States.
  15. Quenton Nelson all the way baby. Just hope the Broncos don't draft him with their pick before...