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  1. A few years ago same things were said about Ryan Grigson and I clearly remember the "In Grigson we trust" mantra some repeatedly preached... I guess we will se he is a project and I don't expect him to make much impact right now although some guys here tend to call every new guy a "beast".
  2. Jon Toth C Riley Bullough ILB Cole Hikutini TE Josh Carraway OLB Marquez White CB Noah Brown WR Collin Buchanan OT/OG Scott Orndoff TE Ben Braden OG Keionta Davis DE
  3. Didn't like it! It is disrespectful to the player, unoriginal and not very funny, there is enough show and entertainment in this draft you don't have to make such stupid stuff.
  4. Ballard did a great job. Only pick that I really don't like is Zach Banner.
  5. Go Jags draft a Punter
  6. any opinions on quincey wilson?
  7. I can see the Colts drafting Obi Melifonwu and playing him as a CB
  8. The first thing I did this morging after I woke up at 6 am was checking the Colts draft pick and I was surprised they took Hooker. He was highly rated and the most mocks predicted him between pick 2 and 8. I hoped for Reddick but I'm fine with Hooker. For me it was clear that we simply can't fill all our holes with one draft so I'm absolutely fine with Hooker. Safety wasn't the most pressing Need but besides Geathers we don't have much at the Safety position either so getting a guy like Hooker with pick 15 is a nice Addition. With our second pick i hope for a CB or LB.
  9. I don't like the BPA approach. If your BPA is a QB and you already have a great QB do you still go BPA? If your BPA is a WR but your lacking talent all over your defense and you have some good WR already you go BPA? Thats not the way you will improve this roster and Colts failed with this approach already over the last year. I think you have to draft the best player available at a position of need unless there is a once in a lifetime player at a position you are already stacked with talent. You have to know your needs and then go with the best player available...
  10. I like it. We have a lot of cap left this year so the contract won't hurt us long term and he will upgrade our D. Ballard is doing a good job so far. Now we need a pass rusher, ILB, CB and a RB. If he nails the draft Colts will make a huge step forward.
  11. Some very unsexy free agent signings but I think I know what Ballard is doing. Thanks to Ryan Grigson the Colts have so many holes on their team especially on defense you just can't fill them all through the draft. But Ballard is someone who believes you build a successful team through the draft and not via free agency so he brings in some short term fillers for cheap money so we can get a team on the field. We probably need 2-3 drafts to get something going. Well, thank you Grigson!
  12. I think you need more chairs to hide for this one :-)
  13. I'm just wondering how Ballard want to fix all that holes in the Colts roster. I'm not a fan of overpaying for players in free agency but relying on some average free agents and just hoping to nail the draft is what we had the last years.
  14. I like the move. Colts will save about 5 millions.
  15. If he drafts a receiver with the first pick I will quit as a Colts fan...

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