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  1. Who would be better for us mcglinchey or Nelson?

    If you ask me the Colts have to draft Quenton Nelson! He is not only one of the most talented and best players in this years draft (easily a top 5 talent) he also fills a position of huuuuuuuuuuuuge need. Barkley is a great RB, Chubb a talented pass rusher but if we continue to take the most sacks and hits our franchise QB who come back from a serious injury will be done. FOREVER! And Barkley can rush as much yards as he wants or Chubb can have as many sacks as he wants without Luck this team will have another losing season. Nelson is the pick. He gives you a blue chip player that will be an immediate upgrade over what we have. A great and cheap option for the next years. Sign a guy like Norwell even if he isn't that cheap, let Mewhort hit the market (injury prone) and draft a tackle like Dillard in the mid rounds.
  2. Contract projection for Jack Mewhort

    Wouldn't resign him. he is injury prone and would invest the money in Norwell and draft Nelson.
  3. Colts trade back an acquire additional picks Rd1: Quenton Nelson OG (Notre Dame) Rd2: Austin Bryant OLB (Clemson) Rd2: Joshua Jackson CB (Iowa) Rd3: Matthew Thomas ILB (Florida State) Rd3: Darius Leonard ILB (South Carolina State) Rd4: Andre Dillard OT (Washington State) Rd5: Justin Jackson RB (Northwestern) Rd6: Dominick Sanders S (Georgia) Rd7: J'Mon Moore WR (Missouri)
  4. Pagano will find a way to screw up our Top 3 pick. With some Luck it could be the 2nd pick which would be a great position to trade the pick.
  5. Quenton Nelson! Why? Colts Offensive Line is a mess since years and as a result you have your franchise QB seriously injured and with Luck the Colts game rise and fall so it is obvious that you have to everything to protect him. It's a no brainer even if it means to invest a top 5 pick in OL. Protect Luck is Priority Nr. 1 Quenton Nelson in my eyes is a blue chip player and the best OL in this years draft probably one of the best coming out the last years. I think you are not gambling by picking him plus he fills a huge need as I mentioned above. I think he is worth the nr. 5 pick even if you think a guy like Saquon Barkley would be the best player to pick. You need a line to block, you need a line to pass protect and the Colts line is still a huge mess and you can't simply afford to get Luck hurt again. So go with Nelson he will improve our Line and that will improve our running game and you can afford to pick a back later in the draft that in combination with an improved line gives you a better production.
  6. We certainly have a chance against Denver and Houston

    Colts will find a way to screw up the draft position. Hope we lose! Let Tolzien play!
  7. Quenton Nelson

    I disagree. I see Nelson as a blue chip player at a position of need for the Colts. Colts rise and fall with Andrew Luck. You have an injured franchise QB that plays behind a terrible Offensive Line for years the hell you take a Guard like Nelson with any pick even with nr. 1 if he can help fix your line.
  8. Rd1: Quenton Nelson OG (Notre Dame) Rd2: Roquon Smith ILB (Georgia) Rd3: Matthew Thomas ILB (Florida State) Rd4: Andre Dillard OT (Washington State) Rd5: Myles Gaskin RB (Washington) Rd6: Nik Needham CB (UTEP) Rd7: C.J. Conrad TE (Kentucky)
  9. Lucks current Injury: Caused by Indy

    Colts looking at 2018 QB class. It would be hilarious to see them draft a QB with an early pick only to get him hurt behind that horrible Offensive Line!
  10. Thoughts on titles for Ryan Grigsons autobiography

    Ryan Grigson: The Donald Trump of Football Ryan Grigson: A Guide How To Ruin A Formerly Classy Organization The Manchurian General Manager
  11. The Mystery is over.... Andrew Luck Out for Season

    Can we now please tank this season and losing the rest of the games so we can get at least a top 3 pick?
  12. Colts Working Out Multiple QB's Per Report

    Why not? Season is over. If you try to get a low draft pick let Tolzien play and hopefully lose the rest of the games...
  13. Colts Vs. Jaguars Game Day Thread

    so the OL is now killing the second qb...
  14. Colts Vs. Jaguars Game Day Thread

    Well this is on Irsay he should have fired him long time ago! It doesn't matter if you fire him now or after the season. i would say lets keep him and secure a top 5 spot for the draft.
  15. Colts Vs. Jaguars Game Day Thread

    let's tank the season