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  1. He ran a 4.69 40, thats actually not that bad for a OLB (in fact it might be top 50% atleast). I am excited to see what he can do for us as a OLB standing up. Regarding Ballard's moves, I lean on something I read on one of the articles. Before you can get to a top 10 defense, you need to be average first. To be average first, you need to have solid depth at every position on the defense. Ballard is doing it the right way. Elevating the depth of the team and then sprinkling our defense with an entire draft class of defensive players. Imagine how competitive training camp is going to be! If all these moves provide solid depth and if we can find atleast 2-3 starters on defense (CB, ILB, NT to name a few) then we will be fine on our way to being average next year. It is a two year process at the very least. Lets be patient. There is no point in paying Minter or Poe for one year when we need to think about our starting lineup after 2 years.
  2. How about I phrase it this way: Within the first three rounds I want: a CB, a ILB, and an Edge guy. That is not unreasonable at all because at each of those rounds, one of the BDFA is bound to be one of those positions. And there is a good chance that each of those picks will be starter level defensive talent. If Foster or Lattimore drops in the first round to us, run to the podium and draft him. I hate to say this but we might need to wait till next year for that premier NT prospect/NT Free agent (Poe? lolol). We can make do this year with a platoon where we draft a big fat run-stopper late in the draft and then add him to our corps.
  3. 15: R1P15 LB REUBEN FOSTER ALABAMA 46: R2P14 EDGE CHARLES HARRIS MISSOURI 79: R3P15 CB SIDNEY JONES WASHINGTON 121: R4P14 CB HOWARD WILSON HOUSTON 137: R4P30 RB JEREMY MCNICHOLS BOISE STATE 144: R4P37 EDGE DAESHON HALL TEXAS A&M 159: R5P15 WR SHELTON GIBSON WEST VIRGINIA If this happened, I would be ridiculously happy. You have a starter at ILB, a pass-rush starter, a CB starter AND a CB starter for the future. You have a 3-down talent RB that can do it all and would learn behind Gore. And you have some high potential players at the back end (Hall and Gibson can be future starters).
  4. Ballard is all about competition at every spot. There is no way we go into the season in a situation where Melvin is basically guaranteed to start. What is more likely is that we have atleast 1 (or maybe 2!) CBs drafted in the first four rounds that will compete with everyone to start. Ballard is not joking about this competition thing and I love it. Even if that means bringing in a ton of guys that might or might not be good, competition is never a bad thing. Bring in a late round TE to compete with Swoope, Bring in a late round or UDFA Safety to compete with Green. Bring in a RB from the draft and several in UDFAs to compete with our current guys, etc....
  5. The only way I would want Riddick in the first round is if we trade down like 5 spots, draft him and pick up a 2nd or a 3rd. I also don't know if I like a ILB at 15 where all we are trusting is his projection to the position. Don't get me wrong, I think he is an exceptionally athletic and versatile player that might become a Pro-Bowl ILB. But I just feel that 15 should go to a more valuable and premium position like CB or Edge.
  6. This^^ It is pretty much just a waiting game right not because no NFL team is gonna bite at that ridiculous notion from Hankins' camp. GMs (hopefully ours) are probably just gonna wait till Hankins realizes he isn't going to get 10 million a year. I still am optimistic about our chances though I don't know how I feel about the guy now considering his opinion of himself and his own worth.
  7. A. Good luck getting them to agree to picks for NEXT year instead of this year B. Just use the pick(s) to draft a CB or even TWO and you got younger talent, more potential, all at a cheaper price.
  8. If we signed Kamar Aiken and paid him atleast 4-5 million a year, I can almost guarantee he will instantly be above Dorsett on the depth chart and would get significant playing time, especially in the end zone. 3 WRs out on the field for most routes is the norm nowadays.
  9. Interesting guy, possession type receiver and big-bodied. Would love to sign him as a WR3 insurance policy for injuries and/or Dorsett continuing to suck. Had a career year where almost put up 1000 yards when he was given a chance to start for almost a full season. Would certainly be a plug and play type guy that Luck would benefit from. Hopefully he isn't too expensive but somewhere south of 6 million a year for like 2-3 years would be a steal! Spotrac projects him at 7.5 million a year market value but I feel that that is pretty high for a #3 guy. He is only 28 as well.
  10. Interesting mock! I definitely love the heavy defensive focus and Hunt at the back end. Though I have two comments: I don't think Charles Harris will be there in the 2nd round and I think that if all the reports about Ballard being in love with the guy are correct, then I see a situation where he drafts him at 15 or trades down a few spots and drafts him at like 20 to be more likely. I definitely like the guy but don't like him at 15 overall, 2nd round would be amazing! And second comment: We probably want to draft a CB before the 4th round. Even with Butler's resigning, we are looking at VD at 1 and Melvin at 2. Melvin, regardless of how much he improved/flashed, isn't/shouldn't be a 2 and VD has an extensive injury history. Get a guy that you can plug and play for Day 1. Maybe replace one of the OLBs with a CB?
  11. Not to mention the fact that he is looking to be PAID this offseason, probably more so than the majority of teams, including ours, value him at. I say 7-8 million a year for 3-4 years would be doable. Anything above that and I am out. Give me Kevin Minter at like 5-6 million a year instead! Doesn't get a lot of love from the media or average NFL fans but is definitely a good defensive piece that would fill a huge need for us. And then we can draft the other ILB in the draft.
  12. Idk, I still think that 15 is too high for Reddick. I would be down to move down to grab Reddick if Foster isn't there. I always have a bad gut feeling about fast risers in the draft process.
  13. I think we will sign one (probably Minter as its an easier and cheaper deal) and then Ballard really wants to fill up the other spot with a young guy from the draft that we can mold into a long term Colt. Some one like Riddick or Foster would be great pairing up with a guy like Minter. And if we get Brown instead of Minter, than we can probably wait a round or two and get a guy like Walker or McMillan to develop into our future leader in the middle.
  14. At this stage of free agency, in all likelihood he will not immediately sign with Oakland. He is gonna take his time and shop around, hopefully CB offers something he likes and we can get something done! If we sign him or Minter, it really helps us out come draft time! Filling these holes and stabilizing positions one at a time. #InBallardWeTrust
  15. Anyone know what happened to the visit? No reports of him being signed or going to other teams.

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