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  1. Colts Vs. Lions Preseason Game Day Thread

    I definitely like what I am seeing from Walker so far. The difference between Walker and Tolzein is that Walker would probably result in a lot of turnovers but he would also make a lot of plays. Tolzein is the safe and conservative option as he probably wouldn't turn it over as much but at the same time he isn't as dynamic and he wouldn't be able to move it around as much.
  2. Colts Vs. Lions Preseason Game Day Thread

    And I am glad that is happening! I hope they throw everything his way in the preseason because that is exactly how he will learn!
  3. Colts Vs. Lions Preseason Game Day Thread

    Wilson was fine on those two plays. Yes he got "beat" on both and yes the receiver ended up with a TD but you can't expect a rookie CB to come in perfect in his first game. He was tight on his man on both occasions, the receiver just had the better execution.
  4. Colts Vs. Lions Preseason Game Day Thread

    Obviously not happy that Tolzein can't seem to get anything going for us (though its not completely his fault) but glad that our defense is getting a lot of snaps out there. More reps the better for the first and second string guys, especially the rookies on those projected lines.
  5. Colts Vs. Lions Preseason Game Day Thread

    I really wanna see how Phillip Walker looks. There is a good chance that he surpasses Stephen Morris on the depth chart and gets stashed on the practice squad this year or we carry 3 QBs until there is more final word on Luck's return. On a separate and more immediate note, I am liking what I am seeing from the defense so far! The rookie CBs, Hairston and Wilson, had a couple good snaps!
  6. For anyone that hasn't heard yet, the Buccaneer's starting kicker Aguayo just got released from the team and is going to go through waivers. Everyone knows the story on him: Super accurate in college, never missed under 40 yards, never missed an extra point, won his team (Florida State) a bunch of games, came into the NFL hyped as potentially the next great kicker. Draft night 2016, Bucs traded UP in the second round to draft Aguayo (which is ridiculously high to take a kicker). Kid couldn't handle the pressure and only made ~70% of his kicks his first year and the team brought in a veteran, Nick Folk, as competition to training camp this year. He continued to miss a bunch of kicks in training camp and during preseason game 1. He was released. This is what I am thinking right now. There is no doubt the kid has talent, NFL level kicking talent. But the thing is, kicking (especially in the NFL) is like 90% mental. Kid just couldn't handle the pressure, whether it be being drafted so high, or being so highly touted by his team, or whatever. But he will and should get a second chance. He was absolutely a monster in the college game with A LOT of kicks. He will most likely go unclaimed through waivers. Sign him to the practice squad, give him a year or two on there to get his mind right, for him to get a reset essentially away from the spotlight. With us having Vinatieri for probably 2 more years, let the kid learn how to handle the pressure behind him on the practice squad. And then give him a shot once our HoF kicker decides to hang up his cleats. I am probably one of the few ones that thinks the kid still has a shot to make it as an NFL kicker but this could seriously work out for us in the long run. Thoughts?
  7. Malik Hooker feels his rehab is ahead of schedule

    Just to put this out there, Hooker will almost guaranteed need like half a season, if not more, to catch up to the speed of the NFL. Keep in mind, he is only a 1 year college starter. Yes he killed it (which is why he was picked so high on top of his elite traits) but he is coming into a situation where he has to read NFL QBs and offenses. College QBs might stare down their receivers but in the NFL most QBs know how to look off a safety, especially one like Hooker who bites pretty hard at times. That being said, I completely expect him to be in the conversation for DPOY by the end of the year, but I think his first couple games are going to be pretty bad. The same goes for Wilson. CB is incredibly difficult to come into the NFL as, no matter how talented or experienced you are. Atleast he has physicality at the line of scrimmage going for him. He is going to have to work on not biting too hard and getting burnt deep on fakes and moves. But yes, by the end of the season I think we fans will be pleased with our #2 corner.
  8. Well said. This is exactly how I feel. I am not too concerned about the AFC South to be completely honest. Yes we blew it against the Texans both times but I think that coming into this year with an improved defense (its impossible to get worse than what we had last year) and improvement along the offensive line, I am feeling good. The Titans and Jags never scare me too much and as long as Watson in Houston doesn't come out the gate like a Pro-Bowler, we will be fine. We won 8 games last year with a lackluster offensive line and an atrocious defense. Imagine how many we can win with a healthy Luck, an improved O-Line, and a mediocre defense.
  9. Colts make more hires

    I think there actually haven't been that many changes at the normal scout level. Most of the changes (firings really) have been at the top level with these VPs and national scouts and such. I don't know the specifics but I don't think Ballard is handpicking individual regional level scouts to fire (atleast not yet anyways). And even if he did, I think he only fired a couple max.
  10. Jimmy Raye has been let go

    What ^^ he said.
  11. Good work so far Ballard!! #InBallardWeTrust I'll admit I didn't know too much about him before we picked him and I was hoping for Derek Rivers. But based on what Ballard has said about picking D3 guys and seeing what this Bashell guy is all about has me just as excited. You can say what you want about Ballards board or his picks but you can't deny he has identified a weakness (our entire defense), has assembled HIS board (with ton of input from the coaches), and stuck with it. The results? FS 1, CB 2, and very good pass rush piece that we will plug into the rotation as he learns from the coaches, Now I wouldn't be surprised with a trade up into the third if there's a RB or TE that he really likes. Otherwise staying out and taking advantage of 3 4th round picks sounds good too.
  12. Nah, I am sure Ballard wants to draft a TE cause this is one of the deepest TE classes in a long time. Some guy like Kittle in the back end could easily be a future starter. Not to mention with Doyle starting and Swoope demanding more playing time for us to see where he is at, it doesn't make sense to add Barnidge too. Now if for some reason we come out of the draft without a TE (a drafted guy with potential that is), then yea I could see that happening.
  13. Colts select Malik Hooker [Merge]

    We run a good amount of Cover-1 and to a lesser extent Cover-3. You better believe that "1" is gonna be Hooker in the back responsible for pretty much the entire field behind him. That is where he will absolutely thrive. But that being said, if we go all Man-coverage and put him in 1-on-1 against someone, he has the height, weight, speed, and ball-skills to win. Yes he had limited experience with that in college but that happened for a REASON. The reason being he was already pretty good at it that QBs stopped throwing at him in risk of interceptions. Hooker is the perfect example of a prospect that has elite traits at things that you simply CANNOT teach: Ball-skills, range, instincts. He has par to subpar traits at things that you CAN teach and that improve with time and coaching: tackling technique, angles for tackling, etc. What Pagano said says it all: The guy is willing to tackle but isn't a great tackler. VERY different than a guy that isn't willing to tackle AND can't tackle. The former is much easier to teach to tackle well. He will fine, and I'm gonna on the record and say that he will win DROY solely based on the number of turnovers he forces. When GMs draft players based on potential and ceilings, you have to do it with a prospect like Hooker where you have a great chance to teach all the stuff that he needs to improve on but you can maximize his future potential based on the stuff that is very very rare.
  14. Cornerback vs Pass rusher in 2nd round

    #InBallardWeTrust. Thats all, folks. I personally (along with most people on this forum) want a CB and Pass-rusher drafted by the end of tonight. But I have complete faith in what Ballard is doing and I am excited to see what he does tonight. With all the talent that has escaped the first, don't rule out a move up to the top of the 2nd round in exchange for our 2nd and one of our 4th round picks. I wouldn't be surprised with a RB (Mixon or Cook), OL (if for some reason Lamp falls or we trade up to get him), or DL (McDowell). All I know is that I am hyped for tonight and am ok with whatever he does.
  15. As long as we hit CB with one of the two, and OLB or ILB with the other one, I will be very happy. We NEED to get a linebacker and a corner.