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  1. Schefter reporting campbell is the favorite

    I want Schwartz. I think with Ballard as GM, he could be kept in check so he doesn't get too out of control but we need a fiery guy that can spark this franchise after all that has happened. As long as Luck comes back healthy I am not too worried about the state of the franchise moving forward considering we will win (assuming he is healthy) regardless of who is head coach.
  2. Your opinion on Eberflus

    Although technically true considering he wasn't the DC, he was also the "passing game coordinator" so you better believe he was in the same meetings as the DC regarding game-plans and schemes that are being employed to defend against the pass. Also, he was also considered by Dallas to be the heir to their current DC. We just got lucky that their DC didn't retire this past year and that he wanted to jump out of that shadow and make his own with the Colts. Just wait, he will be good. Linebackers is our last weak spot in the defense (apart from a star pass-rusher which we can grab in Chubb). What better to fix that then one of the most well regarded LB coaches in the game and provide him with a chance to transform the linebacker corp with players that he loves and wants? Bring in Hitchens, grab a 2nd or 3rd round MLB and add him to Simon and you got yourself a high-upside LB corp and the complete overhaul of the weakest part of our defense.
  3. Chris Ballard press conference today at 11AM

    Is it 11am EST or CST?
  4. McDaniels rejects Colts.

    The bolded is an excellent point that I actually didn't even think of. Disregarding everything about him as a HC and how we are seriously behind in the offseason process already, it should be pointed out that now McDaniels (and the Pats by extension) have some sort of idea and insight into Ballard's workings and plans for the offseason, draft, and free agency.
  5. McDaniels rejects Colts.

    I like the immediate statement by the Colts and the "agreeing to contract terms" included to let people know that ultimately Josh McDaniels DID back out and this will very well probably be a legal fight as well.
  6. This would be very foolish on McDaniel's part for several reasons. 1) You typically don't want to follow in the footsteps or take over from a LEGENDARY coach (arguably the GOAT in the coaching world). Especially in this case considering Brady is almost done, there is no back-up QB contingency plan (the Jimmy G fiasco), and knowing what Patriot fans have been used to for the last decade +, McDaniels leash would not be very long to be completely honest in NE unless he starts winning quickly which might be hard if Brady leaves soon. 2) If he bails on the Colts, he will arguably never get an interview for a serious HC position in the NFL every again. He would essentially be chaining himself to NE for the rest of his life. What happens if he doesn't have the same success following Belicheck and the fans start asking for his firing? If he has to leave NE, he would have nowhere else to go (especially considering he already messed up his first HC gig). 3) The Colts are arguably a better situation for Josh McDaniels than the Patriots in 1-2 years would be. Colts have 80+ million in cap space RN, have the #3 overall pick, an excellent young GM to "grow old with" lol, and a potentially healthy Luck who could easily be a top 5-10 QB the rest of his career if he doesn't encounter any career-ending injuries.
  7. Defillipo - The perfect match for Indy as OC

    Agreed. Offensively minded head coaches (especially ones that were known as excellent OCs) don't typically give up play-call duties considering its usually their "bread and butter." And to be honest, I don't know if I would want anyone other than Josh McDaniels calling plays. Man has showed that he can gameplan with the best of them and knows how to be a skilled play caller.
  8. Darrell Bevell to Colts? [Merge]

    If you guys remember, one of Ballard's key points about the next head coach is that he must be able to hire and assemble an excellent skilled and experienced staff. Considering that, Peetz probably doesn't meet Ballard/Irsay's requirement for a OC considering he is so young and inexperienced. I definitely think he would get the approval as a QB coach but I don't think that that would be allowed considering you would have to get permission probably. This guy, on the other hand, has experience and has played with another really good QB in Russell Wilson and for a respectable organization in the Seahawks.
  9. I don't know how I feel about that. Asking two drafted OL to play above-average immediately no matter how high they were drafted is pretty unreasonable. Nelson will most likely easily start off as an above-average guard. But I don't know about Hernandez's ability to come in without any real struggles. The best case scenario is a we draft a high-upside guy in the first couple of rounds AND sign a guy like Norwell. Another option is, if we lose out on the Norwell bidding, then we sign a couple of veteran SOLID O-lineman from the FA and then approach the draft with an intention to trade down and draft a guy like Nelson. Either way, we absolutely need to sign some veteran offensive lineman. One of Grigson's biggest mistakes are certainly that he realized too late that he needed to fix the O-Line. But an underrated mistake is his inability to fix it once he realized so. He tried to fix it by drafting a bunch of offensive lineman and hoping that they would come in and fix it right away without any developmental time, regardless of how high they were drafted.
  10. People are seriously too in love with Chubb and Barkley. Don't get me too wrong...Chubb is an excellent player who will probably be an above-average DE at the next level and gets 10+ sacks a year. BUT he is NOT a generational talent who like Von Miller changes a franchise almost. He is simply a very well-rounded and strong candidate to go top 5 in most drafts. That being said, who CARES if we miss out on Chubb and Barkley if both Cleveland and Giants pick non-QBs with their top 2 picks (a mistake in my opinion for them). We practically become almost #1 overall pick holders WITHOUT a need for a QB (presuming Luck is healthy and coming back). And with an above-average draft for QBs with three interesting candidates to go top among the QBs, we would have a very tremendous haul (think extra first round and second picks). We could go down a couple of spots, still pick a guy like Quentin Nelson or Minkah Fitzpatrick (or if you are really desperate grab Davenport if we drop even more) who are almost sure to become above-average players in the NFL and have solid careers. Extra first and second rounders this year and next year is how you accelerate the re-build we are currently in. Yes Luck is coming back. But we are going for a dynasty (Seahawks, Patriots, etc both teams that should sound familiar with our staff) and for that sustained success (multiple Lombardis) you need to develop a strong base through the draft and then pair that up with an excellent QB like Luck in his prime.
  11. Not only is that possible, it is something that we as Colts fans should be strongly rooting for. The best thing that can happen for us in the draft is if the Browns (or Giants but this is pretty unlikely) draft Barkley #1 overall. That puts us in PRIME position to trade down (and get a HUGE haul) and still get the player(s) that we wanted originally or were super high on our board.
  12. So here it is: I think I know exactly what is going to happen in this upcoming draft based on my own theories formed by connecting the dots with what has happened so far... Setting the stage: Irsay mentions Edgarrin James earlier in the year when talking about Andrew Luck and the need to pair him up with a guy similar to James who can set up a strong tandem. This made headlines everywhere and most people assumed that this meant heavy interest in a guy like Barkley, considered a generational talent at the RB position who can truly do it all and might perform similar/more than some stellar RBs drafted in recent years. Ballard in a few conversations about the draft pick has talked about how high it is, it being extremely rare to be in a position like this, not trying to be in a position like this again, lots of talents players found in the top 5 that a franchise might never have a chance at, etc. All this points towards him talking about a guy or two that he feels is extremely worth the 3rd overall pick which is what we have. Now moving on to the draft and the prospects, here are the teams at the top and their general needs: Browns: 1st, 4th overall. Needs at QB, RB and reports suggest that they would ideally want to come out of those top two picks with a stellar tandem of RB and QB. Giants: 2nd overall. Needs at QB cause of uncertainties with Manning and the future. A new coach, guy like Shurmer, knows that they won't have a chance to pick this high again so they probably will want a guy out of Rosen, Darnold, Allen. Colts: 3rd overall. Assuming Luck is healthy and coming back (and at this moment all things point towards this). Needs at RB, Pass-Rush, OL, etc. What I think is happening here is that Ballard + Irsay are creating the notion that the Colts are extremely interested in a guy like Barkley and want to pair him up with Luck for the next 5-10 years. This scares the Browns because they pick just before us. The Browns, knowing that they can't draft Rosen cause he doesn't want to play for them, are stuck between Allen and Darnold. If they feel that there is not much difference between the two and that neither one is worth the #1 pick, they might just go ahead and select Barkley to make sure that they get him and that we don't mess up their plans with our 3rd overall pick. Then the giants select Rosen, and then all of a sudden there is a huge market for the the 3rd overall picks and we can drop down to 5 or 6 and still get Chubb who I would think would be a great fit in a 4-3 defense (Ballard has mentioned that the draft is a good place to draft players for schematic changes). Ballard might be trying to force Cleveland into thinking that at the very least we are interested in Barkley and at the very max that we love the guy and thus making them strongly consider drafting Barkley #1 overall. Bottom line is that Cleveland drafting Barkley #1 overall is the best thing that can happen to us and I believe that that is exactly what will happen. And knowing Ballard, he already has an idea of what the minimum trade offers would be for a team like Denver so they can jump past the Browns and get their pick of Darnold or Allen.
  13. 4-3 Switch over

    The bigger "issue" will be the other DT position. Hankins is basically perfectly set in one of the positions but he needs a good partner in crime. I don't think Al Woods is considered a real fit for a 4-3 defense at DT so he might be relegated to a depth/rotation role like earlier in his career. I hope he proves me wrong and outperforms expectations once again but until I see it, I'm not gonna believe it. The X-Factor for the other DT position is going to be Henry Anderson. I think he is the best fit on our team to fill up the other DT position and with solid play from him, we can continue our rising success in the trenches. Though it is interesting considering some have slotted him at DE but I think he is too big to play end unless its an obvious run-play. Hassan Ridgeway should also be a good guy to rotate in at DT for pass-rush purposes.
  14. 4-3 Switch over

    But the irony of that statement is that he was considered a better fit for the NT position at the 3-4 as he played DT in NY. He will be returning to his original position lol.
  15. My best case scenario: Ballard finds a way to trade down, ideally picks up atleast an extra 1 and a 2, and then we still get Chubb. Heck, even if we trade down, grab an extra 1 and a 2, and pick up Quentin Nelson or Minkah Fitzpatrick or Raquon Smith, we are coming out ahead. My only requirement for my first round pick this year is that we MUST hit and grab atleast an above-average starter at an important position. If we grab a stable and good starter at the very least with our 1st round pick AND pick up extra picks, we are good to go.