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  1. Imped

    Luck lost 50#

    That's a very standard abbreviation....
  2. Imped

    Luck lost 50#

    Luck is 6'4 and his playing weight was around 240 lb. If he lost *50 lb* he'd be 6'4 190 lb, or commonly referred to as a stick. He look like he's lost about 15 lb, not even close to 50 lb.
  3. Hey guys, how about a rare *fun* topic? Maybe this is something we could all use.... I'll be going to the game in Cincinnati on Sunday with a group and we're all dressing up. Let's hear some fun Colts-centric Halloween costume ideas!
  4. Seriously? That's disappointing. Watch....Dorsett will be a Pro Bowler in NE.