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  1. I agree, they will probably have him throwing short to intermediate routes off of three step drops.

  2. I'm not that worried about Manning's health. I'm 100% confident that he will be ready to go when the season starts. The Colts just signed him to a $90 mil contract, you don't do that if someone is having health issues. I think people are making it out to be worse than is. They say Manning hasn't thrown and stuff, but he actually has. I don't think it's a bi...

  3. I haven't been following the preseason too closely, but apparently Lefeged as been playing pretty well. I would like to see a little more depth behind Bullitt and Bethea though. I don't think backup QB is a big deal. If Manning gets hurt, we don't have much of a chance to win anyway, so I don't think it's important to invest a couple of millions to a backup who will just ...

  4. What do you think about our team's moves so far?

  5. Doog, what do you think of the team's moves so far? How do you think we will do this year?

  6. What do you think of what our team has done so far?

  7. From what I've read on the forums from your posts, you really know what you're talking about. What do you think about the upcoming season, how will we do?

  8. I agree with you dude. I can't wait to see how we do on both sides of the ball this season!

  9. If I remember right, Link played a few games at guard a while ago and got completely manhandled. It looked like the DTs were doing against a ragdoll, however, I could be mixing him up with another player

  10. I could see us go with Ijalana and Castonzo as our bookend tackles for the next 10 years. From what I've read and seen, Ijalana has the hands and footwork of a tackle, but everyone projects him to play as a guard. Link played well last year, but I think we need to see more from him before making him a full time starter

  11. To start off, I think your username is awesome! It certainly made me laugh. I could see Diem starting, but I wouldn't be too upset if he isn't. I could also see DeVan or Pollak having a starting role. As of now, I'm seeing Castonzo, DeVan/Pollak, Saturday, McClendon, Diem/Link. I'm not too sure where Ijalana fits in yet

  12. Yeah, the O-line will be interesting to watch

  13. I have no problems with the starters. I'm kind of (but not totally) surprised to see Castonzo as a back up as many people said he could be a starter from day 1. I also thought Ijalana was better suited to play guard (even though Mayock said Ijalana has LT feet and hands). I hope McClendon does well, Diem is on thin ice if you ask me. I'm iffy on Afalava and Lacey starting. What do ...

  14. I agree with you, I'm liking Anderson's versatility and the signing of Harris is a low risk-high reward signing. Our defense should be better this year than it has in recent years

  15. So far, I'm pretty happy with the team's moves. I would have liked to see more aggression in signing a run-stopping safety, but they got a run-stuffing DT in Anderson. I wanted to see Kelvin stay with the team, just restructure. I haven't followed much of the undrafted rookies we picked up. What do you think? Are we poised to win the Super Bowl at home?

  16. I'm away from my comp for most of the day, so when I get to the forum, there are lots of new topics that interest me and lots to talk about.

  17. Sorry haha. Just adding my 2 cents to the threads. With this shortened FA period, there is lots to talk about

  18. The legend herself...PG

  19. I'm pretty sure Cleveland won't win a championship before LeBron, but the whole personal guarantee makes it intriguing to watch. I want to see Gilbert's reaction

  20. Yeah, hopefully they have a better record this year. I'm interested to see how Cleveland does. They had a good draft and I want to see what becomes the outcome of Dan Gilbert's guarantee that the Cavs win a championship before LeBron

  21. The Pacers did way better under Vogel than under O'Brien. I'm hoping they just keep improving. The talent is certainly there with guys like Granger, Collison, Hibbert and Hansbrough

  22. Yeah, Wade and LeBron are too similar. Wade or LeBron with Howard and Bosh would be nuts. Personally, my NBA loyalties are with the Pacers. They are at least a playoff team now and Vogel seems to have them playing way better than before. We couldn't beat the Bulls, but each game was close and came down to the final few mins. Collison getting injured hurt though

  23. I love Steve Nash. I really don't like the Heat, but if Nash signs with them, I'll be rooting for them in secret...

    I just heard rumors about Bosh, I don't know how legit they are. People were saying that Lebron and Wade treat it as a 2 man show rather than a trio and that Bosh would be good trade bait. Bosh did well in the playoffs though

  24. It will be interesting to see what happens. I hear rumors of Dwight Howard heading to the Lakers. I'm hoping they get Nash too so he can finally win a championship. Chicago has a solid team that plays good defense, but Miami had them figured out. Do you think the team will trade Bosh?

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