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  1. Yes, I don’t get the hate. He is one of best backups in the league, he is well respected amongst players and staff, he is great role model outside the organization. He is not our franchise QB. If, a big if, he is re-signed it will not be for that $$. Plus he took his benching in stride and did everything asked of him. He is one of my favorite players on the team
  2. NFL needs to get on this now and say zero crowds. A for safety and B just to level playing field. How is it fair to have some cities allow a percentage and some cities allow none? Home field in football is the most important advantage in sports imo. Looks like the teams playing Seattle this year are grinning.
  3. Awesome analysis. I’m curious to what year Peyton was as good or worse to our current QB? Was it Colts or Broncos? Awesome analysis. I’m curious to what year Peyton was as good or worse to our current QBR? Was it Colts or Broncos?
  4. Great post, post of da year, we are fine folks.
  5. I know he’s “just a kicker”, but I’m surprised to see Vinny absent from so many lists. In a game that comes down to points scored, this season we will have the all time NFL scorer on our roster. Yes, I’d say he’s top 10 on this team.
  6. With the hand he was dealt he surpassed expectations (AFC Championship?). With a better hand I think he’s going t be awesome.
  7. They say he’s on schedule, he hasn’t had surgery yet, he looks better, he sounds better, he’s hanging on the beach with AC, I am optimistic too.
  8. We would not have needed to come back without that onside kick gaffe one could say, but yes, Peyton threw that pic.
  9. I went to the game with friends when it was on Christmas Eve and they told us to go kill ourselves like Tony Dungy's kid. I've hated Seattle ever since.
  10. The lacerated kidney and the "undisclosed rib injury" seems weird to me. They generally parallel, no?
  11. Both units haven't played together in a game yet this year. I'm thinking a game like we played against Niners two tears ago will happen Sunday night. Can't wait!!!
  12. That's awesome to read. I've been a fan since '84 when they came to town, saw many a game at the Hoosier Dome, but still haven't seen a game at Lucas since I moved away... Can't wait 'till I do!
  13. I agree with the OP. His lateral quickness is non existent. He looks sluggish. I agree he is situational. He's powerful, put him in those circumstances. I love TRich, but Boom 'N Bradshaw look explosive. Whoa, Boomin' Bradshaw!
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