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  1. I agree with the bolded statement from 21isSuperman. Any kind of pass rush would be very helpful for the secondary. The one thing I sadly noticed while watching Vontae's highlights is that there wasn't a hit (and barely a touch) on any of the QBs. Some were actually even given 5-10 yard pockets. Get a QB rushing his decisions some more and there will be more highlights on the back end.
  2. I was thinking late 4th to 5th. I am of the thinking the defense needs more help than the offense does. Yes we are a good young back away from a really good offense but I think the first 3-4 picks need to be defense and wait for later rounds to grab a RB.
  3. If the Colts aren't able to get one of the two RBs that everyone on here is talking about, I wouldn't mind if they selected James Madison's Khalid Abdullah in a later round. I have watched a couple of his games live (one being when he put up 180 yards against my NDSU defense that barely allowed teams to reach 150 all season). He reminds me a lot of another running back that used to destroy the NDSU defense... Arizona RB David Johnson. To me they have the same running style: shifty power with speed. I'm not saying he will come in and be just like David Johnson has been but I believe there i
  4. I'd love to see CJ Smith in a Colts uniform. Granted this feeling stems from being an NDSU alum more than how he'd fit the team. Since length seems to be a thing they are looking for in their corners; he is 2 inches taller than Frankie.
  5. I agree with Valpo and will add either Maggit/Thompson. On a side note... does anyone know if there is an actual list of the previous UDFAs we kept? I'd be interested in seeing all those names.
  6. Calling Moore/Irving unproven is a bigger stretch than my thinking they are an improvement. Both have played well in this league before coming to the Colts. They both have admitted to being off last year (either trade with new system or overweight after an injury). I will admit that either I should have used way more > for the Robinson/Toler or a >= for the Moore/Irving/Freeman to show that it is a lesser of an improvement. Yet I highly doubt anyone will say "I wish we kept Freeman" any time during the season.
  7. The defense last year suffered mostly due to a vanilla scheme and an offense that either turned the ball over or went 3 and out. If you were to go back and look at last year (outside of a few games; the two blowouts come to mind) the defense kept us in the game going into the 4th. They just were too gassed to hold up. With improvements on offense, a non-vanilla scheme (I believe the new DC will mix things up; probably with some growing pains) and the improvements made on the defensive side (Robinson > Toler, Moore/Irving > Freeman, Geathers = Lowery), I don't see the defens
  8. My bad... meant to put "my favorites" not "the favorites". I agree that most people would pick Edge over Faulk. I pick Faulk as one of my favorites just because he is the reason I became a Colts fan (had to convert from WR to RB because too short so my coach told me to watch Faulk as he could both run and catch).
  9. Just going with the favorites (not the greatest): 1. Robert Mathis 2. Bob Sanders 3. Dwight Freeney 4. TY Hilton 5. Marshall Faulk 6. Reggie Wayne 7. Pat McAfee 8. Adam Vinatieri 9. Dallas Clark 10. Joe Haeg - I know he hasn't played yet but am excitingly pulling for him as I went to NDSU. There have been a few times in my lifetime that an NDSU prospect has been on the roster yet only during the preseason. The only one I can think of that played was Ramon Humber (on special teams in 2009). Hoping this could finally be the on
  10. Not sure if people remember (or if it has even been brought up in other posts) but Tevaun Smith is the one that broke Odell Beckham's read for one handed catches in a minute. (Note: no offensive music; also, not all throws are perfect) I am not saying that it equates him to being an Odell on the field but just thought I'd throw that little tidbit out there.
  11. And I think people are underestimating a new defensive coordinator. One that won't have such a vanilla defense and will apply blitz packages more often.
  12. Oopss.. That was what I meant. Too excited wasn't thinking.
  13. I'm excited by this pick. Yet for a different reason than most. It's nice to finally see a player from my alma mater on my favorite professional team.
  14. As someone else said earlier, it was academics. But supposedly because he had issues getting to classes... He explains about five questions into the article: http://espn.go.com/blog/indianapolis-colts/post/_/id/14995/from-n-c-state-to-mars-hill-university-to-starting-in-the-nfl-for-denzelle-good
  15. I believe what you are seeing in the new rugby-style kick being used in college. While there are a lot of pluses for it, I think the reason we won't see it in the NFL for a while is it takes longer to go through the process. If it isn't a perfect snap, the NFL speed will get back there before they can go through the motions. I could be wrong but that's just how I view it.
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