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  1. I actually think our D did a good job all in all. Good forced fumble by Leonard, and sack by Moore...
  2. Ebron's drop set the scene for the game. Feel the coaches panicked a bit early game. Our run game has been a corner stone of this offense the past months, and we should've stuck with that today
  3. Gotcha. We need all three yes. And a corner.
  4. How many dropped passes did we have?
  5. They sure was. Looked well-prepared. We weren't ready for a 3 and out.
  6. Running in to the kicker, that was the worst one...
  7. The refs did not help us at all, but the loss is on Andrew and co.
  8. Underestimating their D# and overestimating their O#. I don't expect this to be a high-scoring affair, actually. Both teams have a huge amounts of respect for each other, and I think this game will reflect this.
  9. Walden and Davis to go? No no. Of course you keep them.
  10. A fellow Dane - great! The worst thing to me is the lack of pressure on the defensive side of the ball. That has been absolutely inconsistent. But, we have some young guys like Anderson and Parry, who've been a good improvement. I hope they continue developing, and if next year is spent on improving the pass rush (both DE and OLB), things might change. Another thing is that most of the improvements (almost all) have been through the draft and those guys need time to develop.
  11. Melvin was killing us out there. Saw his number constantly give up passes.
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