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  1. Franchise tag is a good point I had not considered.
  2. If it was a grand jury then it was enough to indict, not arrest. If evidence is brought before a grand jury it is almost inevitable that you will be indicted. Different requirements between law and fact for grand jury indictments.
  3. Oh interesting. They did not have it scheduled on nfl.com. I would say you are right then.
  4. No Sunday night game. 4:15 probably.
  5. If we pick up Ed Oliver it will give us a really good interior pass rusher. Might help reduce the pain a bit.
  6. LSU and Georgia each have first round CB's. Not sure about top 5 tho.
  7. Did we confirm how many rookies officially did start? Thanks!
  8. And yet we still were 8-8 and missed the playoffs. Time and a running game are important, but we still need a defense before the league is scared of us.
  9. Great point. What gets lost is that depth is just as important as starters. Starters inevitably get hurt in the NFL. Having Mewhort and Slausen as backups makes the oline so much better.
  10. I laughed so hard I actually had to stop and take a breath.
  11. With all of the issues that the NYG have, why are they not bringing Pugh back? Cap casualty? Their willingness to offer Solder a massive contract but not Pugh is interesting.
  12. I think the Bills move up with the 22nd pick as well. My guess is they will offer 12th, 15th, and their 3rd rounder.
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