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  1. I will take Bob over Al and Chris any day, Jon and Mike are ok.
  2. So I sync the I heart radio Hank FM with all Colts football because I love listening to Bob and Jim here in Sarasota Florida. Tonight Bob is on a roll. He keeps calling Philly Brown, The Ohio State wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers, Charlie Brown. He also called Fozzie Whitaker, Fuzzy Whitaker.....Hilarious! I love you Bob Lamey,
  3. Well I ended up going to Connersville, my father in laws plans changed so we watched it together. The win the company and the jager was what I needed. Thanks again for all the support! I'm going go BJ's tomorrow to watch the Ohio state game.
  4. Wow guys thanks alot for the info. Im originally from Greensburg so im no stranger to the area but its been 12 years Thanks also for the kind words.
  5. Thanks for the words. Ive already lost my mom and my mother in law died in february so im pretty numb if you will. Im celebrating my Dad not suffering. I heard bj's is a good place. Just want a local place and not a franchise sterile atmosphere.
  6. Hey guys. So I flew up here Monday because my dad was in icu at st. Francis. Well I lost him last night, and I really need to find a great place for the game so I need suggestions in the Greenwood/Indy area. Thanks alot. Go Colts!
  7. http://fansided.com/2013/10/25/nfl-rules-pat-mcafees-hit-trindon-holliday-legal/ http://tracking.si.com/2013/10/25/colts-pat-mcafee-no-fine-for-big-hit/ Thats how you lay the wood down!
  8. I want the Colts to Crush SD, We all have those playoff nightmares!,,,,
  9. Ate here once. Pretty good.. http://chicagopizzasportsgrille.com
  10. Driving from Sarasota. Doing the ferry ride! Yeah Baby!
  11. You can't tell me that if we were in that position at that time we wouldn't have taken those same free agents. You never know how well a free agent will mesh with a new team.
  12. It was the Cleveland Browns Run Defense Folks........
  13. Does anyone know the status of Angerer, he is not currently on the injured reserve or the PUP....I know they said right after the Rams game it would be @ 6 weeks.
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