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  1. What I loved about JT today: He gets the tough yards after initial contact, could almost guarantee that the first defender to impact him was going backwards What I didnt like: Timing seems off with the O-Line, felt like he was hitting where the crease was drawn up to be, instead of having Mack's patience to allow the blocks to develop a bit more
  2. Howdy Howdy! Thanks to COVID wrecking the hotel/hospitality industry I am job hunting, which means I have more time on my hands. So, I shall use my GamePass and record The OLine into a quasi highlight/breakdown of scheme, featuring the entire game (Sans special teams). I am not confident in my voice overs in so far as breaking down what was going on but I believe it'd be interesting to attempt to see what worked and what didn't from the OLine's perspective. If theres interest, I'll keep it going as long as I have the GamePass! One thing Ive noticed by focusing most of
  3. So if I created a YT video showing just the Colts O-Line play apart from Special Teams, what sorta things should I attempt to highlight? Going to put my GamePass to use and do something for every game last year

  4. If the Texan's had a first round pick, I'd create a new reddit username with that person's name

  5. Its Time: Going to wear a Clown Mask on this choo choo train

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