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  1. I’d like to see Kelly get a legit start but not because of the schedule ramifications next year. I don’t see much difference between playing the Broncos versus the Raiders or the Bills versus the Jets. Any of those teams could surprise next year.
  2. Base defense doesn’t matter anymore. Teams are playing nickel defense over 60% of the time at minimum so it’s all moot. That said, yeah I would be all about seeing more man coverage than zone. Historically, the best defenses have been ones that can get physical with WRs at the LoS and stick to their man in coverage. Pass rush matters less than coverage, the Seahawks showed that in 2013 and the Pats and Ravens have shown that this year. You can manufacture pass rush but you can’t manufacture perfect coverage without perfect coverage.
  3. There must be like twelve alternates per conference if Brissett is one. If that doesn’t prove what a joke the pro bowl is then I don’t know what does.
  4. You want an example of a team who has been consistently beat up and had significantly limited snaps for numerous starters, yet weathered the storm and are sitting pretty at the top of their division? The Kansas City Chiefs. All pro MVP QBs missed games and they brought in a guy who was retired to fill in for a few weeks and played quality football. Tyreek Hill has his suspension at the start of the year, arguably the best WR in the game for my money, on a pure talent standpoint that is. Sammy Watkins has missed time, Damien Williams has missed time. Their number one overall pick and
  5. I don’t care if this team had Tyreek Hill and Deandre Hopkins, Brissett would still stand in the pocket for five seconds and then dump it off to Doyle in the flat. The guy is not the answer, and a bunch of cherry picked stats about his ‘efficiency’ is not going to change that.
  6. Yeah the injury excuse hasn’t flown with me this year, glad to know the numbers backs that assertion. Oline has been healthy, defense had been mostly healthy. Only defensive starters to miss time have been Sheard, Desir, Hooker and Leonard, and even then it was only a couple games a piece. The worst injury has been TY and that’s only been a few weeks. Every team feels beat up.
  7. I really wish instead of bringing in Hoyer, we’d have brought in Matt Moore. He actually really held his team together when Mahomes went down and has kept them in the race. As far as journeymen QBs I’ve always thought he was underrated. He sure as hell could not have done worse than Hoyer. In his three games this year he shellacked the Broncos in relief of Patrick, lost to the Packers in a close fought game, and then beat the Vikings. As far as journeymen/relief QBs I don’t think you can find a better one than Matt Moore. Matt Moore relief stats; 2-1 record (loss to the Packer), 6
  8. Telling message board members to ‘breathe’ or ‘relax’ after their team, the team who this message board is about, loses in such an ugly fashion, is about the most pointless endeavor you can take on a football message board. What the hell else are people gonna talk about, how solid Banogu looked? Or Rock Ya-Sin not getting burnt to a crisp 10 times? I don’t think anybody’s standing on a ledge over this but there are absolutely some criticisms that can be put on the team without the blue colored glasses types getting all holier than thou at every other post.
  9. You guys are all a bunch of band wagoners. It’s obviously not Vinny’s fault. If he wouldn’t have missed 30% of his field goals and been just as bad on his extra points you guys wouldn’t even want to cut him. He won a Super Bowl with us 15 years ago so he is above criticism. Besides, if he were 20 years younger, aimed it right, and that ground not been in the way he’d have made it. Obviously there are no other kickers that aren’t already on a roster that can make extra points so we we might as well roll with him the rest of the year and just go for two and every fourth down.
  10. I wouldn’t get this move. We already have two guys that are the exact same profile; aging, bigger edge defenders that can move inside at a pinch. Houston and Sheard are just fine and it would be redundant and a waste of draft capital to trade for him. Interior linemen and corner are the only places that should be addressed if we want to make a move.
  11. I’m bored and just killing time til Darius Leonard and Justin Houston send Flacco to an early retirement on Sunday. If if you could take any five players in the league; salary cap, age, and injuries all being factored in, who would you bring? This is based on our current roster. 1. Patrick Mahomes - The man is a stud already and is going to be the face of the league for years to come. He’s hurt now but that wouldn’t concern me as it should heal up just fine and he’ll be back to his usual self. 2. George Kittle - He’s not at a tremendously high impact posi
  12. Also I don’t want Campbell or Funchess dipping in to Pascal’s snaps. That man has earned every bit of the #2 WR snaps. I guess they’ll probably take Cain’s snaps because he’s pretty much just been a body out there.
  13. Just in time to start easing them back in slowly for the powerhouse teams like the Broncos, Roethlesbergerless Steelers, Dolphins, Jaguars, and the two divisional teams we’ve already schooled. Get them healthy but don’t rush it because this team is for real.
  14. We gave him a pretty loud standing O in the pregame ceremony and it was really sweet to see him on the jumbotron smiling from ear to ear. There's never any shortage of American patriotism in our state and it showed with the reception we gave to Mr. Yeager. Very nice gesture for Jim to give the game ball to an American hero.
  15. It’s definitely smart but a lot of coaches fail to understand such a basic concept. Reich has a great understanding of analytics and when you should take chances versus when you shouldn’t. Going for it on fourth down on that pitch to Mack this weekend was a great example even though it didn’t work. I even liked the play call, Houston just made a good defensive play. I also liked that that we were throwing on first downs and running on second. The analytics show that the conventional wisdom of running on first and throwing on second is backwards. Frank has started to pick up on tha
  16. Need a few more years but he is well on his way. Best this Dungy had going for him was longevity, his well respected demeanor, and a lot of regular season wins, but for all the talent they had on the team, he won one SB. That’s an overrated coach and I was glad to have him. Reich on the other hand is in his second year and has shown no sign of regress, this after losing his franchise QB two weeks into the year. The man is a stud and I’m so glad Snake McDaniels bailed. Frank will beat you in a thousand different ways, has lots of personnel groupings and seems to understand role pl
  17. The dude just gets open, catches everything, gets YAC, moves the chains, run blocks, returns kicks, and plays special teams. Shows an incredible reliability for a guy we claimed off waivers last year and was an UDFA out of Old Dominion University. He's basically Jack Doyle at WR, a 'Zach of all trades' if you will. This is early in his second year and he's shown a ton of promise so I see no reason for him to not keep showing a ton of improvement. As excited as I was about Funchess, Cain, and Campbell going into the season, it has been Zach Pascal, the relative afterthought, who has truly earne
  18. He looks like he’s about to come out of retirement and play defensive end. Dude is seriously jacked for a Stanford architectural degree having quarterback who plays dungeons and dragons.
  19. We were missing our reigning defensive player of the year, our stud FS, our other safety, one of our starting receivers, and we had a hobbled #1 WR and Rb. Every team is hurt, this is football, not shuffleboard.
  20. I do remember being a big trade back and draft Foles shipper early in the offseason, then I reneged and changed my mind to it being a foolish and Peyton homer type of thinking, and being all in on drafting the future, Luck. I don’t think that even in hindsight, that I could definitively say I side with either. Obviously I’d take the Manning/Foles Lombardi’s if all things are equal, but we’ll never know what the results would have been if we went that route. The thing about keeping Peyton is that they probably would have chosen to keep Caldwell and Polian, and retain the status quo
  21. NCF, try not to let last night’s booing sully your view of the fan base. While I wouldn’t have been among them, the hundred or so odd fans that booed did so out of a few different factors; confusion, heartbreak, disappointment, and sheer mob mentality. I think the online reaction today across the NFL and Colts fan base has been far more reflective of the general mood than last night. Players, fans, and talking heads have come out in droves to support his decision. I don’t know if you plan to stick around now that he’s gone. I’ve actually asked you in the past and you did say that
  22. Those are not the mannerisms that either guy would use for such a conversation. Brissett would be far more reactionary than he is in that moment.
  23. Dude I just named four and that was off the top of my head. There was also Clark, Haeg, Blythe, and some other seventh rounders. It wasn’t for lack of trying or putting resources into pass protection that Luck was so beat up. Grigson was just bad at his job and it took a few years to realize this. It wasn’t as readily apparent either as it is in hindsight. Most of the board, me included really liked what he was doing the first three years when we were making the playoffs and got to the conference championship game. The dude won GM of the year in his first year. I don’t want to soun
  24. Grigson tried to protect Luck. He drafted linemen early; Kelly, Mewhort, Thornton, Holmes, and he brought them in through free agency; Cherilus, Satele. He just brought in the wrong ones because he wasn’t a good GM. Plus the offensive scheme wasn’t conducive to protecting the franchise. It is not on Irsay that Luck wasn’t protected. Once it became obvious that Grigson wasn’t doing the job, Irsay got rid of him. I think Luck was destined for an early retirement anyway. There were rumors that his love for the game wasn’t all there for the last few years, we were all just living in d
  25. Stephen, I like your enthusiasm and I am going to say that he is undoubtedly as good as Vontae Davis in his prime. Not just that, he could probably rival Darrelle Revis before he’s even taken a live snap. I have at least seen no evidence to suggest otherwise.
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