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  1. I didn’t like the pick either and he didn’t show much to dispel that feeling as a rookie but I’m not gonna give up on him yet. He’s very clearly a bright young man, by all accounts is a hard worker, and he has pretty solid athleticism. He has all the makings of a good player so hopefully his talent catches up to his potential.
  2. My man has all the physical ability in the world but it’s very clear he’s lacking between the ears. Rookie year could have been written off due to age but at this point he’s barely deserving of a roster spot and he’ll probably be off one starting the 2021 season.
  3. I like it quite a bit but I question whether Claypool would be there that late. Also think there will be a better tackle prospect there but I’d prefer to not use our first pick at a position of such strength for us. If we did draft one that high I’d want to play him at RT and move Smith to RG.
  4. How does Philip Rivers qualify for a Colts era but Peyton doesn’t? The P Money era is my answer. I was raised to be a Dolphins fan for some reason living in the Midwest but once I was old enough to form my own identity I picked the Colts. I remember scouring through a fantasy football catalog and seeing Peyton, Edge, Marvin, and some drunk guy who used to kick for us all ranked number one at their respective positions going into the year and saying “that’s my team.”
  5. I know he’s supposed to be ‘generational’ but how often does the guy who’s supposed to be ‘generational’ prove to be? Just in the last few years we’ve had two edge prospects that were labeled as such, Garrett and Clowney, neither have proven to be so. Clowney is decidedly NOT and Garrett, while he has been tremendous, has a long way to go to be on that level. Plus getting suspended for the back half of this last year really put a damper on that development. For Young to meet the level of hype he will have to be twice as good as Garrett and that’s just unrealistic. Burrow should be fa
  6. It’s over but now I have two teams I get to hate watch and hope for them to lose every weekend. Makes me sad because I’ve always had a fondness for the Bucs. Just when they bring back their 2000’s jerseys too. ☹️
  7. How a conversation between Ballard and BoB should go.... Ballard: Look BoB, we have a great quarterback that we just don’t have the cap space for and we think would be mutually beneficial for both our teams to come to an agreement. We’ll give you Jacoby and you give us Deshaun. We get cap relief now, and you get it in another year when you no longer have to pay Watson. BoB: Uhhhhhhh, that sounds like a pretty good deal but we think we could get more value out of it. Ballard: Look BoB, we can come up a little, Brissett for Watson and Tunsil, but you have to eat Tunsi
  8. An offense that can sustain drives was the biggest need on defense last year and I think that’s why so many people are talking about it.
  9. Agreed. It’s either 99 or 56 for me this year and I can’t decide.
  10. Do you remember who won last year T? Always a fun contest so thank you for doing it again. 34 A-Denzel Mims, B-Jordan Love, C-Trevon Diggs 44 A-AJ Terrell, B-Brandon Aiyuk, C-Jacob Eason 75 A-Anthony Gordon, B-Terrell Lewis, C-Justin Madubuike 122 A-Davon Hamilton, B-Antoine Winfield JR, C-Matt Peart 160 A-Darrell Taylor, B-James Morgan, C-Charlie Heck 193 A-James Robinson, B-Harrison Hand, C-Colby Parkinson 197 A-Saahdiq Charles, B-Jordan Fuller, C-Derek Tuszka
  11. If Turay, Okereke, Ya-Sin, and Willis all realize their potential and stay healthy, the defense is in great shape. That’s a lot of maybes and the depth needs to be addressed more. It is shaping up very nicely, offense needs more work.
  12. I’m not in favor of trading for him but I don’t see why he’s getting crapped on so much. He went to one of the worst organizations you can go to, and improved exponentially as the season went along. His numbers were pedestrian but geez give the guy a chance to show something before you dump him Washington. I don’t pretend to follow the Skins in any way and have no idea where they’re leaning but it’s not like Tua is some great, surefire prospect. I felt for Haskins in that video where he was trying to motivate his Oline and they rolled their eyes at him. I hope he has a long, healthy, successfu
  13. Look at this cornerback Man I’m bored
  14. I don’t think Nelson ever gets the chance but I could see Leonard getting away after a franchise tag in the future. We could see him play the next two years and then get tagged for his 27 year old season, leave in his 28 year old season. This all assuming he doesn’t hold out in 2021 without a new contract (entirely possible).
  15. We have got to be moving to a man heavy coverage scheme. Pretty much all of our d is suited for such, I hope we don’t go with a square peg/round hole philosophy.
  16. I know this is seven years later than it should have been and he was terrible last year, but I’m excited to get my boy from the 2013 draft. I don’t know what the deal has been in Zimmer’s D to where the safeties have been so great while the corners terrible, but I’m gonna hope a change in scenery/scheme gets him back to form. It’s not like he’s too old.
  17. Catching a bunch of deep, 50/50 balls in an offense with Trevor Lawrence slinging it doesn’t impress me. His lack of route running and simply beating lesser opponents because he has better athleticism doesn’t bode well so I’d be avoiding him in the draft. I don’t subscribe to the ‘rookie receivers have a hard time contributing in their first year camp’ though. They contribute every year, and while some take a year or two to make an impact, it is hardly an exception to the rule when they do. Mims is my guy at that pick if he’s there.
  18. Joe Haeg is a sleeper agent against the evil empire. He goes to Tampa for pennies and earns the starting spot protecting Brady’s blindside. Playing against Cam Jordan he completely avoids him giving him a free shot at Brady. Brady’s black soul leaves his frail and avocado sustained body as Jordan banishes him to the shadow realm. Joe Haeg, his mission complete, returns back to the land of corn and takes his rightful place as a key backup to 4/5 of our offensive line.
  19. We all wanted Haeg back but there was no way it was happening with him wanting a starting job. There was nothing we could do besides cutting Glow and promoting Haeg to that spot if we wanted to keep him. Even though Clark didn’t pan out as we’d hoped when we drafted him, he’s still a body, cheap, and has a number of games and seasons under his belt. Plus he does have position flexibility; we have played him at guard. I feel a lot better having him as our backup swing lineman than a bunch of UDFAs and CFL/Arena League no names.
  20. I don’t recall exactly what happened but I’m not gonna fault him if we were booing him off the field when he was injured. That’s what I remember from that day. I admire his passion for the game. Yes being in QB purgatory and going 7-9 is the place we want to be.
  21. @pacolts56 You submitted yours while I was typing mine up and you and I have 3 picks that are exactly the same, down to the round. Nice mock my man.
  22. I didn’t have time to make a mock prior to free agency but signing Rivers would have been my move too. I would have actually projected him to be marginally more expensive so Ballard gets the dub from me there. Buckner was very unexpected and I do disagree with him on it but it’s in the books now and 3Tech went from being our biggest need on that side of the ball to possibly the biggest strength. Now for what I would like to see happen the rest of the way. Re-sign Haeg - 1Y/2M - Gotta keep our swing lineman. The only bench lineman who has carried his own weight on this team.
  23. Anyone think that Desir and Autry could be cap casualties? They would get us 6.8 and 5.7 respectively with no dead cap. I thought Autry was serviceable but Buckner would render him to be nothing more than a 50% snap player and Desir was bad and injured. Getting an extra 12 million could get us a full time starter at a position of need rather than a couple part time JAGS.
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