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  1. The cleaning people of LOS seats, have less garbage to clean after the game. There wont be traffic outside LOS before and after the game. Ticket will be available at the counter during half time. Basketball will re-emerge as a sports in Indiana again.
  2. Toughest Offense - QB Defense - Strong safety They play a huge part in the team's success. Easiet Special Teams - Holder
  3. I really find it irrational to believe spygate helped Pats fully to win. Filming is onething. But the players still have to go and execute the play. Lack of SBs after 2004 is a direct relationship to their defense. Even with those 3 SBs, first with Tuck rule tarnishes it a bit. But win is a win and they earned them. Bounty is a different story all together. You are making hits knowing you could get a penalty and derail a player. Infact, all the wins should be stripped ( but that wont happen ).
  4. Threw? 6 am in the morning, are we in a grammar class
  5. Happy Birthday my man. You rock as usual.
  6. Favre had the 1st down just by running with the ball in the field goal range. Game was in his hands. He throwed the ball when it wasnt needed.
  7. I havent seen the SB again after that loss. Now that we are talking here it is for the Manning haters. 1. Right before the half time, we ran 3 run plays and got stuffed for all of them ( 2-1, 3-1, 4-1 - Courtesy Caldwell). Gave the ball back to Saints - Field Goal. - 3 Points. 2. Right after the half - On side kick and we lost the ball ( Courtesy Baskett ). Saints score - 7 points ( 14 point differential ) 3. Garcon droppes an easy pass at 3rd down which would have been a 20 yard gain and into Saints territory. Saints got the ball. Again a differential. I am not even considering Wayne/Peyton r
  8. Manning's arm strength huh. Till now i havent really seen Manning fully unleash ( fully bend backwards ). Guess he probably doesnt have to. Some of his half efforts on the play actions to Marvin were easily over 55+. Funny how arms strength's are questioned. Luck is totally fine. Both Luck and RGIII are good. Key is the maturity in mind and both seem to have it. Colts should take Luck and they will be fine.
  9. Dont want to break your bubble but given the circumstances and how the owner operates and the way today's Colts is, if you are not a fan there isnt much to like.
  10. Yeah you have more people like him, Christianity will be extinct.
  11. Today means nothing. Your intelligent owner made up his mind when Colts were handed over the number 1 draft pick end of December. But again, we cant under estimate his brilliancy. He could do anything.
  12. Yes it is. Who is the customer for his business?. Mostly fans. We dont need to be involved in decision making but we need to be informed and communicated.
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