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  1. He could definitely use some Spider 2 Y Banana. Come on Pep, get him some more Spider 2 Y Banana!
  2. Yes, LaRon is a bust of Haynesworth sized proportions. I can't wait to see next offseason LaRon gain 150 pounds and can't run from one side of the field to the other.
  3. This would be a depth signing more or less. Similar to Costa coming in, a younger vet to play in case the starter (Holmes/Howell) flops or gets injured
  4. Definitely have the Superman dive with Luck. I don't think there is a better image to put on a huge banner outside LOS.
  5. I am surprised that some people even thought it was a possibility.
  6. Good for Irsay to go into a treatment facility. I wish the best for him.
  7. I was thinking the Jacksonville Jaguars owner Khan ;)
  8. Man, she definitely would be one of the hottest owners in the NFL.
  9. Good for Brown, I wouldn't be surprised if he produced out in San Diego. Unfortunately he never was THE RB in Indy. I still don't understand why Polian drafted him in the 1st round that year.
  10. So I am assuming that because no offer has been made yet, we aren't actively pursuing him?
  11. I sincerely hope the best for Jim. I have never walked in the guys shoes, and I don't know what he does on a daily basis, but he seems like the consummate professional, when he needs to be, and a party animal after hours. I can understand people bashing him and his choices, but he is a human after all. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. He just turns out to be a multi-millionaire and a NFL owner of one of the most successful franchises of the new millennium.
  12. I have noticed that Grigson does shell out a substantial amount of guaranteed money. That and he front loads contracts so that if they don't work out in a couple years, he can cut them without a lot of financial blowback.
  13. Makes no sense to take a draft pick away because the owner messed up in a non football related matter. The media is so quick to bury someone that they will say anything to get people's attention when they just need to slow down.
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