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  1. He could definitely use some Spider 2 Y Banana. Come on Pep, get him some more Spider 2 Y Banana!
  2. Yes, LaRon is a bust of Haynesworth sized proportions. I can't wait to see next offseason LaRon gain 150 pounds and can't run from one side of the field to the other.
  3. This would be a depth signing more or less. Similar to Costa coming in, a younger vet to play in case the starter (Holmes/Howell) flops or gets injured
  4. Definitely have the Superman dive with Luck. I don't think there is a better image to put on a huge banner outside LOS.
  5. I am surprised that some people even thought it was a possibility.
  6. Good for Irsay to go into a treatment facility. I wish the best for him.
  7. I was thinking the Jacksonville Jaguars owner Khan ;)
  8. Man, she definitely would be one of the hottest owners in the NFL.
  9. Good for Brown, I wouldn't be surprised if he produced out in San Diego. Unfortunately he never was THE RB in Indy. I still don't understand why Polian drafted him in the 1st round that year.
  10. So I am assuming that because no offer has been made yet, we aren't actively pursuing him?
  11. I sincerely hope the best for Jim. I have never walked in the guys shoes, and I don't know what he does on a daily basis, but he seems like the consummate professional, when he needs to be, and a party animal after hours. I can understand people bashing him and his choices, but he is a human after all. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. He just turns out to be a multi-millionaire and a NFL owner of one of the most successful franchises of the new millennium.
  12. I have noticed that Grigson does shell out a substantial amount of guaranteed money. That and he front loads contracts so that if they don't work out in a couple years, he can cut them without a lot of financial blowback.
  13. Makes no sense to take a draft pick away because the owner messed up in a non football related matter. The media is so quick to bury someone that they will say anything to get people's attention when they just need to slow down.
  14. We could trade our entire team for Richard Sherman, RG3, Darrelle Revis, etc... and still, people will talk about Irsay getting arrested. This is media gold, and they will talk about this for a while. How often does a successful NFL Owner get arrested and face 4 felony counts of DWI and in possession of Class IV substance. Frankly, we don't need to make a move, we need to just focus on football and leave Irsay and his family deal with the situation at hand.
  15. MFW This thread turned into a Raider bashing thread
  16. Definitely picking up another FS and another CB at least. I am 50/50 on the center position because of Costa and Khaled Holmes. I would like to have another body there. I imagine we go either FS or C with our first pick. I have seen Wells discuss that he need another WR, for which I don't understand. We have 6 right now, and all are pretty young, and have game experience.
  17. Well I guess money and long term commitments don't seem to influence Nicks. I bet he is hoping to cash in next year and demand more money to whoever wants him, provided he produces.
  18. Jones is my favorite. I like Costa, even if a lot of people don't just because his name doesn't start with Alex and end with Mack
  19. I think we are number 5 ranked offense. Broncos are still number 1 with Peyton. Eagles are number 2 with that Chip Kelly system. Bears are number 3 with the twin towers of Marshall and Jeffery. Saints are number 4 with Drew Brees's Flying Circus. We are 5 because of Luck
  20. Jimmy is a smart enough guy, I have a good feeling that he will do what most business men will do. Get bail, probably call a press conference or issue a statement saying how regretful he was and that he made a mistake that he hopes to be forgive by his peers and fans of the team. Might even take some time to go to rehab. Just my thoughts at least
  21. Well I would love to have that kind of production from Nicks, but I don't think he will scratch those kind of numbers. I think Nicks will walk after this season unless we do really well and he sticks around to reap the rewards of playing for Luck. So resign Castonzo because he and Cherlius are the only 2 solid guys on the line, at the moment.
  22. I can't see Ballard or Bradshaw starting over Trent, unless he doesn't produce early on or gets injured. My ideal situation would be Ballard starting, Bradshaw coming in on 3rd downs, and Richardson coming in during goal line situations.
  23. I think this was a bad move on Jimmy's part. But in a couple months time, I bet nobody will even remember this story. Everyone makes mistakes, I am just glad he didn't get killed or kill anybody while doing it.
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