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  1. Hmm does it really though? People say the Razor is rather quiet but yet the Patriots are all but unbeatable at home.. why no one outside of Pats Fans want see them with HFA threwout the playoffs. Unlike say a noisy stadium like KC has where I think they said they lost 5 of the last 6 home playoff games?? So loudness doesn’t equal dominance for the home team.
  2. JimJaime

    5 teams, 3 spots

    I see the colts winning 2 out of 3 (Cowboys only potential loss) finishing. 9-7 ravens I see as 1-2 losing to Chargers and the Browns. Fins ish 8-8 dolphins: lose all 3 finish 7-9 steelers: lose 2 out of 3 finishin 8-7-1 steelers and Colts make the playoffs.. Colts @ Texans Chargers @ Steelers
  3. JimJaime

    Beating Dallas

    Make sure Amari is covered! He was the reason they won yesterday... if Cooper is even semi open seems Dax can get him the ball..which is odd seeing as how he sails it high on almost everyone else
  4. JimJaime

    Beating Dallas

    Outside perspective: IMO the #1 Key to beating the Cowboys will be your line giving Luck time to throw the Ball. This is a D that has made both Breese, and Wentz the last two weeks look either average or below average all game. Also the Colts can not be one dimensional as that willget Luck killed IMO. The Colts need run the ball enough keep the Biys from just coming after Luck every play. On D it will be harder, the Cowboys have a couple decent WR, and Elliot is a damn good pass catching RB. This week is a tall order especially since it’s hard take away more than one thing. I say stop Zek and pray Dax makes mistakes throwing the ball.
  5. JimJaime

    New England (-7.5) at Miami (12-9-18)

    Both teams going come in angry.. I’m just hoping the good Pats D shows up! Lol.. but ya I see them missing the playoffs if they lose Sunday to the Pats.
  6. JimJaime

    New England (-7.5) at Miami (12-9-18)

    This year the Pats team confuses me anyways! I mean all their losses are to sub par teams. It’s almost like the Team gets cocky and gets destroyed by a bad team. (Outside of the Jags game where the Jags just played out of their minds.)
  7. JimJaime

    New England (-7.5) at Miami (12-9-18)

    I don’t blame Gronk at all for that! There are 10 other guys out there who play D all game one of hen SHOULD have made the tackle. Like I said that was a fluke. The one good thing came of that is Pats still have the #2 seed and now the Ravens been leap frogged by either the Colts or the Phins (Sorry I don’t know which one) for the sixth seed.
  8. JimJaime

    New England (-7.5) at Miami (12-9-18)

    Brady has a great game, this loss wasn’t on him or the O. Heck I am just going chalk it up to one of those “crap happens” games.. thankfully this wasn’t the SB like the last time that happened. (Miracle catch with the helmet lol) but it did solidify for me that this D is no where good enough to win a SB, I dare say the Pats lose in the AFCCG to the Chiefs in a shootout..
  9. Be interesting see how well he does with the next man up happens to him. First he lost Hunt, and I heard Hill got hurt in the Ravens game. Losing Hill for any amount of time will hurt the Chiefs, the man is a freak of nature with speed and hands. I think Mahommes will be a top 7 QB but I suspect he (like most great QB) will struggle against good Ds.. so I look forward to their game against the Chargers, who have both D and an O.
  10. JimJaime

    New England (-7.5) at Miami (12-9-18)

    Nah that’s normal operating procedure for every team. I was more upset at the screw up at the end of the first half. Kick a FG there and well the game is over even with that fluke play.. I swear there is like some vu do curse on the Pats in Miami.. they seem find new and imaginative ways to lose there!
  11. JimJaime

    New England (-7.5) at Miami (12-9-18)

    I’m glad the colts won, Pats still have the bye and 3 winnable games left on the docket
  12. JimJaime

    Alliance American Football League or the XFL

    If I started the league I’d have the teams in the South, where football is king.. and the spring is wide open..
  13. JimJaime

    Josh McDaniels hot HC candidate... again

    I could see him going to Cleveland over anywhere else. A good young QB, a decent D, some talent at Wr and TE and a very good RB.. all they need is an O that can score points and not turn the ball over and they win the North.. McDaniels IMO could do that as he is a damn good OC..
  14. JimJaime

    Kareem Hunt pushes and kicks a woman on video

    Umm nothing happened to Hunt as far as criminal charges or anything like that. It’s part of his contract (or the CBA) that he violated this why he got treated like this. I mean sadly it APPEARS he has issues as it appears they are now investigating 3 incidents of him being violent. I see a very long long suspension for him and a one year “prove you can not be stupid” deal when it’s done.
  15. JimJaime

    Kareem Hunt pushes and kicks a woman on video

    OR get the vet minimum which be less than his contract. Which is what he will probably receive next year..