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  1. DPOTY: Gilmore - he has been an absolute beast and unbeatable so far at CB. COTY: Harbaugh - did anyone expect Lamar and the Ravens be this good? That’s his coaching and play calling doing it. (And I don’t like him lol) the rest I agree with completely.
  2. Hmm I can see that! I found the 5th spot very hard to fill. Can I ask why you feel he is better? (No wrong answers lol all our opinions)
  3. Criteria is under 30, so here my top 5: 1. Mahomes - MVP winner and still going strong this year while fighting threw injury. Been hampered by one of the worst D in the NFL 2. Jackson - Early Still but dynamic and did lead the Ravens to the Playoffs last year. 3. Garoppolo - 10-1 this year (18-3 overall) he has that IT factor and his only negative is he is injury prone. 4. Watson - he could be 3 he is very dynamic but in the games I’ve watched this year he looks slower and like Garoppolo has injury concerns. 5. Prescott - inconsistent but a good QB and well I was hard pressed find a 5th young QB put here lol thouhts?
  4. Judging by how well they moved it all night it is safe to say they were not going to drive down field in 2 minutes.. their coach is awful and blew any chance they had.. oh and FYI the correct call for that trip was holding on the guy next to him.. last I checked your not allowed touch the defender in the back blocking.
  5. Pats O moved the ball better than the Cowboys all game. They just stalled out or had one of I think seven or eight drops to kill the drive. Considering they were missing Sanu and Dorsett (yes Brady trusts him too) the O did rather well and the run game was the best it’s been all season. (Like 4 yards a carry) As even Dallas fans are saying, while the trip call was wrong and bad that didn’t cost them the game. Garrett poor coaching did. I mean even without the trip call they need march 75 yards in 2 minutes.. something they hadn’t done all game.. and well settling for a FG on the Pats 11 was a cowardly move.
  6. Ya it was a little short but not unusual for that to happen Hilton makes that grab most times.. last night wasn’t the Colts night, I mean it was obvious the game plan wasn’t to pass it but to run it down their throats
  7. The one broken up by the 35 year old CB? Was right there and he had it for a second that was like 35 yards down field. Hilton makes that grab 99 out of 100 times.. if nothing else gets the team into FG range.
  8. Had a drop by Hilton that hurt at the end of the game.. two passes to him were perfect and he just failed make the catch.. it happens!
  9. They had a great passing attack because for whatever reason your coach never took their number one receiver away.
  10. I completely agree! I have not watched many Browns games, is this a first time offense? Or is he been a constant dirty player like this? (Like Suh with the stomping on heads and legs type thing not roughing the passer dirty..)
  11. Wasn’t meant as an insult saying I expect a rematch at the Razor, or that I thought it was a sure win. It was meant to say I don’t see any team stopping the other till then is all. (Mind you that can change one injury to Jackson or Brady and well it’s over for either club) the Ravens future looks bright I feel this is the Pats last chance at glory with Brady at the helm, I have a feeling Stidham takes over next year. Pats draft O lineman and well if he stinks and the Pats are pitifully bad.. we are in the hunt for the Clemson QB the next draft. Sounds just like a BB plan lol
  12. Defense looked scary today.. and was it me or did Watson just look well slow? Great job by your D!
  13. Less than 300 yards passing.. I’m still more afraid of his legs than his arm.. I see a rematch of n the Razor for the AFC Championship.
  14. The Pats D is legit, the Ravens were the only team really move the ball consistently on them. Be interesting see if anyone can figure a way to slow down their College style O. (Which isn’t an insult just what it is a triple option, RPO, all things you see in college not the pros)
  15. You guys absolutely destroyed them! Made me feel better on how the Patriots looked lol
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