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  1. JimJaime

    Patriots vs Chiefs

    Just commenting on the almost interception.. that was ALL Brady! He so badly under threw that ball if he throws it accurately Gordon scores easily. ( and on a side note I was impressed how Gordon kept it from being a turnover.). My bigger issue was the next play Brady holds the ball for what felt like 3 minutes before h gets stripped sacked.. felt like he was (come on the NFL told us make it a 3 point game..)
  2. JimJaime

    Patriots vs Chiefs

    Not sure, but maybe they have a ban list with photo lol.. but I think it’s more just public posturing for the NFL.
  3. JimJaime

    Patriots vs Chiefs

    He is banned from the Razor for life for ANY event Patriots, Revolution, concerts, anything!
  4. JimJaime

    Patriots vs Chiefs

    The flipping him off I was fine with because god only knows what trash he was yelling to the fans.. I mean he did go over to “celebrate” per his own agent.. the Beer throwing was just dumb and *ic.
  5. JimJaime

    Patriots vs Chiefs

    I see only one loss for them and that’s the Rams in a few weeks, they could also lose to the Chargers.. the rest of their games are rather easy.
  6. JimJaime

    This week vs. the Jets

    GO COLTS!! I hope you destroy the Jets 42-0! Your O should be able to score on them it all depends if your D can get pressure and force the Jets to throw.
  7. JimJaime

    Teams 1-4 Who Will Be 1-5 Next Week?

    TB HOT garbage right now and I see Atlanta winning that one.
  8. JimJaime

    Celebration after Interception

    I didn’t care really as a Pats fan I was more annoyed that Hogan missed such an easy pass. As for celebrating if my son did that I. Pop warner the ref throw a flag for unsportsmanlike conduct. (He got one after a sack for screaming “I bring the pain” to his teammates. Lol)
  9. JimJaime

    IMO what the colts need. (Outside perspective)

    I’m taking the Jags in that game: Jags 28 KC 14 mahommes throws 3 picks
  10. JimJaime

    IMO what the colts need. (Outside perspective)

    The Jags corners are light years better than the Texans! So while the Texans front four may get their a 1/2 second faster the Jags make it so there is no place throw the ball. The JAGs D >>> Texans D
  11. JimJaime

    IMO what the colts need. (Outside perspective)

    I saw Manning and Luck get killed behind that line for YEARS! Maybe it isn’t the lineman but the lineman coach? I know that was the case when Scar retired for a year and his replacement almost got Brady killed behind the same line that they won a SB with a year later
  12. After watching a couple of colts games here is what I THINK the Colts need: OLine: I can’t stress this enough, this O line will get smoked by the Jags D front and needs help badly. RB: not sure if it’s your rookie RB or again the Oline failure.. but being one dimensional against good to great Ds will get Luck reinjured. secondary: well be fair your starters are injured but the backups couldn’t cover anyone and were exposed all night last night and heck they looked bad against the Texans. be honest the colts aren’t missing much, but they need focus on how beat the Jags and Titans as those are the two top dogs they need to face make the playoffs.
  13. JimJaime


    I honestly don’t know.. maybe just good coaching and knowing how read D?? Fair enough.. all a matter of opinion anyways..
  14. JimJaime

    Colts @ Patriots Thursday Night Football Game Thread

    You may be right. I took it as the Pats changing it up in the second half going for bigger plays since the Colts really were not pressuring Brady at all. I could be totally wrong but that’s how I took it. (Especially after the 3 and out start the 3rd) as for the stops? Who knows twice is not enough really get any sort of intel on.. and he only threw one of those away.. the other was to low to Gordon. (Again the injuries hurt the colts on D.. the O drops were a bigger factor than anything the D did)
  15. JimJaime

    i'm proud of this team....

    Don’t be to high on your O line the Pats D rush kind of well stinks! Lol