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  1. Depends on who their HC is if they have a good to great one.. yes if they have an average to bad No.
  2. No he should have an indefinite suspension. If the NFL is doing that for people using drugs anything less for someone like this is just not right. He (if the audio is not altered etc) sounded like he was right and justified to do this.. BUT when question denies he did/does this.. which shows he knows it’s wrong and doesn’t give a damn.
  3. This “man” doesn’t deserve be cheered forever again! Beating a child like that is just unforgivable!
  4. Perfect post! We all notice the plays that went against our team, but have blunders on for the ones our team got away with as well.. although that uncalled PI was beyond bad so I understand Peyton anger over it still.
  5. I was sad see him retire, but is I understood why. That mans body been put threw a lot in less than 30 years he has earned a nice relaxing reitrement.. as for my favorite team the Pats... I now say they will pick a WR/TE in the first round... probably move up to do it as well.
  6. See I don’t get the hate for him. You hate him because you can hear the passion in his voice for the game? That he talks to much? They all do at least he is adding something.. lol i cant stand hearing Troy Aikman announce a game he is just awful.
  7. Only if we draft a QB this year we wouldn’t go 11-5 with Hoyer! Lol
  8. Isn’t that true of any team in the NFL? Lose their QB and bye bye playoffs hello top pick.. lol
  9. See I thought the Raiders = Jags 2.0 in FA. The Jets signed two FA both to top of their position salaries and it wasn’t a WR to help their young QB or god knows line help to protect him.. it was on a RB and a saftey(?) weird choices.. IMO most improved teams (right now on paper): Browns - OBJ added to that Offense alone is scary, they were a play or two from the playoffs last year. Raiders - AB, Brown (lineman), and what seems like a dozen FA.
  10. I’m wondering if he be anywhere near as good? Not because he lost a step but who on that team scares a team as a WR like Brown and JuJu did in Pittsburg? For that matter that line isn’t very good either so his dancing could end up costing them yards. the Jets have so many things to fix this signing makes zero sense.. it made sense for Indy because you have a scary WR and a QB a that teams aren’t going to dare to beat them. Jets being Jets
  11. But isn’t that rather stupid on their part? (I’m honestly asking) they will not be contenders next year or the year after, not with that D and with Big Ben and JuJu the only threats on O now.. shouldn’t they have taken a better hall get better faster?
  12. It’s a steal! We get him and a 7th round pick for a 5th round pick! And he is pretty cheap at 7 million a year
  13. Stop! The police have already stated they do not fee Kraft or anyone else arrested had knowledge of the trafficking.
  14. I keep forgetting the high “moral” ground some colt fans put themselves on. Facts don’t matter to them just their moral superiority.. sad a lot here are good peeps but some just have to make this a “well I would” ya ya.. but for those wanting FACTS: 1. FACT: Bob Kraft was arrested on two offenses of soliciting a prostitute. (Which is a much lesser offense then DUI in most states.) 2. FACT: The Police have stated they don’t believe any of the people arrested knew about the trafficking. 3. FACT: Bob Kraft has hired some heavy hitters to defend him and spending more money than just coping to a plea and paying the fine. 4. FACT: Police say they have video tape evidence. outside of these four things everything else is opinion and a lot on here opinion based purely on your dislike of the Patriots and not based on any sort of true facts.
  15. Lol jail time for a minor offense for one of the richest men on the planet. Ok and the. Pigs fly and the Steelers are not a bad soap opera.. lol that said I didn’t even know he existed till he resigned lol..
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