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  1. Except that loss to the Chiefs was caused by O’Brien having 2 brain farts in a row. First not going for the kill on 4th and less than a yard on like the 12of the Chiefs and then doing a fake punt at his own 30.. just dumb! And helped the snowball effect of a huge comeback..
  2. SF FOR THESE REASONS: 1. Best pass Rush D and have good cover corners 2. an amazing Run O, but if you stack the box Kittle and Sanders will burn you. Prediction: SF 45 KC 24
  3. I don’t think they win the SB this year. He is a great QB but if we are being honest O’Brien had to gift wrap that divisional game for them, and well SF the better team this year. (Their D stop them and KC D won’t stop the 49ers)
  4. Colts have a better O line and with that Brady make your receivers look better with time.. Pats have a better run game though, or rather RB’s.
  5. I 100% agree, and I see the Chargers being the winners if they want him. Makes sense, his family is there, they already have a home in LA I believe, and he get to prove he was great even without BB.. (the last part be harder to prove at his age.. now 5 years ago yes.. lol)
  6. Patrick Mahomes Nick Bosa Kittle
  7. He retire before he joins the Cowboys (he hates them), the Browns,Vikings,Broncos or Colts. (Wife Nicole those in a heartbeat! And he will not be apart from his family for that long of a time) Also Brady has already mixed the rumor they moved into a new home in CT.
  8. I’m pretty sure the Pats and Ravens tried this and it didn’t work.. well at least not for the Ravens hard say the Pats D failed giving up only 14 points but the man got 165 yards still.
  9. What ever happened? The team loss? Yup.. SB Brady had 505 yards and 5 TDs and lost.. as people say it’s a team game one player can keep it close and help them win but you need the D to stop and or the receivers to catch a well thrown bal in traffic.
  10. I was calling for them go for it on 4th and inches.. you go for the kill there.. EVERYONE knew sooner or later their O was going wake up.. your best option was to destroy the D confidence and he didn’t.. your Up by 17!! You punt in your own end unless it’s like a yard or less.. was just a dumb call.
  11. Not going for it on 4th and less than a yard on the KC 10 showed no guts! Going for it up 24-7 on your 30 was *ically dumb!
  12. This loss is on the D as much as Lamar. They talked tough about stopping Henry and got run all over by him even worse than the Pats. IMO Lamar has to learn how to handle adversity, he hasn’t had a lot of it in his career so far, but you could see his frustration last night.. he is young I hope he learns how to deal with it.
  13. They moved the ball with efficiency today up and down the field on a rather good D. I was impressed THIS week with the O. Game wouldn’t been close if wasn’t for two huge pass plays by Buffalo. IMO the best game by the Pats and Brady against a good opponent . They are very good and I wouldn’t be shocked see them in Baltimore for the division round. (I don’t see Pitt or Tenn beating KC)
  14. Oh wasn’t expecting sympathy just stating they had gotten screwed and that’s why they booed.. the Ravens got a huge non call on 4th and 1 as well.. Refs have helped make sure their losses were just that...
  15. What I notice is you couldn’t answer the question. I don’t have to defend them on anything unlike some it just a game to me.
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