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  1. His contract is to insane for BB and he is a project and very injury prone. IMO BB wants Jimmy G back if the 49ers cut him.
  2. Oh it’s a long shot! But I think if we did e face the Steelers and I could see our 5th ranked scoring D making it a game.. be boring for non pats or steeers fans as the final score be like 10-7 lol
  3. The Giants COULD beat them! Their D can stop their O, it be interesting if the Giants O could get anything done.
  4. Cam started off great, but since COVID his throwing been sub par. We are 2-1 the last three games his stat line is like 50% completion for I think 300 yards TOTAL!
  5. Lol if my Pats finish 9-7 it be a miracle coaching job with Cam “fig arm” Newton as QB. Funny thing is all we need is Baltimore lose tonight and 1 other time, miami lose 2 more times, and Raiders once.. to make the playoffs at 9-7.. lol so mathematically still in it lol
  6. It’s sad when a fan base is smarter than the people running the team. Lol I think I will go vote for this guy now myself to help the cause.
  7. Be careful what you wish for. The Pats D starting get healthy and if Cam noodle arm actually starts hitting the open receiver.. the pats be hard to beat.
  8. Pats win and it never felt that close. The weather made sure Jackson and the Ravens couldn’t do a last minute win.
  9. He will keep them UNLESS he think Ukler and our other LB are ready to take over.(I wanna say Phillips) I think Chung stays as he is a great run stopper and cheap. Hightower may be traded.
  10. Pats also have a lot of cap space to sign a couple FA WR who are good. We have a great o line, and good RB. Our D be better with 6 starters returning who opted out.
  11. I am hoping they can get BYU Wilson high accuracy rate and low interceptions
  12. Still be the top teams with cap space..
  13. Pats and Colts are sitting pretty for salary cap space next year. I know what I want the Pats to do. Draft a QB in the first round and sign a couple good WR in FA. With our O line and RB we be a dangerous offense almost immediately. Add in a Defense getting 6 starters back and they could be back to SB caliber. what do you expect your team to do with their cap space? (Colts sitting pretty too)
  14. Look what mess they were going to. IMO whichever top QB BB takes has a better chance being successful than the QBs selected by the Jets,Jags or Washington.
  15. I’m hoping for Wilson from BYU he looks very accurate and with McDaniels and BB as his coach. I see him excelling here.
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