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  1. No, we need find a new young QB. I still rather had Stidham this year and sank or swam with him. If he did well and improved as the year went by awesome. If he sucked we draft in the top 10 and get one of the three top QBs coming out. Now we will probably win the East again, and a playoff game or two. And then back to the drawing board.
  2. Lmao the Pats are ONE game behind the Bills and have a vastly superior Defense. Also they averaged 29 points with Cam (not counting Sundays fiasco where the entire team was rusty from lack of practice) oh and on Sunday there was ONE starter on the O line left after the first quarter. (1 broken hand, 2 COVID the day before the game) I see us beating the Bills twice (unless This COVID issue continues) and sweeping the East division again.
  3. Lmao next year will have another QB under center, I predict Lawrence upon seeing the Jets have the top pick decides to go back to Clemson and the Jets draft another QB who is a one year wonder and he fails. Lol that said: Jets — until they get a front office AND WELL HC worth anything they will be garbage no matter who is the QB. Bills - a paper tiger that was dismantled by the first true test they had. (Although I am suspicious on how sharp the Titans were w one practice in two weeks) Miami — they actually scare me they will probably end up with
  4. I agree with everything you said. I was just pointing out to Remedy that those “awful pats” would have won the game with Cam Newton playing. As one of the talking heads said “ SB Caliber HC, SB caliber Defense, being run by a pop warner QB”. I think that was insulting Pop Warner QBs lol
  5. Those Pats would have beaten KC with Cam, hell may have won if Stidham had started! The Pats D is legit! It gave up only 19 points to the most explosive offense in the NFL.
  6. The sack at the end of the half had me going “that’s it bench him” if that had been Stidham I say “rookie mistake it happens” but no excuse for the mistakes Hoyer made.
  7. What would most teams records be facing Vikings, Steelers, Ravens, Chiefs? I say with an average coach at BEST 2-2? But 1-3 isn’t hard believe either or 0-4. There schedule gets easier with Jags and Titans
  8. They won’t get permission to talk to either during the year. They will have to name an interim HC for the rest of the year..
  9. I agree with that! I dare say we win this game if Cam didn’t have Corona. All I know is after last night what I want in the draft is a 1st round QB...
  10. As a pats fan I am not that upset: D played lights out and Mahomes and Kelce got a couple of calls only superstars get. (Shrug) for one TD.. I mean anytime you hold KC O to 19 points is a win on D. Hoyer — what’s dumpster fire! He is directly responsible for 6 points being off the board. man isn’t even fit carry a clip board anymore. Stidham —- the Pick 6 is all on Edelman, you can’t drop those man! His other interception he read the play right just didn’t put air underneath it to get it to the open Byrd. He was shaky but if we don’t have Cam for Sunday (whi
  11. I think it says more about BB and McDaniels.. they are putting Cam in a position to win every week. BB has that D playing very well (only bad game was against Wilson, who has made every D look bad!)
  12. Allen been impressive. Be nice see how good he really is when he faces a real D though.
  13. Lmao Wilson I shouldn’t be up I am exhausted lol
  14. If Eilsin doesn’t at least get votes then the MVP is a joke. Fact he has not even gotten one vote ever is a sham.
  15. Was weird he scored the TD and hurt his ankle. It didn’t look like much but after that they lost all their momentum..
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