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  1. If that is truly Jones it is hilarious!!!
  2. I agree a QB who is ready play now.. BB isn’t getting any younger and has maybe what 3-4 hrs left? He wants win now prove it wasn’t just Brady. (Which it wasn’t it was both of them Brady proved that last year moving the Pats way down to Tampa.. they didn’t make so many dumb mistakes when he took charge)
  3. Right now any Watson trade is dead period no team is touching him right now unless the Texans want a 7th for him. Secondly Stanford said that BEFORE the Pats wild spending spree to improve the Offense. Oh and most importantly the Pats were never interested in Stafford.
  4. How long before they trade Jimmy G to NE now? Seems like he has to go if your going have a top pick QB.
  5. NDA do not and can not cover anything illegal. Also I would think 1 out of 22 would come forward I think the stay is only 1 in 10 woman come forward to the police. Again not saying they are lying just that it’s odd so many claim it happened but not one came forward to the police when it happened.
  6. Definitely not in Houston which sucks for the Texans because they will get pennies on the dollar. What’s truly sad is we will never really know the truth.
  7. Lol no he will have to go to some “facility” to learn proper behavior and be welcome back into the NFL after 1 year tops.. because he is a top tier QB.. mind you that’s if any charges are ever filed and there is any sort of proof. (They all are a he said she said thing it appears.)
  8. I am NOT saying their claims are false just that their attorney is only going to hurt them in court especially with a jury. As I said before I don’t even know what they are saying happened and with no facts or evidence im not going say one way or the other. That’s up to a jury or judge to decide.
  9. I am bashing their counsel because he has ALREADY lied in THIS case. Again the man said it wasn’t about money and in the same interview said they tried to resolve this without going public but Watson agent treated him bad. You see those statements are opposite. If it wasn’t about money then he never would have tried to settle without their voices being heard. So again they have a bottom feeding low life lawyer. His lawyer has experience, and umm Peterson never denied hitting the boy with the stick. (Also that was old school parenting I have friends raised that way)
  10. My point about the attorney is it weakens their case having a bozo attorney on it who looks like he is grand standing and looking for his payday. Has no bearing on how truthful they are but their attorney does hold weight with either the jury or judge in the civil suit. (Yes in a civil case you can request a jury I say on one) He is just awful!!! I will not really speak about the woman since I have not seen or even heard much of what they are saying happened.. that’s not my job thankfully.. but I can bash their terrible choice in lawyers. Lol
  11. As of today there has been no one who has come forward and filed an official complaint with HPD. That’s not to say they are lying or are telling the truth that’s just the fact right now. Their lawyer already has proven he is a bottom feeding lawyer when he says “it’s not about the money” then later in the same interview says “I went to his agent to try settle this quietly” that’s contradictory. if the woman are telling the truth FIRE this bozo and hire a real attorney!
  12. The cap confuses the hell out of me, I am sure they can arrange things around so they can afford him.
  13. Wouldn’t a better trade for them be this: SF Gets Watson Pats Get Jimmy G and SF 2nd round pick Texans get SF 1st round pick (12) and Pats 1st round pick (15) along with a Pats 4th and a SF 4th.. more than enough trade capital move up get a new franchise QB OR do as faster rebuild around Taylor.
  14. JimJaime


    Satire? Trubisky the backup QB for Buffalo? Lol
  15. He isn’t facing any charges now. All civil lawsuits. Per 98.5 sports hub as of this morning the Houston PD has not heard from these woman’s attorney and there is no ongoing investigation. I don’t know about the woman but their lawyer screams ambulance and 15 minutes of fame chaser.
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