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  1. Lol but the NFC is also 1-2 against the Pats in the playoffs the last 3 years with one being the biggest comeback in SB history.. so ya they want someone new too.. lol Pats D will stop Mahomes a few times.. heck they stopped him for an entire half last year. And the KC defense is a hot mess right now.
  2. I think the Bills be tough to, you know the team with the second best record in the AFC and the second best D.
  3. While true Superman, I actually crunched the numbers. Those teams (all together) average 14.9 points the Pats D has given up: 6.5 points a game.. they are dominating the bad teams more than anyone else and let’s be honest their overall average is lower because they faced the Pats D.
  4. I don’t know.. Miami has a pretty terrible O! Mind you I think their O tried harder and Flacco looks done.
  5. I would love trade him to say Atlanta for Sanu.. but knowing BB he will end up trading him for a 4th and giving the other team a 5th.. aka just get rid of him.. lol
  6. Great response! I would add make refs full time employees and have them learn all the rules and how they should be interpreted during the off season. IMO the biggest issue is how vastly different one group of refs call a game compared to another.
  7. Per Bleacher Report Michael Bennett was suspended for having a “philosophical disagreement” with his position coach. lol which probably means he lost his mind and forced BB to step between him and Mayo..
  8. I heard Watkins was still out and Hill is a game time decision. (I’m keeping a close eye since Hill on my Fantasy team and I want him back in lol)
  9. I would love two u defeated for just one reason.. no matter who wins.. NO MORE TALK OF THE DANG MIAMI DOLPHINS of 1972..
  10. Lmbo that’s hilarious! But a big part of the issue is the online not holding up. They need Wynn back and maybe a trade to fix it.. I mean the running game been terrible too!
  11. NO ONE? (Point to last year and both losses to NE). i see their D giving Mahomes fits especially if his ankle has him hobbled still. I also see Watson Lighting up KC secondary a lot better than the Colts did because Watson is a better QB.
  12. Brady has played horrible! I think the Giants have a good QB he is very accurate he just isn’t reading defenses well yet.
  13. IMO Von Miller makes more sense to the Pats since he would be an added piece to an already stacked D that’s built to win THIS year. Although I rather get Sanders than him I could see BB pulling the trigger on either of them.
  14. Mahomes was obviously hurting the entire second half. That limp got worse and worse as the game went on. I dare say if he had been 100% the settling for FG would have bitten Indy in the butt big time! That said the refs were sure trying get KC that win, I still can’t figure out .. A. How that was PI on Hilton. B. What evidence they saw to overturn the INT. Two key plays that COULD have drastically changed the game. mind you I am very happy Indy one!! signed A Pats Fan (lol)
  15. I was worried about Gostkowski I thought he had lost it this year.. I feel awful being relieved it was an injury causing his issue not a mental block.
  16. Exactly! The trade was perfect for both teams. I dare say perfect for both players as well, I dare say a rare case where both teams won the trade.
  17. Damn I can’t load the meme showing BB with his good up, and the meme saying the force is trying in you young Skywalker! Come join the Darkness side.” Lol was so appropriate lol
  18. Still in the race for the AFC South Crown! I like Brissett I think he will prove be a good starting QB, not a Luck or Brady good but perhaps Stafford good?
  19. Brissettstill sitting on the bench here so..
  20. BB: Antonio come to my office AB: (enters office close door) BB: remember how I said if you messed up your gone and you lose all the money AB: Yes coach BB: you didn’t mess up, you totally messed up your cut and we aren’t paying you.. Good Bye..
  21. Exactly! If your an owner would you think your HC would be able to reign him in if the best HC right now couldn’t?
  22. Oh God i was happy when they signed him I was hoping he be smart and just shut up and play football. Mind you these texts were done after he was signed.. that was a No No with the Pats. mind you they didn’t need him. There are not many teams who could challenge them before well 8 or 9.
  23. JimJaime

    Montcrief News

    At least Allen could block..
  24. Heck all he had to do is shut up and played in NE. The texts he sent got him the boot and lost him 10 million guaranteed.
  25. JimJaime


    He is accurate, has good pocket presence and in 2 games hasn’t made a stupid mistake yet that will come because he is a rookie. think the Jags got a steal in the 6th round.
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