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  1. No, no, no, no, NO! Anyone with the last name of Kiffin should not be allowed in the STATE, let alone the locker room. Monte Kiffin is not a good coach. I've watched all the USC games in person. He does not coach well at all. Manusky is doing fine. The team is adjusting well to his defense. It's different than what they were use to. They will get better with more experience and game play. It would be a disaster to bring in Monte.
  2. Mistake free football. No turnovers. Great defensive play by keeping the Lions offense off the field.
  3. ColtsfaninLA


  4. Congrats on the tickets!! Have a great time. One day it will be me!
  5. I will fly there for the game if I win. It would be a dream come true to see the Colts in person at their home opener.
  6. I was looking for him also. I am not sure if he will be doing the picks though. Since the new forums, I have not been able to find him to confirm.
  7. I wish him well. And with the 95 million he is getting over 5 years!
  8. I'm a Colts fan. I will follow PM. But won't root for the Broncos. I wish him well, and great success except against our Colts. The Luck era begins. Go Horse!!
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