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  1. If we judged players by what they do before their first ever training camp, the Hall of Fame would be a very empty Hall!!
  2. Hopefully our Dec.12 game is at home. That way if the Patriots game ends up on the 18th, the short week will be easier to deal with. Then we'll have a regular week leading up to Arizona game
  3. Pascal was going to be my choice as well. He moves the chains a lot, and hardly ever does he drop a catchable ball!
  4. I think for the 3rd time in history it will be teammates. Jaelen Phillips & Jaylen Waddle
  5. Especially now that they have added an extra week to the season
  6. If he can return to form health wise and becomes a colt then I would put our O-Line up against any in the league
  7. The colts by a landslide! Super Bowl bound real soon!
  8. I trust Ballard to get it right more times than not. Like most I didn't know anything about this kid but I wouldn't be surprised if he's a highly productive player for years to come. If he and Paye both end up killing it this D will be a monster! Cant wait! Go Colts!
  9. Even after drafting two DE's, I wouldn't be surprised to still sign Houston for one more year. Still can be productive and would be a great mentor
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