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  1. I voted FA: Trent Williams ...but that’s unrealistic. I guy can dream, right?
  2. C’mon guys... Wild Thing makes the field goal, it’s probably a different story. We score on all those downs inside the frickin’ 5 yard line, definitely a different story. A couple players don’t have *-hands.... man, we were close. I’m proud of our guys. Yes, you can always get better, but we have a great foundation. I hope we go into next season with Rivers/Eason after a great draft/FA and keep rollin’.
  3. The narrative that Eason is not “mobile” is misleading at best.. There quite a few in-depth breakdowns of his game by coaches, other quarterbacks, etc. If you’ve watched any of Eason’s play, especially in Washington, he really didn’t have to be mobile with that OL. I’ve seen him be quite mobile, escaping pressure, running the ball, all of it. The knock on him— where he needs to be coached-up — is his ACCURACY whilst being on the run. It takes a BIG dip. I believe (or want to) he’s as mobile as Luck was, or can be, and that he can improve his accuracy while doing so. No way the Colts waste his
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