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  1. I have been fully vaccinated as have my coworkers: 12 and counting have tested positive and are symptomatic. We’re bartenders here in San Francisco, so Lord knows where this Delta outbreak will end. There are no grantees. I can’t imagine how this would be/feel unvaccinated.
  2. He’s the 3rd greatest Colts receiver in the team’s history. Going back to Baltimore.
  3. You mean this guy? Heart and soul. Smh
  4. Economics. I understand where you are coming from.
  5. He’s doing to TY what he did to Rhodes. Simple.
  6. JT will be the greatest Colts RB of all time. Book it.
  7. They might have as well sit him last year. Dumpster fire.
  8. High school is not the NFL, though. I think the less we fudge with our o-line the better. This is a great time to pick-up a LT. FA, draft, both.... plus don’t forget one particular solution already on the roster. In my always humble opinion.
  9. True. But we have a window. With a little nudge we will dominate. Williams. IMHO. I just wish Eberflus was more aggressive. AND draft the future LT.
  10. If we even get 50% of this Wentz... holy cow.... I’m holding my breath because we could be #### good.
  11. If I’m Jacoby or Jacob right now, besides being rich, I would definitely be... errrr... aggravated. On the beach in Tahiti.
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