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  1. I have been fully vaccinated as have my coworkers: 12 and counting have tested positive and are symptomatic. We’re bartenders here in San Francisco, so Lord knows where this Delta outbreak will end. There are no grantees. I can’t imagine how this would be/feel unvaccinated.
  2. He’s the 3rd greatest Colts receiver in the team’s history. Going back to Baltimore.
  3. You mean this guy? Heart and soul. Smh
  4. Economics. I understand where you are coming from.
  5. He’s doing to TY what he did to Rhodes. Simple.
  6. JT will be the greatest Colts RB of all time. Book it.
  7. They might have as well sit him last year. Dumpster fire.
  8. High school is not the NFL, though. I think the less we fudge with our o-line the better. This is a great time to pick-up a LT. FA, draft, both.... plus don’t forget one particular solution already on the roster. In my always humble opinion.
  9. True. But we have a window. With a little nudge we will dominate. Williams. IMHO. I just wish Eberflus was more aggressive. AND draft the future LT.
  10. If we even get 50% of this Wentz... holy cow.... I’m holding my breath because we could be #### good.
  11. If I’m Jacoby or Jacob right now, besides being rich, I would definitely be... errrr... aggravated. On the beach in Tahiti.
  12. I was born in Gary. There are Chicago sycophants there... I was blessed to move to Maryland in ‘68. And to have the Irsays later. Robert was born in Chi-Town I think.
  13. I’m old enough to have cried at Super Bowl III! I love the early Eagles... I get bring a mentor or bridge to Eason, just drafting another NFL unproven rook... unless it was a top 4 pick. I’m just an armchair GM, though. *NOT drafting
  14. I have a feeling it’s Rousseau, I know he’s been mocked to us.
  15. Thanks! I thought it was funny... actually came to me listening to the referenced song. And speaking of Eason... lol... I don’t understand why some fans here are soooo dismissive. Hence my ‘how do we know’. Realistically, until our next QB plays, we won’t. Cheers!!!
  16. How do we KNOW? Man, we are both tortured and blessed to be Colts fans. And spoiled. Is what it is.
  17. I can’t even express how happy watching this made feel. I was ecstatic about the pick, never looked back. I got my jersey.
  18. Fair enough. I mean, regardless if he starts or not, we still need another QB. Also, I’m not saying CB is infallible. There’s been handful of oopses. It just seems there’s a bunch of people on here and elsewhere that equate Eason to Uncle Rico which I think is unwarranted. All Ballard has done is protect him on the roster and tell the media the org loves Jacob but he has to earn his job. Last year made evaluation pretty impossible.
  19. I just don’t get why anybody thanks that Ballard would show his cards whatsoever. Especially if he wants someone— or doesn’t. Eason will get his chance. You don’t keep 3 qbs for no reason. I’m not sure if Eason is ready to start, but he will eventually. His positives far outweigh his perceived negatives... which there are a handful of fixable (IMO) ones: touch, reading D, accuracy whilst on the move. It’s funny to me to see the Ballard praisers somehow fumble with the whole Eason concept. He was drafted and protected for a reason. I believe he will be the steal of that draft. Patience. I will say it wouldn’t of hurt for him to have had more experience in college. But, heck, when he’s on he’s ON.
  20. Seriously. You don’t know, yet, damn the torpedoes, Eason can’t do it. Because, you don’t know? How does this make sense?! Annnnnd you somehow think Chris Ballard is just gonna lay out his hand. Ok. Everyone gives CB props for everything but Eason. Lol. Ok. In case you missed it, we have our “quaterback of the future”. Sorry. I don’t mean to be aggro, but it seems like a lot of you are in denial. Rest in peace and go Shoe. All love. I know my ‘handle’ makes me look like a homer.
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