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  1. We need to stop their deep throws, Especially the Fuller ones
  2. And Fuller comes to hit us like a train again. We need to improve the deep backfield
  3. Might be unbelievable he's 3/3 right now
  4. I like Jonathan, hopefully he gets trained to pick up some more on rushes
  5. Moore needs to snag it away, and now they're in our territory so it would be great now
  6. If he can get some better games like he just did yesterday, then yes he may be a 1st Ballot MVP contender, right now he's above most in the race, He is most likely a Pro-Bowler if he keeps putting up these numbers.
  7. We need to see how he works out, right now he looks good but there could be some improvement. To be better than Dungy, He needs to win a SB.
  8. I was thinking that Brissett Needed more time to develop, The 2017 season was brutal when we started him though. I wanted to trade for a different QB at the start like Manning or Easton Stick, He's really developing with the new Frank Reich, and I think Reich is a huge factor on his ability to win right now.
  9. We will be contenders all right, hopefully we even get past the divisional.
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