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  1. It's an apples to coconuts comparison though, you're comparing a guy in his prime to a 41 year old who fell off a cliff last year. I'm not convinced that Rivers' overall stats are at all relevant to what he is at the moment. So far Rivers is holding his own pretty well but it's fair to point out that the styles the two quarterbacks play favor different stats too. The big one that holds Brissett back is not yards and touchdowns but passing accuracy and sack rate. Those are the things that prevented him from keeping his team in games in the second half when he began to struggle w
  2. it's also just plain true. We're looking to Rivers to have the team in a better than Brissett did, and in that scenario, wins and losses are way more important than countin' stats. Because Rivers can pass for a lot of yards and it won't make a difference if this many of his passes go to a guy in the other uniform. Brissett was riding high according to most of the fanbase at this point last year. In order to really outdo Brissett Rivers has to do one thing. NOT fall off a cliff in the second half and send the team in a tailspin from #2-3 seed all the way out of the playoff pictu
  3. Brissett actually had us at the same record last year, so Rivers hasn't really been an improvement unless he can avoid the second half falloff that happened to Brissett. Quite frankly, I'm on board with the idea of giving Brissett some chances if Rivers keeps turning the ball over this much. But that should come as a surprise to exactly 0 people. I'm just thinking that come playoff time the good teams are REALLY gonna punish us if Rivers is still throwing up 50 50 balls. There's a reason this guy has never taken a team to the promised land and that reason begins with "turn" and
  4. I agree jared but I doubt it'll happen that way. I think we're seeing the beginning of the end of the football season to be honest. what's that, 7 different teams with COVID outbreaks in the same WEEK????? How long can we even keep this up?
  5. In a game where no one seemed to be able to get open, one of the few guys who did was Zach Pascal. This is not new for Pascal either, he was one of the few WRs who was able to get on the same page with Brissett with some consistency. Guy makes himself easy to throw to, I don't know if there's a better way of explaining it buut he just seems to have that ability to pop open quickly, get half a step on the defender and make an easy target of himself. He's not the most talented WR on the roster by far, but he seems to be smart and have put his experience with Brissett to good use.
  6. Yep. Doyle is better out of the reserve role because he's getting older and always had a bit of trouble taking TE1 minutes.
  7. This might come as an absolute shock to some people on this forum, but you're actually allowed to have more than 1 effective tight end. It's even highly encouraged. Anyway, glad MAC's stepped up. Between him and Doyle we probably don't have a problem at TE
  8. Maybe the patriots? Wouldn't that just jerk peoples' chain. All they have behind Cam right now is Hoyer and a rookie who failed to beat out Hoyer..
  9. I see Kelly going back to Denver. They're having some serious issues at QB right now.
  10. No interest in anythin Max Kellerman has to say. He's not a knowledgeable commentator he's a provocateur, half the forum could do his job better than he does it
  11. Why did we let that guy go in the first place? He was one of the few targets Brissett could consistently hit, and he's still here.
  12. I really think it's Pascal. He's een showing depths we didn't know he had for the past year +, he was one of the guys who quickly got on the same page as Brissett which, I mean, the less you think of Brissett the more that means for Pascal. Pascal's one of our less toolsy WRs but the head tool seems to be working just fine. Give a guy like that a premium QB to throw to and I think he'll make the most of his chances.
  13. The only question in my mind is, are we actually buyers at this point. we know the roster has some holes in it. Are they obstacles to overcome or fatal flaws? Is it better to try to make a winner now, or keep our powder dry for the Eason era? Too much we don't know right now We'll know the truth in a few weeks, and I don't expect Ballard to be incredibly aggressive unless he thinks it's go time. Ballard has been a bit of a "the Process" kinda GM to this point, so I don't see him splurging on big names unless we look like we're close to contending.
  14. My first reaction is to reject trades for big name players because they're usually knee jerks, but I can see some logic here that's worth thinking about. We do have a need a TE and Ertz is one of the best possible players to plug that gap. Also I suspect that if we don't move on Ertz and the Eagles continue to fall out of contention, another team like the Patriots might snap him up. The Patriots are even weaker than we are at TE, at least we have Doyle, they've got nobody.
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