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  1. In other words, this is the sort of thing that will only be discussed in the offseason, after the draft, when there's nothing else to discuss until camp starts. Seriously the period between draft and camp is the deadest part of the year.
  2. Reich seems to have a problem with playing predictable football. IMHO he lacks that flair for tactics that might propel him to the next level. Think of him as a solid conventional coach, with a bit too much emphasis on "conventional." He'll cover the basics, but he won't step outside them when you might want/need him to.
  3. it's better than using Hines in that ridiculous incredibly-slowly-developing checkdown play that Reich used several times with Brissett in center and the defenders always got to Hines before the ball did
  4. Happy with the pick. Paye seems a good fit for what we needed on the front 7
  5. I'm not sure I agree with you. Wentz suffered badly for lack of protection last year and part of that was that he became predictable in his evasion patterns. Defenders knew his tendencies and were there to jump on his usual escape routes. The line didn't help but Wentz didn't help himself, as teams learned his habits and he couldn't adjust. For the time being, since his escapability is compromised by bad habits, we need to treat him as an immobile quarterback and make sure we have all the weapons in our proverbial quiver we can to help keep him upright. Especially because Wentz
  6. Well if you want to use a guy like Hines on the rush, you've got to use either a fullback or a 2 TE set, and as much as I like Mac, Mac and Doyle both grade out only somewhat above average as run blockers, and Doyle's been showing his age on the injury front recently so a specialist would be helpful. If we don't have one, then we need to manage our expectations of little gap shooting RBs like Hines appropriately.
  7. Don't we have a fullback? With a FB lead blocker you'd be surprised what a guy like Hines can pull off. Hines won't overpower anybody but he's as good at the gap rush as anyone we've got. With a FB and a bit of meat at TE, combined with our excellent line, we ougght to be able to force gaps that a little lightning dude like Hines can shoot through. Basically the way the Evil Empire uses James White
  8. He can burn. Wouldn't be surprised if he carves out a place for himself in the ST unit. Return specialist? Besides, Nyhiem Hines won't stay around forever
  9. Drafting Tom Brady in the 5th round in 2000. He sits behind Manning and gains a reputation as a really solid backup before moving on to start for some random team and coming into its own much later, maybe 06-07. This gives us a much better chance to get to the Superbowl while the team was at the peak of the Manning years. Maybe Brady even sticks around and takes over after Manning in 2011, becoming a surprise late bloomer.
  10. Which is about equivalent to one of us spending between 200 and 1000
  11. Don't act like .500 is the worst case scenario. Wentz was beyond bad last year. He's got a ton of talent and played very well for several years but so did Jay Cutler. There's a certain arc that quarterbacks who are not natural leaders go through, where they either learn to fake it or the lack of that ability eventually holds them back.. Whether it's Carson Wentz, Drew Bledsoe or Jay Cutler, sooner or later these guys do have to adapt to what the position of QB requires in the NFL, and leadership is part of the package.
  12. I don't like the idea of leaving QB2 to Eason with Wentz in the air. If last year hadn't happened, sure, bring in the youngster because odds are he won't start a game anyway, but with Wentz's obvious regression/injury concerns I'd rather have a borderline starter like Brissett or Tyrod Taylor at QB2 to hold us over for a couple games if Wentz has injury issues or struggles to settle down early in the season. Frankly I'd rather have Brissett than Taylor since he knows our system much better, but I think you can get Taylor for 1/3 the cost of Brissett because Taylor is that much old
  13. I'd bring in Tyrod Taylor as a QB2 and hold Eason in the wings as QB3. I'd bring in Golden Tate as a WR3 and look for big improvements from our young guys to step into the WR1 slot. In my mind I see Pittman taking over as one of our biggest targets next year. I don't know that much about the defensive side of the game beyond some broad generalities, so I'm not gonna play Gm in that area, but I'll notice that there are some good physical DEs on the market right now, and I might take a good look at Suh despite his age and attitude problems, as a guy who can bring the physical and t
  14. Grigson inherited the team after Suck for Luck. He had the opportunity of a lifetime dropped into his lap with a generational talent at QB and much of Manning's team intact. 5 years later and that QB is gone after a long battle with the injury bug brought on at least in part by mistakes Grigson made. Grigson's teams weren't terrible but tended to be too soft in the trenches, especially at OL. Luck carried us to wins against average teams and we made the playoffs by preying on the weak, but teams that specialize in trench warfare tended to give us fits throughout that area, espec
  15. that makes Watson amazing. They got that achievement moostly on the strength of Watson-to-Hopkins and a good front 7. . They've already lost Hopkins, their front 7 took a huge hit with the departure of Watt, and they are likely to lose Watson within the next 2 years if not this offseason. The Texans' bad organizational habits were masked by generational talent. That's bailed out the Texans in frankly an incredibly mediocre division. One we would have locked down easily and for years to come if only Luck had stayed healthy Without those talents, the chickens are com
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