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  1. You do that. But understand that that's just YHO. A lot of those numbers were sabotaged by rather low attempt rates. Which leads to an unsolvable chicken and egg question.
  2. Yeah that's me too but I wouldn't want a guy with that attitude being a starting QB on my football team. I want a guy thirsty to prove himself, not a simple jobsworth.
  3. The desperation to replace Brissett has always seemed to me to come more from a fanbase used to having an elite QB and not used to thinking about any other way of doing things, than it is from a frank assessment of this team's asssets and liabilities. I feel it's based more on fear than practicality.
  4. Been saying this all offseason. There are extenuating circumstances that explain what happened in the second half, and Brissett's performance in the first half was promising. Ballard is not likely to be swayed by public opinion and Reich seems to legitimately want a game managing QB and to play the run game heavily. Both men came in saying they wanted to play a new style of football and we should not expect that to be thrown in the drink after 1 disappointing season, especially when that season showed promise before the wheels fell off
  5. In the short term, that's true. In the medium term, which is more likely to propel him into a starting role in the NFL 2-3 years from now, rotting on the third string in the Indy practice squad, or being on live TV and demonstrating his talent under the second-brightest lights in football? Turning down tens of thousands of dollars to play in the XFL is foolish, unless it's the gateway to a much better chance to sign later on for millions. Being in the limelight and showcasing your talent may be a better career move than languishing on a practice squad, especially since Kelly still has no clear inside track on actually cracking the roster or playing an NFL game.
  6. Rivers will not give us instant playoffs. Phillip Rivers has always been talented, but somehow substantially less than the sum pf his parts. I'm not against a JB trade, but not if the guy you're bringing in is Phillip Rivers. At this point in Rivers' career it would more or less be rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, and probably paying handsomely for the privilege. Besides, just a reminder here, the noise against Brissett is coming entirely from outside the organization. There's still no evidence that the people inside the organization are prepared to do anything with Brissett. And one thing we know about Ballard is that he won't make moves just for the sake of having made a move. Most likely scenario is still "Brissett starts the season with a new high round draft pick as his understudy." If I had to lay out money, that's where I'd put it at the moment. We'll see.
  7. Do we let him go or try to keep him around? Do we promise him playing time if that's what it took or is it better just to let him start over somewhere else at this point? Do we even care what happens to Chad Kelly anymore? Cause I'm just thinking if I'm Chad Kelly's agent, the XFL doesn't pay as much as an NFL practice squad but it's a chance to get my client's name out there. Get him on TV and let people see him in action. That's more valuable than a few extra grand. In Kelly's situation I'd walk away from the NFL practice squad and sign with the TB Vipers or another struggling XFL team to get on TV, get into games, help springboard my NFL ambitions 2-3 years down the road. So the only question in my mind is, do we, as Colts fans, care about this? Or are we just waiting for a mutual parting of the ways?
  8. My take on Wentz is that hes very talented but not a leader at all, a bit like Roethlisberger. He makes the team better when he's on the field but he plays too aggressively and takes bad risks that get him hurt. And his personality in the locker room is less than inspiring. It says something when members of Wentz's own team, to his face, are openly criticizing the guy's perceived lack of leadership. That's just not done, when it gets to that point either the QB or the clique of malcontented players are usually gone in fairly short order. No doubt Wentz can bring it on the field, but you and I and everyone who's ever played or watched football knows that the field is less than half the battle sometimes. A quarterback that loses the locker room is not a great quarterback no matter what caliber the arm howitzer is.
  9. You're giving the fans more credit for long term memory than they actually deserve. Brady starts winning us games then he's now ours,, and other than a few holdouts it'll stay that way until the moment it suddenly isn't. As for the holdouts, every fanbase has its curmudgeons and this one is no different. If we do sign Brady and he wins here, those will be the only people that give a damn about the past.
  10. Yes. The man ran Andrew Luck into the ground.
  11. The rivalry is pretty one way over the last decade. We hate them, they don't give a damn because literally everyone hates them Anyway, the fact of the matter is that McDaniels was absolutely right to bail on us. Irsay and Ballard were leading him on with promises of a healthy Luck, which turned out to be a complete whopper. McD knows quarterbacks and he'd figure that out pretty fast, unfortunately for Irsay McD had time to bail out and go back to his comfortable New England job rather than wreck his career for Brissett. Next time make sure you get ink on a sheet before giving a guy a look behind the curtain.
  12. I can see him wanting to come here and take Manning's old job. He had a very healthy friendship with Manning, and is just that competitive. This is a good team that is well suited to what a guy like Brady can do. Mutual interest is reasonable.
  13. After the Superbowl? I wouldn't say so. Anyway, the Brady-to-Indy rumors just picked up a lot of heat regardless of what this was or wasn't
  14. I do want to clarify one thing from my earlier posts. People were responding as if I want to keep Brissett and start him. As if I think everything is fine. obviously not the case. Brissett looked like he was going to come through in the first half of the season, but hte undeniable fact is that the other half of the season also happened. All I'm arguing for is that if we want a QB to cover the season while we bring a draft pick up to speed, it's a better use of assets to start the guy we have until the rookie is ready, rather than to try to do everything at once, bring in a luxury starter and draft a high profile rookie too. I get the feeling that we want to compete next year too, but if you spend too many assets trying to set up the perfect situation in any one position, it will rob us of the ability to field a balanced roster. We have other desperate needs that we also need to focus on, besides QB. I'd rather roll with what we have plus one rookie QB in the first couple rounds, and pick up a meaty DE, another solid all round TE and a couple WR with some flash rather than throwing away the money and assets we need to do all these things trying to get cute in one area.
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